The Exciting Bangalore to Wayanad Road trip: 2022

Bangalore to Wayanad Road
Wayanad – The green paradise of Kerala

If you are planning to visit the most exotic hill station in South India, Wayanad is the best choice. It is situated in the Northeastern part of Kerala, it is a hill station covered with breathtaking greenery. If you’re the one who enjoys the beauty of nature then you must visit this place, it gives you a break from hectic metropolitan life. Its nature holds the capacity to attract various kinds of Tourists like adventure, Nature lovers, Rides and it is suitable for Romantic holidays too.

Wayanad is famous for Camping and Trekking mountains, it gives you the awesome experience of site view mainly at the time of sunrise and sunset, As Wayanad is located in Kerala it is very rich in its culture, diversity and history, Wayanad forest is home land of many wild animals so you have to careful, when you’re roaming around don’t ever enter in restricted area.

Wayanad, also known as the Green Paradise in the midst of the Western Ghats, is one of the most recommended tourist places in India. This is a hill station which is encircled by hills, mountains, valleys, Waterfalls, caves, paddy fields, forests and plantations. This trip is one of the best options one can have in such a short distance from Bangalore for spending their weekend and having quality time with their friends or family. With approximately 7 hours of journey, you get to enjoy it to the maximum.

The moment you arrive in Wayanad, the landscape around you fascinates you and you will be taken into a natural heaven that will mesmerize you. All around you will see marks of lush greenery among the deep forests. This District has more than 20 destinations which are famous. The best part of this place is its enriched wildlife and flora and fauna.

This place also serves a historical importance with respect to archaeology, proofs suggest that the forests were inhabited even around 3000 years ago. Even today the traces of Stone Age can be found in the various caves that are dispersed across this hill station. Traces from the Neolithic age can be seen in the Edakkal Caves.

In the local Malayali language, the name Wayanad means “a land of the paddy fields”.

From Muthanga in the East to Mananthavady in the north-west and Tholpetty in the North to Kalpetta in the South, there is so much to view and indulge yourself in. Whenever you feel that you need a break from your day-to-day activity, a trip to Wayanad would certainly be exciting and a thrilling experience that you can have, not very far from Bangalore. You will wish you could have lived there! Once you have visited this place, whenever you see a long-extended weekend coming, you will plan a trip to Wayanad again and again.

Bangalore to Wayanad:

The total distance between Bangalore and Wayanad is almost about 282 kms and it takes an overnight journey to reach this beautiful place. This place is visited mostly on the weekends and almost 60% of the visit comes from Bangalore itself.

You Can start late on Friday night; you can easily reach Wayanad by Saturday evening. Spend the weekend cheerfully with your friends and family, and you can head back to Bangalore by Sunday evening. You will become refreshed and energized and will experience something suitable for the whole upcoming week.

Suppose you are looking for a trip where you can enjoy the journey along with the destination. In that case, you must take the journey from Bangalore to Wayanad Via road, its most recommended mode of travel because it can cover other scenic destination on the way, the best way is to book a vehicle or travel through your vehicle so that you can stop at every destination on the way to Wayanad.

There are three best Routes to Reach Wayanad from Bangalore.

Bangalore to Wayanad Via Kanakapura :

This is the second common route travellers usually prefer. The distance that needs to be covered via road for this route is around 300-350 km same as Mysore Road. It Going to take approximately 6-7 hours till you reach Wayanad. Try not to be in a hurry to reach the destination soon, on the way, you have an eye-catching place to look at, which are Chunchi Falls, Mudumalai National Park, Sultan Battery, Edakkal Caves.

Bangalore to Wayanad Via Mysore:

This is the most common route travellers usually take; it is almost 300km through National Highway 275. On the way, you get to visit the most beautiful places like Heritage Winery, Barachukki Falls, Gumbaz, Mysore, Narahole National Park and Banasura Sara Dam. If you’re looking for a journey that includes Historical Places and palaces, Heritage Hindu Temple, dense forest Falls, and Dams, you are on the right journey. If you want to cover all these places, it’s going to take almost two days till you reach Wayanad.

Bangalore to Wayanad Via Bandipur

This route is almost similar to the first route, but in a midway, it will divert towards Bandipura National Park. The main reason behind choosing this route by the people is that they wanted to visit Bandipura National Park. Because it is one of the famous national parks of Karnataka where you get a chance to see wild animals closely like a lion, other places you visit on the way are Chennakesava Temple and Gopala Swami Betta. This Route is not Recommendable if you want to go to Wayanad and are willing to travel at night, because Bandipura forest gets closed at 6 PM and after this time no one is allowed to travel till morning.

Best time to Travel to Wayanad:

October to May is the best time to visit the Wayanad because nature will be in its best shape during this period. Temperature ranges between 10-25 degree Celsius at this time, and you can enjoy the place without any climatic disturbances.

If you’re fed up being in the lockdown looking for a break, then it is one of the best places to visit. You can enjoy the vacation peacefully.

6 hr 6 min (285.8 km) via NH948 and NH766
52 min (26.5 km) via Muttil-Nedumbala Rd

Enjoy the eternal vibes of Wayanad