Best Plantation Resort in Wayanad

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Wayanad is a tract of mountainous terrain and plain vistas at the south-western tip of India that is fast turning into a tourist attraction of repute that is attracting various types of travelers from across the world. The mountainous peaks are a definite attraction and difficult challenge to the adventure seekers. The vast tropical forests give the nature lover many experiences to soak in and treasure. And, the expansive plantations and the resorts located in these give the leisure traveler – either single, small group or large entourage – ample avenues to relax and enjoy in the lap of nature.

The defining choice to make in having a memorable vacation in Wayanad is the resort where you stay. Wayanad has its share of resorts of varying facilities and features. These include jungle lodges, plantation resorts, boutique homestays, city hotels, nature resorts and plantation resorts. The best resorts in Wayanad offer a wide range of facilities to the guests including impeccable hospitality, luxurious stay, sumptuous cuisine, refreshing treks through nature trails and adventurous climbs to mountain peaks.

Staying in a plantation resort in Wayanad

The high-altitude undulating landscape of Wayanad is ideal for the growth of plantation crops like tea, coffee, pepper, cardamom, etc. A large part of the land area of the place was converted into plantation estates centuries’ back. The natural beauty and the great expanse of these estates are ideal for setting up nature and plantation resorts that cater to the leisure tourist. There are many plantation resorts in Wayanad offering varying facilities – from estate bungalows converted into homestay units to resorts with multiple cottages tucked into the remote corners of the estate.

The best plantation resorts in Wayanad have the following unique features:
  • Strategic location within the estate offering extensive and soothing views
  • Winding access road and landscaped pathways
  • Colonial bungalows as dwelling units with large rooms, elegant interiors and antique furniture
  • Pampering and personalized hospitality from highly adept staff
  • Sumptuous food with most ingredients farmed in local vegetable and animal farms
  • Guided tours through plantations and factories where you can buy best quality plantation products
  • Plantation pathways and nature trails for leisurely treks in the morning
  • Campfires
  • Performances by local artists and demonstrations by local artisans

Wayanad has become a most-sought-after destination for the leisure tourist and the best resorts in Wayanad provide marquee facilities and uncompromising service to ensure that their guests take back memories that remain with them for the rest of their lives. This is the case with the best of all types of resorts in Wayanad including the best nature and plantation resorts in Wayanad.
If you are looking to enjoy a blissful holiday away from the hustle of city life, then Lanternstay, a plantation as well as a forest resort in Meppadi, Wayanad is the one for you. Clean, comfortable and cozy cottages, beautiful surroundings, spectacular scenery, exemplary hospitality and delicious traditional food all come together to give you an opportunity to enjoy the best of nature’s offerings firsthand. From trekking to plantation visits and campfire, everything is included to make your holiday an enjoyable one.

Enjoy the eternal vibes of Wayanad