Refresh Yourself in the Misty

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Are you getting tired of the havocs of work from home scenes and heaps of files?. LanternStay will be a refreshing sheath for you. Amidst Wayanad, our property is covered and coated with the misty drizzling. For exploring the scenic beauty and natural flavours of Wayanad, LanternStay agape its hatches for you. With splendid foods, cost-effective charges, nature preachers can thoroughly enjoy the treehouse at Wayanad.

Kerala is entitled as God’s own country for its soothing greenery and mind blowing landscape. Wayanad is an eloquent landscape furnished with different flora and fauna and rich in valleys. The landscape of this place enhances mental happiness through nature preaching. The havoc, stress and loads of work schedule can be removed and vanished by the chirping and melodies sounds of birds.


The valleys and peaks of Wayanad are enriched with plantations and thick woods. The shades of forest will be a soothing experience for forest camping. Treehouse experience will lead people into another level of bliss that will enlighten their mental happiness. Honeymoon cottages in the misty ambience will be a pleasing and tranquilizing experience for couples. We welcome you into a misty world of happiness and peace.

For knitting an eternal memory, forest camping in kerala is a greater and preferable option. For rejuvenating physical and mental glee, nature leads a vital role. The sceneries, landscapes, ambience, chirping of birds generate happiness and it creates a soothing experience. By replacing the stress of work loads, you can fill your mind with tranquility.

We are aware of the situation. The pandemic scenes are concerning and we are equipped as a whole by taking proper precautions. The proper and accurate sanitization of our property is effectively done by our team, we are conscious about you. We didn’t take risks on our benefactors’ health and we don’t compromise on our hospitality.

LanternStay proffers exclusive memories for our travelers, take a break from heap of work, you need it.


Enjoy the eternal vibes of Wayanad