Which Resorts Near Pookode Lake Offer the Best Views of Nature?

resorts near Pookode Lake

Nature’s wonders and magic has enlightened mankind to create and cultivate architecture of ambience and serenity. Resorts are not merely a representation of luxury, it is the diligence of creators towards shaping the enthusiastic minds of travelers. 

If you look at resorts, it keeps you in a safe space to unwind or catch a break from the daily stresses of routine life.  Why stay at home and lure over travel blogs of random celebrities when you can find immensely beautiful resorts and not miss out? 

It’s not new information that Wayanad is the central heart of resorts in Kerala and resorts near Pookode Lake is definitely an ideal resort destination. The Pookode lake is shaped like an Indian map with rich flora and fauna. 

The freshwater is surrounded by greens making it the perfect Oasis for experiencing the peace of clear waters. This is also why the resorts near Pookode lake hold high ratings in terms of specialty and good quality experiences.

The lake is clean and pure for anyone to enjoy its freshness. If you look at the view, the natural arrangement of the landscapes inspires people to engage in activities like photography, camping, and Bird watching. The vibe is a free yet creative space for evoking heightened positive emotions.

Some Famous Resorts include: 

  • Our top recommendation is Lanternstay with its exceptional quality of wilderness, richness and uniqueness. The tree houses and cabins are crafted beautifully to keep you connected to Mother Nature. They say it’s the perfect paradise for nature lovers. Witness the best of the best bird watching and long walks in Laternstay 
  • We also have the Mystic Lake Resort and it is known to be a popular choice for a reason- the breathtaking and rare view of the Pookode lake is the key highlight. The Pookode Lake top view is the talk among people. Customers have reported a friendly atmosphere within this resort. Generally, the Mystic Lake resort is favoured by tourists from diverse places.  
  • A person who holds tradition in their heart should explore Upavan Resort with so many specialities like spa treatments, trekking opportunities and local cuisines. They also provide Kerala’s famous Ayurveda treatments, worth the experience for people looking for self care, calmness and good interactive space.
  • The name is obvious to its proximity, as it is directly near to the crystal clear Pookode Lake. The surroundings consist of small vintage cottages and little fun activities like a fish spa and boat rides. The Pookode Lake resort literally represents the fine Kerala culture and tradition.

Most of these resorts provide the same positive feelings but with variant forms of architecture and services. 

Activities and Recreation:

There are variety of Pookode Lake activities including: 

  1. Boating: Gliding through the fresh waters of Pookode water is the primary activity. Nobody wants to miss out on venturing through clear waters. The Pookode lake boating is preferred a lot by customers.
  2. Bird watching: It’s a sit back and relax activity for most of the part. Be ready to be enlightened especially if you’re quite an ornithophilic person 
  3. Cuisine tasting: Taste the best of the best Keralite dishes and diversify your food experiences here in our resorts. 
  4. Out-of-the-box adventures: Witness chances to explore bamboo rafting, zip-lining, and live through the excitement of guided nature walks. 

What time is the entry to Pookode Lake?

  1. The advance checking is mostly expected during the seasonal period.  But the general timings are 9 am-5 pm. 

What is the ticket price for Pookode Lake?

The information on the ticket rates are mentioned on the official website but do feel free to consult with the tourism department for such enquiries. 

In Conclusion… 

Nature-oriented experiences not only fulfill the mind and body but it opens our minds to the vast knowledge of history and architecture. Most resorts, especially like Lanternstay, carry you through the lustful green embrace and the touch of cold winds. The Pookode Lake Resorts are ideal for connecting with the purest and honest nature. Let loose and take yourself to the best resorts, it will never disappoint you.

Enjoy the eternal vibes of Wayanad