The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Resort in Wayanad for Your Vacation

We all know that a resort in Wayanad is the ideal gateway to rejuvenation and it is commonly known to be a popular choice among tourists who are looking to make their adventure hub in proximity with nature.

Speaking of nature, if you look within the epicenter of Kerala, you can find yourself immersed in the lush green forests of Wayanad. So if you don’t want to miss out on the tranquil terrains and trenches of whimsical Wayanad, let’s gather some information on how to choose the perfect resort for a perfect vacation.

Heavenly staycation : The speciality of Forest resorts in Wayanad

Wayanad is a dreamy destination for all kinds of people, including solo travelers, friends and couples looking for the perfect honeymoon destination. We all know that Wayanad is one of the few attractions in Kerala where the tourists unwind themselves away from the basic hustle bustle of the routine white collar environment.

The lush green forest of Wayanad is packed with plenty of resorts perfected for relaxation and adventure. If you want a heavenly resort experience, check out top rated resorts like Lanterstay to experience the raw and unadulterated beauty of nature.

The Ultimate Guide for a Perfect Vacation Experience

When it comes to choosing the right resort, it comes down to enhancing the overall vacation experience for tourists. Let’s look into the basic requirements which align with choosing the perfect resort.

  • Prioritizing comfort

A resort should assure you of utmost comfort and convenience. Obviously, with luxury comes hefty investment and the goal of a good resort is to assure you with the best services which can cater to all your requirements. Make sure to look for resorts which have room amenities that are easily accessible and available.

An ideal resort is inclusive of a vast space with itineraries which provides refreshment and rejuvenation. The aim of a resort is to fulfill all services inclusive of dining, entertainment, shopping, and transportation. Bear in mind that most top rated resorts will also have spa facilities and plantation cruising facilities to keep the tourists stay connected to the soothing feeling of nature.

  • Attractive location

The location of the resort and its arrangement matters a lot, especially considering that a resort is not a basic lodge space but it’s a destination which helps tourists to travel and explore a place in ease. Many resorts in Wayanad are located near or within the breathtaking and beautiful peripherals of attractions such as Karapuzha Dam, Pookode lake and Karlad Lake.

  • Stay true to the budget

A good resort has a reasonable pricing policy for their packages. It’s called value based services for a reason, as the nature of the amenities is based on the investment and preferences of each individual. Always refer to the website or call the resort directly before finalizing the decision of booking.

  • Exotic dining

Good food and good dining facilities is the major highlighting feature of an exquisite resort facility. Places like Wayanad serve authentic traditional Kerala cuisines, which helps tourists stay connected to the exotic culture of Kerala.
The resort should be able to customize a person’s food requirements based on dietary restrictions or health related conditions. Resorts in Wayanad have dining arrangements with good landscape views and intimate settings.

  • Adventurous Activities

Generally people tend to go for resorts with great landscape views and higher elevation regions that allow activities like bird watching or skydiving. So it is key to remember that a perfect vacation should include both indoor and outdoor activities which you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Various activities such as camping in Wayanad can keep you occupied and open minded to the opportunities which nature has to provide. These activities will help you feel fresh and free throughout your vacation. Other activities ideal for a exotic resort experience include trekking, boating, stargazing and fishing.

To sum it up,

A resort should give you everything on site and that’s why it is important to consider factors such as weather, location and budget of your package. With resorts like Lanternstay in Wayanad, you get the best value based services and amenities which are well suited for an adventurous vacation. No matter where you go, find a resort which regards your safety and privacy at all times during vacation.

Enjoy the eternal vibes of Wayanad