Sunset to Sunrise: The Magic of a Night at Lantern Stay

resort in Wayanad

When the sun goes down, the night sky begins to look enchanted. Find yourself wandering through the lush green forest in Lantern Stay, providing you with luxury and goodness for a perfect vacation. Listen to the call of mother nature and book yourself the Lanternstay resort, where joy and comfort join hands.

When nature calls for a break, you are welcome to stay in one of the best forest resorts in kerala. Lanternstay is not just any normal resort, it is a place for experience and learning about nature’s spended architecture.

A resort is not a place to just stay, it represents the totality of a memorable culturally rich experience. Laternstay will help you dive into nature’s paradise and give you an experience worth remembering.

What is special about Lanternstay?

The best resorts in Kerala provide you with a view of a lifetime. The moment you sit on the balcony of the treewoods, you can witness a visually appealing view of the dark scenic woods of Kerala. Lanternstay gives you the best worthwhile adventure of what it feels like to live in the woods and experience nature’s hug.

Lanternstay resorts’ primary focus is to create a meaningful stay for the visitors. The meaningful stay in Lanternstay is inclusive of so many adventurous activities like plantation tour, bonfire, indoor games, badminton, trekking and camping. The aim of these activities is to motivate the visitors to bring out their inner child who seeks joy and comfort in nature.

If you find yourself lost, get your friends and gather round the woods of Wayanad as camping in Lanterstay is the big talk. The exceptional hospitality provided by the resort will help you walk away from the stress of daily life. For the thrill-seekers, the night resort offers guided nocturnal treks. Cherish this scenic adventure with the support of young naturistic enthusiasts who will guide you to the land of history and culture.

When you are camping, call it a day and relax at the Laternstays openside wooden deck restaurant. Rejuvenate the soul with feel good local cuisine that makes you feel like home. Kerala dishes are known for their exceptional choices of spices, providing versatility in taste and form. The whole vibe of the restaurant is vintage oriented where the food is freshly cooked in earthen vessels at the fireplace. This is a traditional yet exotic experience for foreigners at Lanternstay.

Why Choose a Lanternstay?

Lanternstay packages come with exclusive itineraries suitable for so many types of tourists from different parts of the world. You can relax and learn new things at the same time. With Lanternstay resort, you can get the best out of both the worlds, daylight ventures and peaceful nightlife.

In the daylight, you can find yourself lost in the cold breeze and witness the chirping of 350 different species of bird offering an immersive naturistic experience. The night life offers the view of misty mountains and makes you feel connected to the tranquility of dark woods. One must choose Lanternstay to connect with the rhythm of nature.

Lanternstay is also known as one of the most popular eco-friendly honeymoon resorts in Wayanad. This secluded haven of peace is ideal for couples who are looking for a fun and memorable stay.

The hospitality and accommodation in Lanterstay is worth an investment. Being one of the best resorts in kerala it offers different kinds of facilities for stay including wooden cottages, villages, suites with the perfect view and tree house with all basic amenities.

Packages and Cost

The packages are provided on the basis of the requirement of the visitors. Basically the starting rate for stay starts from Rs.9500 whereas premium facilities like villas and honeymoon packages are Rs 10500 and Rs 29000 respectively. The charges for food and tariff rates can vary and must be enquired with the Lanternstay resort staff directly.

In conclusion,

If you’re yearning for a night surrounded by the unspoiled beauty of Kerala’s forests, Lanternstay is the place for you. Lanternstay must inspire the world explorers to feel like they can wander in this lush green paradise aimlessly. Lanternstay is indeed the perfect getaway for people who are looking for a break from their busy bustling city life filled with hectic day to day responsibilities.

Enjoy the eternal vibes of Wayanad