5 Reasons to Visit LanternStay Forest Resort in Monsoon Season

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Kerala is the only Indian state where monsoon hit twice i.e. southwest and northeast monsoon. What is the best thing you can do when it rains in Kerala? Kerala is more beautiful and pleasing to eyes during rainy season. Even during the rain the tourism season here is alive. But during the monsoon season we have to choose the right destinations to make it worthy. Many choose the months of June and July to visit Kerala with an extra intension to experience the rain here. During these seasons hills tour, resort stay, plantation tours, nature tour, all are excellent choices. LanternStay is the no.1 forest resort in Wayanad offering these options for you. If you love stay in the forest or want a nature tour in the purest form, LanternStay is the best choice.

1. Resort Turns Romantic during Monsoon

What is more romantic than the sound of rain? The green ambience of Wayanad and constant downpours makes it a romantic spot. LanternStay is located and nestled by mist clad mountains and verdant greenery, this resort is a serene holiday resort for couples. The resort offers various activities for the couples that could bring some memorable time together.

2. Marvelous Stay in Wayanad Forest during Rain

Whats better than to enjoy rain outside with a cup of coffee in your hand. The feeling could become awesome if you do the same in a forest resort with your dear ones. LanternStay can fulfil this dream for you. You can listen the music of birds, witness morning downpour, and observe forest’s most distinctive inhabitant at this resort.

3. Trekking and Monsoon Festival

The off road drive to the resort in 4WD jeep through the wading waters and the lush green cardamom plantation is a highlight of the resort. We also guide you on a short morning trek to spots where you could sight different kinds of animals and birds. ‘SPLASH’ monsoon carnival organised every year in July by Wayanad’s tourism department at Kalpetta. For those interested can do attend this as we are few kms away from Kalpetta.

4. Best Rates for Resorts during Monsoon

LanternStay offers huge discounts during monsoon season, which stays from June to August and October to November. This is because during these season the no. of international tourists are comparatively less than rest of the season. So we usually lower our tariff rates to attract more domestic travellers.

5. No.1 Bird Watching Destination in Wayanad



Bird watching is the another attraction of LanternStay. We are recognised as one of the leading bird watching locations in Wayanad. Approximately 350 types of birds adds a total new dimension to the environment of the forest. The twittering and chirping of these creatures forms the mysterious backdrop of the forest.


You must plan your visit to LanternStay now before it’s too late and monsoon seasons sets off. This is the best forest resort in Wayanad which is an ideal destination for honeymooners and nature lovers. You can book your resort online.

Enjoy the eternal vibes of Wayanad