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Lanternstay: The hidden magnificence of Wayanad

Jungle Resort-Adventure in Laternstay Resort Wayanad

We are in a race to achieve wealth. We believe that being wealthy, in terms of money, is everything in life. But  does that really make sense when all that matters are a happy and peaceful life? While living a hectic life, we always try doing something which makes us happy and stress free. Nature…

The interesting activities which are attractive in Wayanad during summer

wooden cottages in Laternstay Resort Wayanad

As we all know Wayanad is a popular holiday destination in Kerala as it includes breathtaking views, charismatic valleys, highest mountains, secret caves, mysterious trails, and many more. This place gives a feel like heaven with attractive greenery. And it looks best during summer because this is the time when you see the place at…

Why is LanternStay one of the best bird-watching spots in Wayanad?

bird in Laternstay resort Wayanad

Lanternstay is one of the best resorts in Wayanad. It is a unique jungle resort as it is situated in a deep forest. LanternStay provides suites, treehouses, wooden cottage, villa, and honeymoon packages. They provide high-class facilities and amenities inside each category of accommodations with the best room service. Wayanad wildlife sanctuary extends to four…

Exploring Wayanad during Monsoon

Wayanad weather, Wayand monsoon

For visualizing and experiencing the natural beauty, rhythm of rain drops and feel the smell of soil in the monsoon season, choose ‘Wayanad’. Wayanad is one of the most preferred hill stations with cool highland climate in God’s own country and one of the best adventures place for all tourists. Wayanad gives indiscernible kind of…

Exploring and staying in nature’s lap – Lanternstay Resort, Wayanad

resort in Wayanad, Lanternstay

Wayanad, the name its self is so fascinating. Though the name Wayanad literarily means Land of Paddy Fields, it has much more to enthrall you. That’s why Wayanad is known as the best-kept secret of Kerala tourism.  Wayanad is considered to be one of the exquisite hill stations in South India with its exotic landscapes…

Reasons for you to visit Wayanad this weekend

Jeep drive in Laternstay Resort Wayanad, Kerala

Every once in a while you yearn to take a break from your daily grind of office workloads and the stresses of the professional and personal lives that is your routine. You may want to explore the uncharted over a weekend. Kerala, the most sought after tourist destination in the south of India has many…

Which is the best and affordable resort in Wayanad?


Wayanad is a mountainous region in the southern Indian state of Kerala and one of the most-sought after tourist destinations in India. Tourists from across the world come to the place to enjoy its scenery and weather which is either gently warm or cool during most times of the year. There are many good resorts…

Nature Resort in Wayanad

Night view of Laternstay Resort

Wayanad, the hill district located in Northern Kerala derives its name as a combination of Vayal (paddy field) and Nadu (land) or the Land of Paddy Fields. However, this enchanting and undulating stretch of greenery and forests are located at around 2000m above sea level within the contours of the Western Ghats mountains. This combination…

Wildlife Resort in Wayanad

Wildlife Resort in Wayanad

Wayanad – where reserves and national parks converge Wayanad is in many ways the best place for the adventure-seeking and nature-loving tourists to explore and enjoy. The expanse of the place itself, with its wooded mountains, verdant green valleys and overflowing rivers, abounds with flora and fauna of immense biodiversity. Add to this is its…