Workation Packages at Lanternstay Resort

workation packages

Workation (Work+Vacation) is a new concept designed for workaholics. Lanternstay resort in Wayanad understands the importance of vacation for employees. Employees who can work remotely can choose a holiday workation packages to rejuvenates and gives some room for creativity. It can be a place where you can provide some time to the family.

Why Workation?

workation packages

Providing air-conditioned rooms with a perfect view, shuttles, grand dinners, flexible timings and many more to keep employees at ease and decrease the stress that they undergo is never enough. Sometimes employers install video gaming corners in the office, indoor gaming, and some more prominent companies provide vast playgrounds. Still, all these may seem to be less effective in releasing the pressure of the employees. These steps go useless to extract the best out of employees—daily, working individual losses two hours in commuting. Journey to the office through the polluted busy city roads will drain the energy.

Workation in Wayanad is a perfect solution for the employee to find a way out of this tedious and boring life. It is the kind of vacation that enables you to work remotely. You will be away from your regular desk but not from work. You can travel distant than traditional holidays because you are getting the salary.

The transformation of working style

The pandemic has shaken the world with its devastating and traumatic incidents. But one way it has opened new possibilities with updated technological options which enabled all the employees to carry out their official jobs from home. MS teams, Basecamp, Asana, Slack and Zoom, are the platforms to help the job holders perform their duties almost anywhere in the world. But the only requirement is to have an internet connection with a wide range of wifi connectivity. Lanternstay has excellent, superfast wifi connectivity across all the camping areas and the resort areas. Super connectivity is key to the employees to execute the targets before the deadlines allotted by the companies. Companies don’t give two hoots if the work is done.

Restore the lost vigour in Wayanad

Suppose you feel like you have stuck up at the point where there is no more growth. You cannot find the reason behind this; maybe the same old ways of finding solutions or monotonous job procedures could be the reason. Want to restore some energy which you had undergone during the initial working days in your company. Lanternstay can provide you with the exceptional scenery of mother earth in the deep interiors of the forest. This type of scenario can restore the lost vigor and install the new life patterns which can enteral you.

Be an expressive artist

If you are an upcoming writer or an artist who wants to generate some fresh thoughts, Lanternstay provides a great stay to you. Here we offer a suitable environment. In nature’s lap of God’s own country, you can find a fantastic breeze that carries the flavours of creative juices. The output you generate would be absolutely a well-carved masterpiece. When you enjoy the surroundings with the heart of emotions, the creative samples will surprise you. Experience this revitalised enthusiasm in our resort. You can overcome the mental block which is longstanding between you and your goal. The evoked inner peace can make you think out of the box.

Lifetime memories to cherish

The time you want to dedicate to the work during the stay at our resort will be undisturbed. But the remaining time will give you some lifetime and life-changing moments, which you cannot expect during the regular days you work at your home. The forest camping, jeep trekking, indoor and outdoor gaming facilities, time at bonfire are moments you treasure forever.

Embrace the nature

A regular employee always gets frustrated by jostling himself/herself for a stressful commute daily. In the process of workation, you can avoid travelling through the city’s busy roads that primarily impact productivity positively. We are dissociated with the beautiful nature during the regular days of work at home or office. Opting for a workation will keep you intertwined with nature. The fixed concrete walls can confine you to the limits killing the innovation. Watching the loops unfolding in nature can reveal the inner potential which can strengthen the company.

Break the routine

According to the study carried out by Stanford economist says that an employee who works remotely will be more productive. Breaking the routine and being away from the routine work desk will always positively impact the employee’s efficacy. Taking workation would help an individual to break the regular pattern. Sometimes even employer’s can also plan workation for the employees. In workation settings, teams would have a better option to know one other beyond the works. The strengthened bonds between employees enable them to work efficiently in a group. In the green scenery of the Wayanad, you will be surprised to know the fellow employees beyond the office.

Delicious food from the wild varieties

Lanternstay provides delicious food throughout your stay at Wayanad. We make food from the wild varieties we obtain in the jungles of Wayanad. The diet you enjoy during the visit will also act in revitalising the health and energy in you.

Workation benefits both the organisation and the employee. It gives recreation and health to the employee without losing productivity. It increases work quality and team bonding helping the organisation. The organisation that allowed workation is observed to have a higher employee retention rate.

Enjoy the eternal vibes of Wayanad