The interesting activities which are attractive in Wayanad during summer

As we all know Wayanad is a popular holiday destination in Kerala as it includes breathtaking views, charismatic valleys, highest mountains, secret caves, mysterious trails, and many more. This place gives a feel like heaven with attractive greenery. And it looks best during summer because this is the time when you see the place at its fullest without fog. Usually, the summer season starts in October and ends up in May. Tourists flow to this place to enjoy the attractive activities in Wayanad during summer. During this time, you can explore the place, go boating, and picnic. You can also embark on your journey to the most beautiful lakes, hills, and wildlife. Some of the best places to visit during the summer are:

Neelimala View Point

Neelimala hills include lush green mountains with blue clouds floating all over. It gives a mystic view and thus it is the best place for photography. This is a must-visit place in Wayanad as it wonders you with the charismatic beauty of nature. You will feel like you are flowing in the air.

Pookode Lake

If you want to have some fun and happy moments, then you can head to Pookode Lake for boating. Along with boating, you can also enjoy bird watching. It’s better to hire a pedal boat as you can enjoy with your loved ones. Children’s parks, shops, and aquariums can be also found near the lake.

Camping on the hill

If you are interested in camping, then you have to book the place before someone takes it. You can add music, dance, and campfire to get a perfect feeling of camping. Tents can be used for staying during camping. When you camp in the hills you will feel like you are in the topmost region. You can relax your mind by gazing up at the sky.

Treehouse Stay

Staying in the treehouses is just like staying in the lap of nature. Instead of staying in hotels, you can choose treehouse stay which gives you a unique feeling. When you stay in a treehouse you can start your day with lovely scenery all around. You can wake up with the sound of birds chirping along with the sound of the gurgling waterfall. It just gives a heavenly view and it is sure that it will be your best morning in your entire life.

Enjoy the eternal vibes of Wayanad


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