LanternStay – A walk with nature.

Living in a busy and tedious world is extremely stressful. We, at times, wish to run away from this hectic life schedule to find inner peace. The alluring magnificence of nature has always driven everyone close to it. Being with nature has several benefits to our life. Nature has proven its magical power in healing mental and physical pain for ages. Nature lovers would always find some time to spend with nature. Irrespective of nature lovers, nowadays everyone is trying to find some time out of the polluted urban life and stay in a place of serenity.

Kerala, being God’s own country, has always been loved by tourists across the globe. Because of the lush greenery, the sparkling backwaters and many more beautifying factors it possesses, Kerala is said to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. Millions of tourists are flooded to Kerala every year for various reasons. Be it in beauty or in tradition, Kerala has a unique touch in everything it perceives.

Kerala is so filled with natural beauty that it is a must-visit place for the nature lovers. In particular, Wayanad district is best known for its mesmerizing greenery. Wayanad is known as the green paradise of Kerala. Wayanad lies in between the mountains of Western Ghats. Being a popular tourist destination, Wayanad is an amalgam of adventure and peace. Numerous attractions like Chembra peak, Edakkal caves, Lakkidi, Kuruva island, Banasura Sagar dam, Pookode lake, and many more make Wayanad the Green paradise of Kerala.
Be it summer or winter, forests always possess cool weather. Several benefits are attached to staying in a forest. Firstly, you will be surrounded by fresh air. Unpolluted air is far from reality in the urbanized cities. No word can explain the feeling of breathing fresh air unless you breathe it. Secondly, if you really want to get reconnected to your inner self, the forest is the best place where your soul will get refreshed and re-energized. You will have a peaceful mind and soul which can help you become more creative and productive. Lastly, forest stay helps you heal the physical and mental pain. The everyday stress and depressions will be washed out by the tranquility of the forest.
Lantern stay is one of the most loved resorts in Wayanad among the tourists. Lantern stay is situated a few kilometers away from Meppadi. Being a top-notch resort of Wayanad, the facilities and services provided at Lantern stay are well spoken by the guest. What makes Lantern stay different is the way the guests are treated as well as the ever cherishing moments they attain during their stay. Lantern stay resort is situated deep within a forest, which is 6km away from any mechanized honks to be heard. The warmth and serenity of nature are captivated to its fullest with the stay at Lantern stay. Lantern stay resort provides three variants of adobes such as tree house, villa, and wooden cottages. Each of these adobes has its own unique experience while staying. Staying in a treehouse provides ultimate privacy to the guests. It feels like a home away from home where you can deeply connect with every essence of nature. One the other hand staying in a villa or wooden cottage also provides privacy along with all the luxury amenities without drenching the tenderness of nature.

Situated deep within a forest, Lantern stay is a fusion of adventure and peace. Be it an adventure seeker or a peace lover, Lantern stay will have a hand full of activities to keep you activated. For the adventure seekers, it would be a breathtaking experience to trek at the Chembra peak and the stay at Elimbilery. For the serenity seekers, the smell of exotic cardamom plantations, the music of chirping birds, and the wind that blew fresh air would be a mesmerizing experience. Apart from the stay, the authentic Kerala cuisine served at the resort is utterly delicious which is sure to tickle your taste buds. No matter what, once a visitor at Lantern stay would never suggest any other resort to stay in Wayanad. The hospitality and the quality of services provided at Lantern stay to make it the best forest resort in Wayanad.

John Muir, the mountaineer’s words say that in every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. It is so true that being connected to nature can help you find inner meanings to life. Being with nature will help you overcome your fears, stress, and dilemmas and fills your mind and soul with the freshness of nature. Come, have a walk with nature and cherish your senses with the ultimate purity.


Enjoy the eternal vibes of Wayanad