Lanternstay: The perfect gateway for nature lovers

wildlife resort in Wayanad, Kerala

The love for nature has always been a choice to escape from the frantic urban life. The hectic work schedule and the over polluted environment have drawn nature lovers to places that connect them to the purity of nature. The god’s own country, Kerala, is abundantly blessed with its natural beauty. The lush and exotic greenery, the serene backwaters, the scenic beauty of tea estates etc. adds to the beauty of Kerala. Though every district in Kerala has touristic attractions, Wayanad stands a bit different among them. The reason behind is that urbanization has barely touched the city so far.

Wayanad is prominent for Eco-tourism. Nature lovers always had Wayanad as a choice in their bucket list.  Banasura sagar dam, Chembara peak, Kuruva Island, Edakkal caves, Pookodu Lake, Neelimala view point etc. are a few tourist spots at Wayanad. Though Wayanad is filled with resorts to attract tourists, Lantern stay has been on top notch among the travelers. Because of the quality of service provided and the exposure to adventure and peace makes them different among others. Once a visitor at Lanternstay would never go for any other choice. The activities at Lanternstay are equally attracted by both adventure and peace lovers. The closeness to nature it provides enhances the beauty of Lanternstay.  A perfect blend of beauty, serenity and wilderness makes Lanternstay the best resort in Wayanad. Lantern stay is situated a few kilometers from Meppadi. Being situated at the heart of a forest, Lanternstay provides an exquisite experience of tranquility.

Activities at Lanternstay

Be an adventurer or peace lover, Lanternstay has a handful of activities to satisfy your inner self. The sublime view of the tea estate and the off road safari from Meppadi marks the beginning of activities at Lanternstay. For the seekers of adventures, trekking at Chembara peak and the stay at Elimbilery would be a breathtaking experience. At the same time if the travel intention is to get closely connected to the calmness of nature, the exotic wind from the cardamom plantation and the music of the chirping birds will soothe your soul. Staying in a dense forest may seem intimidating, but the mesmerizing feeling to lay in nature’s cradle is beyond expectations.

Services at Lanternstay

The hospitality at lantern stay is well spoken by the visitors. The quality of service provided has attracted the visitors to come over again and again. A variety of staying options are available at Lanternstay. You can choose to stay at a suite, tree house, villa or a wooden cottage which can serve you with a unique staying experience. If you are on a honeymoon, the stay at Lanternstay is sure to provide a memorable experience to cherish lifelong. The open restaurant at Lanternstay serves a wide variety of delicious authentic Kerala cuisines that tantalizes your taste buds.

Lanternstay has been chosen as the best jungle resort among the travelers over years. The mesmerizing experience amidst the forest is heart-warming for the visitors. If you are seeking to breathe the purest of air, to touch the cleanest of water and to feel nature to its wholeness, then Lanternstay would be the perfect choice. It would be a lifetime experience of indelible moments.

Enjoy the eternal vibes of Wayanad