Tree House at Wayanad: Enjoy the Stay Inside Forest

Tree house in Laternstay Resort Wayanad, Kerala

Planning a getaway from the hectic schedules and the busy lifestyle? Tree house at Wayanad would be the ideal place to recharge and rejuvenate yourself. A place that exudes natural beauty with incredible views enough to get oneself absorbed into an unbelievably magnificent world. Wayanad is a naturally blessed place with bubbling rivers, lush greens, an abundantly rich and varied wildlife and sounds of nature that can be nothing but therapeutic. The forests of Wayanad are also home to a wide variety of plants, animals and birds that couldn’t be found elsewhere. A stay among the natures’ best will only be an invigorating experience.

Wayanad has still preserved the beauty of nature as it is in its pristine form letting us feast on it and be rejuvenated. The unique beauty of Wayanad makes it the ideal place of getaway for a Nature Tourism lover. The Tree houses are built in such a way that allows catching a glimpse of the diverse wildlife, the echoing silence as well as the comfort of home comes together into one bringing luxury and comfort together.

Forest resorts have a unique appeal, which is waking up to the clear sky, nature sounds that seem like music with welcome sounds of gushing waters, rustling trees, chirping of birds and the purest air surrounding us. Nature’s way of distracting us is quite unique. An occasional visit from the wild friends is enough to garner our attention, let alone the waterfall that is breathtakingly beautiful.

The lush green hills with different shades of green covered in mist, and the thick tropical forest surrounding it makes the stay at a Jungle resort worth remembering. Located amidst the cardamom plantations we get to have a chance to explore and experience the spices in its raw form. It is an experience that can help us get disconnected from the outside world to recharge ourselves to delve ahead.

Along with the stay in tree house at Wayanad, there are options to set up a camp in the forest to experience the raw beauty of wilderness manned by a team of locals who know the area to ensure safety of each person. After getting back on with the daily routines, the trip into the lap of nature will stay fresh in our minds. The memories and experiences gathered there will be enough to refresh our minds for a long time. Adventure lovers can take a guided trek close to the waterfalls to experience the thrill along with the rushing waters while getting soaked. The forest trek is a rejuvenating experience while treading the green carpets, and playing a game of hide and seek with sunlight and the varied wildlife that inhabits the area. The biodiversity of the Wayanad rainforest is like an ecosystem of its own where we get to observe plentiful varieties of flora and fauna. The off-road jeep trekking through the traverse waters and the flourishing plantation will be the highlight of the entire trip.

Along with the diverse vegetation, the rainforests are also home to an indigenous population of tribals. There are more than 20 tribal categories who have made the forests their home and make a living out of there. They depend on bamboo rice, the edible grain collected from within the bamboo, for their meals which hold tremendous nutritional value. With the Nature Tourism initiative, Kerala tourism is trying to provide a breath of fresh air in retaining the local cuisine and at the same time ensure better livelihood for the tribal population. The bamboo forests also play a major role in preventing soil erosion as they grow in clusters. The leaves of bamboo are a favourite of wild elephants. The timber is used by the local tribes in building numerous usable things like furniture and even houses.

Bird watching is another mesmerising activity that can be done that can be so addictive. Over 60 of local bird species have been identified including the great Indian hornbill, Malabar Trogon, Paradise Fly Catcher and so many more and can easily be called a photography enthusiasts’ heaven. The next best thing about a stay in a jungle resort is during the firefly breeding season which gets out of hibernation right before the rains. Amidst the dark backdrop of thick forest, the feeling of walking through the stars is irreplaceable.A stay in tree house at Wayanad forest is truly a unique experience and wouldn’t fail to produce a moment which is bound to stay in our memories forever in its raw, unfiltered form, just like the beauty of Wayanad. What makes the Tree houses unique is not just the fact that they are perched atop a tree, but also for the place being a slice of heaven from where the most mesmerizing view of the entire plantation can be seen. The stay ensures a coexistence with nature that is peaceful enough to soothe the soul for any nature lover.

Reasons you should stay in a Tree House at Wayanad


The tree house is an adventurous and exhilarating way to rejuvenate yourself to get a stressed-free life. A tree top holiday could be the perfect place to spend time with nature. It will give you exciting stay in the middle of trees and foliage in a chilled romantic climate. If you are planning romantic holidays away from the hustle-bustle of life, the dreamy tree top stay very close to nature is seamless.

Tree house at Wayanad Jungle Resort is a serene and eco-friendly that assuredly give you an unbelievable experience. From the tree top, you will hear the soothing sound of backwoods, streams, the chirping of birds, monkeys gibber, and in addition to all above stimulating aromas coming from spice plantation. You will love to sit hours on the tree house’s deck enjoying the tranquil exquisiteness.For all who adore nature, this place is a haven with stunning scenic sight. You can enjoy taking part in thrilling activities too. Bird watching, camping, trekking through forest and hills, exploring jungles with aromas of spices.

Plan your visit to Lanternstay, the best tree house at Kerala to walk around the Jungle and explore the tranquil magnificence of nature.

Enjoy the eternal vibes of Wayanad


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