Exploring Wayanad during Monsoon

Wayanad weather, Wayand monsoon

For visualizing and experiencing the natural beauty, rhythm of rain drops and feel the smell of soil in the monsoon season, choose ‘Wayanad’. Wayanad is one of the most preferred hill stations with cool highland climate in God’s own country and one of the best adventures place for all tourists. Wayanad gives indiscernible kind of happiness by its natural greener look and freshness of air. Monsoon showers will definitely catch your soul and gives a romantic feel that you will never forget. This time is the peerless vital attraction for young tourists, because they can create pleasant memories with smasher monsoon.

There are two types of monsoon season in Wayanad, one begins from June and ends in September another one is October to November. In Kerala, Wayanad records highest amount rain falls during monsoon. In last few years it is seen that self-driving tourists are becoming more popular in Kerala during monsoon. For all those self-driving tourists out there, Wayanad is the best destination for those who enjoy riding with a rainy mood. Backwaters besides the road is an amazing experience for adventures and relish the way to Wayanad. Wayanad is highlighted with the beauty of monsoon in Kerala, and the surroundings looks more greener ,it reminds the traditional nature of Kerala.

We have a special program called Splash happening Wayanad during monsoon season. It is a joint venture organized by Kerala Tourism, Government of Kerala and the Wayanad Tourism Organization, ‘splash’ is a highlight of monsoon season to showcase the numerous Tourist attractions and activities in wayanad.

Major attractions at monsoon in wayanad

If you want a soul-stirring monsoon vacation in Wayanad, then need to experiences some top attractions in Wayanad.

Pookode Lake

This is one of the best places to absorb the greenery in Wayanad during monsoon season. It is a natural freshwater lake and closer to the city centre. There are walking paths along with lake, with that you can simply enjoy the lush green foliage. Boating facilities also available here, so you can enjoy the different view point of pookode..

Banasura Sagar Dam

This is famous as the largest dam in India and the second largest earth dam in Asia and listed as the best place to visit in Wayanad. Monsoon season turns the place into a magical beauty sight.

Meenmutty Falls

This is renowned as the largest waterfall in Wayanad. There is a facility for trekking to the top of the falls. So you can cherish with amazing stunning scenery. Monsoon season is the best time to enjoying water falls because of the stronger flow.

Edakkal Caves

This cave is the most popular attraction for tourists. If you are brave enough to go up to the top of the cave, then you can explore the best panoramic view of mountains. During monsoon it becomes more attractive.

Karaapuzha Dam

It is also one of the largest earth dams in India, which is located in the greenish and natural region of Wayanad near Karapuzha river.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

After exploring the hill station, there is much more extra fun with wildlife sanctuary. It consists of a wide range of animals, birds, and can also enjoy the fresh forest breeze.

Where to stay to explore this natural monsoon beauty

When it comes to choosing a stay people often get confused, what to choose, where to choose. We can help you in deciding a perfect stay for you. According to one of the tourism surveys done among the tourists visiting Wayanad, most of them prefer staying in deep forests. According to the tourists, the most preferred resort is Lanternstay. They says Lanternstay is the best deep forest resort you can get in Wayanad.With this resort you can enjoy the magical monsoon beauty and wilderness of Wayanad with adventurous activities.Trekking all around the forest with rainy days is a way to enjoy the deep forest and a chance for climbing Chembra peak. This could be an ideal place for nature lovers, bird watchers. There is an opportunity to take pictures of all the variety of birds with the help of our forest guide.

Not just the wildlife trekking is making stay at Lanternstay memorable. It is the ideal place to escape from our busy fast paced life. How beautiful it is to have a cup of tea and a good book in hand,lying back on a planter’s chair on the veranda, overlooking plants and trees, with the rains splashing down on the roof? You can enjoy all these little things at Lanternstay that make you happy and keep you relaxed. Coming to the packages and rooms Lanternstay provide suits rooms, tree house, wooden cottages and villas. Lanternstay provides ideal honeymoon packages during this monsoon season. No doubt, Lanternstay is made for safe and its ambiance is highly romantic with a cool mood and relaxing experience for couples to enjoy their first days and can make all the days a precious one. The night journey to a dreamy world by abound all tensions and pressures, every couple needs this mood. Right? bonfire in this resort will surely make this amorous mood.

Enjoy the eternal vibes of Wayanad