The most visited forest Resort in Wayanad

Stay at the best forest resorts in Wayanad and explore the natural scenic beauty of Wayanad forest and wildlife. The journey begins with an exciting Jeep drive to the resort.

You’ll be in the cradle of a holistic experience during your time at Lantern Stay Resort, a unique jungle resort in Wayanad. If you are the type who loves adventure forest resorts or wants to stay away from the urban humdrum, and hate those irritating weekend calls, you are in the right place.

You can enjoy a thrilling experience in Wayanad with the Jungle Resort. Our resort is 6-km away from anything with an engine and that can honk. Yet we are just a call away from picking you up from Kalpetta, a well-organised town in Wayanad, Kerala.

Once at Lantern Stay, what you get to discover is yourself. This is a place where you just let go. Be it trekking in the vast expanse of forest around where we are, or climbing Chembra Peak, the highest in Wayanad, this is the right place for your inner being. This could be an ideal place for nature lovers, bird watchers or those who are looking for the top forest resorts in Wayanad.

Sorry, we don’t have shopping malls anywhere around. Neither do we have TV sets to spoil your peace. But what we do have are the best resorts in Wayanad with loads and loads of pure joy in this uniquely natural environment.

You take a walk through our cardamom plantations to see how one of the world’s favourite spices is cultivated and processed during the season. Or else, you just let yourself doze off in a hammock. We even have the best natural music – a blend of the waterfall flowing right through our site and the chirping of exotic birds and simians that are aplenty.

Discover a different world with the top forest resort in Kerala.

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