Lanternstay: The hidden magnificence of Wayanad

Jungle Resort-Adventure in Laternstay Resort Wayanad

We are in a race to achieve wealth. We believe that being wealthy, in terms of money, is everything in life. But  does that really make sense when all that matters are a happy and peaceful life? While living a hectic life, we always try doing something which makes us happy and stress free. Nature lovers would obviously choose to run off from the urbanized cities and spend some time in a serene and tranquil place to feel the utmost beauty of nature.

Being close to nature has a significant impact on mental and physical well being. Science has proved that nature can heal you emotionally as well as physically. It not only helps to reduce stress but also to maintain the blood pressure, heart rate etc. under control. It also helps in soothing pain to a great extent. Studies also say that nature helps to connect each other and with the whole world.

The God’s own country, Kerala is well known for its mesmerizing natural beauty. Filled with greenery and fresh air, nature’s favorite child has always been on top of the bucket list of tourists. The lush and exotic greenery, the serene backwaters and tea plantations are exceptionally appealing sights for the tourists who have a primary intention of getting close to the nature.

Hidden magnificence of wayanad for nature lovers

Though every district in Kerala has their own touristic attentions, Wayanad is always close to heart for nature lovers because of its exquisite aesthetic view. Wayanad is a total nature package for all kinds of nature loving travelers. If you are an admirer of the serenity of water then Banasura dam, Pookode lake and Kuruva island would be the best choice. On the other hand, if you are an adventurous person then a trek to Chembra peak offers a breathtaking experience. Muthanga wildlife sanctuary and Edakkal caves are the other areas of tourist attractions at Wayanad.


From the very beginning of Eco-tourism in Wayanad, Lantern stay has marked a special place among avid nature lovers. Lanternstay is a jungle resort situated a few kilometers away from Meppadi. Amidst the usual scenic beauty, what makes Lanternstay different is the hand in hand exposure to adventure and peace. Though staying in the middle of forest is quite terrifying, the wild animals have always kept a distance from the resort. If you want to explore nature to its extreme, then Lanternstay would be the best possible choice.

To do lists at Lanternstay

Lanternstay offers a wide variety of activities for their guests. Starting off from Meppadi, the travel to the resort itself would make a wonderful experience with a halfway travel through the tea plantation and then a halfway off road safari. If you are an adventure lover, then you can enjoy the breathtaking experience of trekking at Chembra peak. On the other hand, you can also spend some quiet time just listening to the chirping sounds of birds and those of waterfall waterfalls staying at tree houses and take a brisk walk through the cardamom estate. Lanternstay is a perfect place for bird watchers too.

Facilities at Lanternstay

Lanternstay is the finest forest resort in Wayanad. The facilities provided by Lanternstay makes it a most loved resort among the travelers. First and foremost, you will be carried from Meppadi to the Resort. You can choose to stay at any of the four different stay option such as suites, tree houses, wooden cottage and villas. The restaurant with in will serves you with the ethnic tastes of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Badminton courts, indoor games and bonfire are the added features of Lanternstay. Hospitality at lantern stay is well praised by the valuable customers. In a nutshell, the stay at Lanternstay would give you a unique mental and physical experience.

As an end note, if you are boozed up with the tedious work life or feeling a down time in life or in a mood to challenge your fears, then pack your bags up, nature is calling you. Feeling the real essence of nature can help you heal all your physical and mental pains as well as to connect more to your inner selves and find a new meaning to life. Get to discover yourselves and attain inner peace along with a hand full of adventures with the Lanternstay. Spending some quality time with nature can give a lifetime cherishing experience for you and your loved ones.

Enjoy the eternal vibes of Wayanad