Wayanad: The Extensive Scenic Spot to Explore 

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Wayanad is always praised for its natural landscape and extensive scenic beauty. The misty ambiance, the aroma of spices, the cluttering sound of streams foster its beauty into another level. As a land enriched with cultural heritage, it has had concealed stories of chivalry and history. Wayanad welcomes all the nature lovers and backpackers to enjoy her blissful climate and picturesque. LanternStay is situated at the heart of Wayanad, and our area is extended in her nature’s lap

Every season possesses its own beauty and vibe. The summer season is an enjoyable time to have a ramble around the destinations of Wayanad. The fainted sunlight in the morning, the tea plantations, and even the air of Wayanad bring a new experience of refreshments.

LanaternStay is located midway to all the tourist attractions of Wayanad. Chembra peak and Pookode lake is the all-time attraction of Wayanad. The morning bliss in the Chembra peak is unparalleled.

chembra wayanad

As the exotic lush spot of Kerala, Wayanad behold all kinds of beauty. As aforementioned, the culture and heritage of Wayanad are engraved in Edakkal caves. Edakkal caves stand out as an epitome of historical reminiscence. Another major attraction is rafting through Kuruva Island. The island is surrounded by the tributaries of the Kabini river and sheathed with spectacular scenic images. The rafting in bamboo will be a fresh experience for your whole life.

edakkal cave wayanad

Banasura Sagar Dam is also a highlight which focuses on architectural perfection. Yes, it is the first dam that is completely made of sand, and the sobriquet is the earthen dam. Neelimala view point and Wayanad wildlife sanctuary are also enlisted in the list of places to cover. Enriched with this much beauty, LanternStay always enumerates its scenic and aesthetic qualities through hill stays, tent camping, and so on. Forest camping in Wayanad opens the hatchway of adventure and has a chance for enjoying starry nights.

Banasura Dam Wayanad

Other than these, Wayanad is blessed with so many waterfalls including Soochipara and Meenmutty. Bathing in these waterfalls will give a revitalizing experience in summer.

LanternStay ushers a bounty delight of forest camping and tent camping. We are always ready to embrace you, the forest is calling to feel the sunlit summer.

Enjoy the eternal vibes of Wayanad