A journey to the best budget resort in Wayanad

budget resort in wayanad

As we all know, health is of utmost important as compared to wealth. In these trying times of covid, when everyone is stuck in a lockdown or an isolated state, Wayanad comes to your rescue. If you have been thinking of an outing lately, visiting Wayanad can prove to be a worthy choice.

Lantern Stay would be the best and the most feasible budget resort In Wayanad. It provides you with a serene atmosphere and allows you to enjoy the scenic beauty and delve into the realms of the natural charismatic charm of the place.

Forest resort - Laternstay Resort in Wayanad, Kerala

Why does one need to move out and explore new places?

In these challenging times of pandemic, dealing with quarantine, lockdown, isolation has become arduous. Moving out and exploring Mother Nature is the only respite by maintaining all the required protocols. All you need to do is ensure social distancing, wearing masks, and sanitization. Our mental balance has shifted dramatically and needs to be taken care of. Visiting Wayanad and Lantern Stay resort can help you regain your mental balance and fill you with delight. It is the most recommended resort by most of the visitors.

This visit will be one of the most memorable times of your life. So why wait and waste a single moment? You can directly pick up your phone and make an online booking of the resort with just a single click of the button. You can either WhatsApp or call them directly. They are available in all forms.

What are the activities provided by the Lantern Stay resort?

Some of the most common facilities provided by them are:

  1. Trekking along with the guide both on-road as well as off-road drive.
  2. They provide you with forest campaigning by trained professionals who promote nature tourism in the whole of Wayanad.
  3. Indoor and outdoor games like badminton, chess, table tennis, etc., are available.
  4. Late-night Bonfire
  5. A small plantation tour and guide, especially for cardamom, coffee, and pepper, is available here.
What type of food is served here?

The food served here is non-pareil. They serve you typical ethnic Kerala cuisine. It comes straight from grandma’s recipes, leaving you to crave for more and more. They provide you with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines. It is cooked in an earthen vessel and lighted by firewood, which adds richness, making it enticing and delectable. They even offer you a barbeque if you ask them. The restaurant is a three-sided open place with a wooden deck that makes you feel nature more intimately. It can prove to be the most affordable budget accommodation In wayanad.

How does Lantern Stay refresh you in the hazy and misty?

Lantern Stay resort is covered with hazy and misty sprinkles all around it. It is coated with muzzles, making it a breath-taking experience for all their visitors.  The view is overwhelming and leaves you stunned. This place is entirely a refreshing site that refreshes your body, mind, and soul. They serve you with utmost kindness.

Why should one choose this resort over other resorts?

Lantern Stay resort is listed as one of the best budget accommodation In wayanad. They provide you with all the required amenities at a reasonable price. The best part of this place is the commotion-free and peaceful ambiance. It will help you connect with nature a whole lot better. You would find greenery all around the resort, which allows you to breathe in pure air. The extensive beauty of the scenic spot makes it worth visiting once in a lifetime. They ensure proper sanitization of the property beforehand to keep a check on the visitor’s health. They do not compromise the safety of their visitors and their hospitality.

A visit to budget accommodation In wayanad, which is none other than Lantern Stay resort, is a must for all people. It is located in a friendly location which makes it easy to travel. It is an excellent way to take a small break from your work and knit a memorable moment of your life. To remove stress and havoc from your life, Lantern Stay can help you do that with beautiful and harmonious sounds of chirping birds and the smooth breeze of the air.

Enjoy the eternal vibes of Wayanad