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Family Vacation

Vacation is always the best time for the children. They share the stories and memories of the adventures throughout life. The picturesqueness of the beauty of the sceneries visited gets imprinted on the screen of the childhood timeline. We hope you try to make your family’s vacation a planned and memorable one. We help you to make an indelible impression on the hearts of your kids. Once you take a trip down memory lane, we are sure that the family holidays spent will be the best days which give a sense of togetherness and joy. 


So instead of giving the costliest toy or video game to the kids, take them on a family vacation like new adventures and trips. Children experience all-round development because of family vacations. Planning a vacation is a primary step in the process. If you are ready to spend the holidays with your family, you need to choose the best resort in wayanad for families with all the necessary amenities to accommodate your lovedone safely. Your family holidays are precious, and you need to ensure that everyone would have a blast. 


Why Wayanad?

resort in wayanad for families


At Lanternstay, we proudly say that resort in Wayanad in Kerala is one of the most chosen destinies for families to spend their holidays. The area is full of adventures like camping and trekking trails. Wayanad is full of natural scenic beauties filled with breathtaking waterfalls, birdwatching sites, caves, flora fauna and many more amazing magnificent sights. Here people are excited to buy exotic products like spices, tea, coffee, herbal plants, honey and bamboo products. Kanthanpara waterfalls is a special eye feast for visitors to the area. Karapuzha dam allures the tourists with its staggering beauty. Pookode and Karlad Lakes, with captivating grandeur, stood as one of the top tourist spots of Wayanad. Cheengari adventure centre is the best place for you if you are an adventure seeker. Edakkal Caves are two natural caves formed by splitting a big rock. The carvings inside the cave are remarkable artistry.

How to choose the best family resort in Wayanad?

  • Suggestion from Friends

We trust the word from our friends and relatives. Their experiences matter the most. Ask for the inclusive resort so that you no need to worry about further costs. Inclusive resorts offer a stay, unlimited food, snacks, entertainment and activities. Our friends say all the pros and cons and the general pricing of the resort they stayed in. 

  • The repeat guest rate should be high

If the customer satisfaction has to be scaled, it can be evaluated by the rate of repeated guests to the resort. If the family is choosing the same resort, again and again, to stay and have fun, it is a sign that the resort is offering fantastic service to the tourists. You can ask the agent for a resort that has a high repeating guest rate.

  • Entertainment and Activities

If you plan a family holiday, then the kids can’t stay still for even 10min. Children must be entertained all day. The best way to make your children happy is by choosing an inclusive resort. The inclusive resort in Wayanad has plenty of beautiful activities like camping, jeep trekking, bird watching, bonfire etc. 

The resort must design a fantastic entertainment module exclusively for the children and couple. At Lanternstay, children can have a party at a bonfire under the stary night’s sky. The stay at a resort must take the happiness of the children to the next level.

  • Learning new stuff

These family holidays are not meant only for entertainment and passing the time. Parents want their kids to learn something new, and they wanted the children to know the wonders of mother nature. 

Wayanad gives a plethora of chances to explore the scenic beauty of mother nature. The thrills of bird watching can never be underestimated. The waterfalls can fill the children’s soul with new energy and ignite creativity in children. The flora and fauna kids experience in the hills of Wayanad can make them realise the fact that how wonderful nature around us is!

  • Food

For children, food is everything. They won’t even take a morsel if the taste doesn’t satisfy them. Lanternstay prepares the food with local wild varieties of the food, making it exceptionally tasty, which the kids have never experienced before. The food must be kid-friendly. The food at Lanternstay is the convergence of picky eating, healthy eating and tasty eating.

  • Is the money proportional to the amenities?

Finally, the cost must be proportional to the amenities. The family vacation must be pocket friendly to plan. You must know the rates before entering the resort. Know that how many kids can be allowed per adult freely? From young kids to teenagers, children of all ages should have all the amenities for them to enjoy and spend time freely.

  • Safety and Health

The primary concern of the parents during the holiday trips is the health and safety of the children. The water and space around must be hygienic to ensure the safety and good health of the guests. There must be a health care centre in the resort if any emergency arises for the family staying there.

The above said measures could surely help you to choose a perfect resort for the family vacation. We at Lanternstay take complete care of the guests and ensure their stay at the resort is fruitful.

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