Attractive Monsoon Tourism Places in wayanad

Wayanad is a very particular piece of land in the northern part of Kerala being the only plateau in God’s own country and the only district sharing its borders with 2 neighbouring states – Tamilnadu and Karnataka. The spellbinding beauty of Wayanad is brought into the spotlight with the onset of Monsoons. The rains manage to bring out the richness of lush greens to a whole new level which makes it look nothing less than a page out of a picture book. The tourism places in Wayanad offer diversity ranging from dams to waterfalls and hills to tea plantations and paddy fields to forests rich in wildlife. Wayanad’s lush tropical rainforest presents a very distinctive flora and fauna which cannot be found elsewhere. Another remarkable place to enjoy nature at its best is the bamboo forest. Bamboo forests hold in its womb more than a few endangered species of plants and living beings. It is also a fundamental part in the lives of tribals who are extremely dependent on the forest for their livelihood.

Wayanad is often referred to as ‘the green paradise’ and there is no denying the fact that the title is rightfully bestowed upon. So, the beauty of wayanad is best enjoyed in nature’s company which is none other than a forest resort. With Wayanad Tourism gaining momentum, all thanks to its natural abundance, jungle resorts are the best choices a traveller can make to imbibe the natural goodness to rejuvenate one’s mind and body.

Forest Resort

Wayanad doesn’t experience intense climatic changes but mostly remains of similar weather conditions which is pleasant all throughout the year. Even with that being the case, the Winter season is the best time to pay a visit to Wayanad which falls between October and May with temperatures ranging from 10 to 24º C which results in a misty climate till evening and the night often gets chilly. Having said so, other seasons too are not any less beautiful when it comes to Wayanad Weather. The summer season which falls between March and May sees the temperature ranging from 20 to 35º C. Even with the raging Sun, we can explore the rain forests in the afternoons, as it is calmer once we go deep into the forest and moreover the temperature inside is calmer and on the pleasant side. During the monsoon which falls between June and October, the temperatures remain between 17 and 29º C. As Wayanad tends to receive a considerable amount of rain during the time, monsoons are not always recommended to all types of visitors, but the ones who love adventure trails, nature walks and trekking will find Wayanad being an absolute beauty drenched in the rains.

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While visiting Wayanad, it would be sad to miss out on experiencing the beauty of forests while staying in a forest resort. They offer a unique experience with a countryside vibe. It lets us feel closer to nature while enjoying the amenities of a luxury stay. Each villa / treehouse / suite room is specially crafted and is set betwixt the lush green forest which leaves us with a unique experience like no other that can be treasured for years and years to come. It can be such a relaxing experience that can help relieve any stress and revive our soul. Apart from the calm and serene atmosphere which is rejuvenating in itself, the authentic Kerala cuisine provided in the resort is enough to let our taste buds explode with the ethnic flavours seeping in. Our recipes are made with love and care and passed on from generations which is what gives them the edge. Also, for cooking we use the traditional authentic cooking methods of firewoods and earthen pots to retain  its original taste.

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While experiencing Wayanad, it would be incomplete without a camping  trip into the heart of the forest. It is a way to experience the beauty of forest in its wildest, purest and serenest form. Waking up to the mountains, waterfalls, natural springs, along with the lush greens and bamboo trees covered in mist with the chirping of birds and animals passing by is an experience that no nature lover can let go of. The trip can be finished off by taking a walk through the cardamom plantations and getting to know the spice firsthand.

Embracing the natural goodness is what a trip to Wayanad is all about. The wonders a calm and pure nature can do to our body and mind is unfathomable. Monsoon rains enhance the beauty of an already beautifully green Wayanad to an exotic level. A range of Monsoon tourism outdoor activities are picking up pace considering its peculiar geography including mud tug-of-war, rafting, off-roading and so on. The ones who enjoy nature for the adventure it has in store while enjoying the beauty it has to offer, would love the way Wayanad welcomes you during the monsoon season.

Enjoy the eternal vibes of Wayanad