Three side open , wooden deck restaurant gives a feeling of being with the nature

  • Serves ethnic Kerala cuisine
  • Barbeque on request
  • Serves Vegetarian and Non vegetarian dishes

The cuisine served is straight out of the grandma’s recipes tried and tested by time, civilizations and taste buds over the centuries.

To make it the way grandma cooked, your food is cooked in earthen vessels and fuelled by firewood.

forest resort booking

best forest resort experience


  • Guided Trekking
  • Plantation tour (cardamom, pepper, coffee)
  • Badminton court
  • Indoor games
  • Bon fire
  • For those early birds among you, we’ll guide you on a short morning trek to spots where you could sight deer and even elephants.

Jeep Trekking in Wayanad

Jeep Trekking

The off-road drive to the resort in 4WD jeep through the wading waters and the lush green cardamom plantation is a highlight of the trip.

Jeep Trekking In Wayanad forest resort