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Tourism Awakens in Kerala; Awesome Nature Tourism Spots in Wayanad

Kerala, with its unique beauty, has never failed in attracting nature lovers to her lap. With the ongoing pandemic, after being confined to their own homes, people have finally started getting out and about to explore places with ample amounts of fresh air, clean surroundings and at the same time are soothing to the eyes and soul alike. Responsible tourism is all about reminding the tourists in us to treat each destination with respect and being responsible for the places where we step our foot onto. Responsible tourism initiative in Kerala was implemented by Kerala Tourism in an attempt to conserve the environment and enhance the welfare of locals. Wayanad, with its abundant cultural history and enthralling beauty, offers a whole package when it comes to nature tourism which still manages to conserve its pristine nature. It is termed as the ‘green paradise of Kerala’ for its lush greenery, exotic wildlife, waterfalls, peaks and trekking trails which is a feast for any nature lover.

Over the years, Wayanad has witnessed a marginal increase in the number of tourists flocking in to enjoy nature’s abundance while staying true to the cause of responsible tourism as well. It is a perfect getaway from the hectic life amidst all the chaos of daily routines, while transporting us to another realm with its exceptional peace and quietness. For a nature traveller, Wayanad has a lot to offer ranging from tribal handicrafts to mouth-watering traditional delicacies. To give the traveller an enriching experience, nature tourism packages are devised in such a way that it includes activities which are based on experiencing Village life in four of the chosen villages in Wayanad – Nellarachal, Thekkumthara, Cheruvayal and Chethyalathoor.
Another major attraction of Wayanad is the experience of staying in a tree house. With the rain forests adorned with peaks and lush plains, a stay amidst the lush greenery and a chance to marvel at the beauty of nature from above the canopy of rainforests is irreplaceable. Treehouses are constructed by utilising locally sourced materials and following the traditional architecture of the tribals while offering the best of services and amenities one could ask for.

Wayanad is a land of dams, peaks, wildlife sanctuaries, caves, lakes, waterfalls, and most of all the local tribes of Wayanad who still are untouched by civilization and have made the forests their home. Taking time off to rejuvenate oneself by exchanging experiences with the children of nature can help calm our mind and heal the soul with the natural retreat. For a rich jungle experience, there are a number of forest resorts set amidst the exuberant greenery. The stay in jungle resorts is one of a kind experiences where the gentle rustling of trees and chirping of birds await the travellers all day long, which is a therapy in itself. Enjoying the pristine and rejuvenating atmosphere amidst the woods in a forest resort is assured to be the best and irreplaceable memory of an entire trip to Wayanad for years to come.
With nature’s goodness galore, there are a few Nature tourism spots around Wayanad where each location offers a different experience.

Edakkal Caves

Whenever Wayanad is mentioned, the very first thing that comes to any nature enthusiasts’ mind is the Edakkal Caves, which is an archeological site of prehistoric value and is well known for its cave arts which dates back thousands of years. The trek enroute the caves in itself is quite enthralling that takes around 45 minutes to reach. The way atop is quite mesmerising with the beautiful surroundings.

Kuruva Island

Kuruva Island aka Kuruvadweep is a cluster of small islands over the river Kabani and a protected river delta. It is being promoted as a site for ecotourism for its blend of natural colours. The island is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Any nature / adventure traveller would love to catch a glimpse of bridges built with bamboo trees and rake in the scenic beauty of the beautiful island.

Chembra Peak

Known for being the most upraised hilltop in Wayanad, Chembra peak is a perfect zone for trekking enthusiasts. Enroute the pinnacle of Chembra peak, we get to witness a lake moulded in a unique heart shape which is a noteworthy halting point for tourists.

Banasura Hill

It is one of the tallest mountains which is known for adventurous yet treacherous trekking trails in Wayanad and is loved by adventure / nature enthusiasts. While on the trek there are the tumultuous Meenmutty waterfalls. Once atop, the view from there is breathtaking and is rewarding considering the arduous climb of 3 hours. Resting at the foot of the hill is the largest earthen dam in India, the Banasura Sagar Dam.

Bamboo Forest

To have a surreal experience while enjoying a wide walk through nature’s lap is what Bamboo forests can be best described as. It is known to preserve the most vulnerable species of flora and fauna and also a provider of daily life necessities to the tribal communities. Bamboo rice / Mulayari is collected from the bamboo trees which is an integral part of several traditional dishes in Wayanad.

Karlad Lake

A freshwater lake which can be defined as an epicentre for adventure tourism fit for all age groups which makes it a favourite tourist spot for families. A wide range of fun and thrill activities are provided there including boating, zip lining, wall climbing etc.


A remote village away from the crowds is undoubtedly the perfect getaway to unwind and relax oneself. The unique attraction of Kolagappara is it being an elephant shaped rock which makes it a worthwhile climb.

Attractive Monsoon Tourism Places in wayanad

Wayanad is a very particular piece of land in the northern part of Kerala being the only plateau in God’s own country and the only district sharing its borders with 2 neighbouring states – Tamilnadu and Karnataka. The spellbinding beauty of Wayanad is brought into the spotlight with the onset of Monsoons. The rains manage to bring out the richness of lush greens to a whole new level which makes it look nothing less than a page out of a picture book. The tourism places in Wayanad offer diversity ranging from dams to waterfalls and hills to tea plantations and paddy fields to forests rich in wildlife. Wayanad’s lush tropical rainforest presents a very distinctive flora and fauna which cannot be found elsewhere. Another remarkable place to enjoy nature at its best is the bamboo forest. Bamboo forests hold in its womb more than a few endangered species of plants and living beings. It is also a fundamental part in the lives of tribals who are extremely dependent on the forest for their livelihood.

Wayanad is often referred to as ‘the green paradise’ and there is no denying the fact that the title is rightfully bestowed upon. So, the beauty of wayanad is best enjoyed in nature’s company which is none other than a forest resort. With Wayanad Tourism gaining momentum, all thanks to its natural abundance, jungle resorts are the best choices a traveller can make to imbibe the natural goodness to rejuvenate one’s mind and body.

Forest Resort

Wayanad doesn’t experience intense climatic changes but mostly remains of similar weather conditions which is pleasant all throughout the year. Even with that being the case, the Winter season is the best time to pay a visit to Wayanad which falls between October and May with temperatures ranging from 10 to 24º C which results in a misty climate till evening and the night often gets chilly. Having said so, other seasons too are not any less beautiful when it comes to Wayanad Weather. The summer season which falls between March and May sees the temperature ranging from 20 to 35º C. Even with the raging Sun, we can explore the rain forests in the afternoons, as it is calmer once we go deep into the forest and moreover the temperature inside is calmer and on the pleasant side. During the monsoon which falls between June and October, the temperatures remain between 17 and 29º C. As Wayanad tends to receive a considerable amount of rain during the time, monsoons are not always recommended to all types of visitors, but the ones who love adventure trails, nature walks and trekking will find Wayanad being an absolute beauty drenched in the rains.

Kerala Tourist Place

While visiting Wayanad, it would be sad to miss out on experiencing the beauty of forests while staying in a forest resort. They offer a unique experience with a countryside vibe. It lets us feel closer to nature while enjoying the amenities of a luxury stay. Each villa / treehouse / suite room is specially crafted and is set betwixt the lush green forest which leaves us with a unique experience like no other that can be treasured for years and years to come. It can be such a relaxing experience that can help relieve any stress and revive our soul. Apart from the calm and serene atmosphere which is rejuvenating in itself, the authentic Kerala cuisine provided in the resort is enough to let our taste buds explode with the ethnic flavours seeping in. Our recipes are made with love and care and passed on from generations which is what gives them the edge. Also, for cooking we use the traditional authentic cooking methods of firewoods and earthen pots to retain  its original taste.

Lantern Stay Traditional food

While experiencing Wayanad, it would be incomplete without a camping  trip into the heart of the forest. It is a way to experience the beauty of forest in its wildest, purest and serenest form. Waking up to the mountains, waterfalls, natural springs, along with the lush greens and bamboo trees covered in mist with the chirping of birds and animals passing by is an experience that no nature lover can let go of. The trip can be finished off by taking a walk through the cardamom plantations and getting to know the spice firsthand.

Embracing the natural goodness is what a trip to Wayanad is all about. The wonders a calm and pure nature can do to our body and mind is unfathomable. Monsoon rains enhance the beauty of an already beautifully green Wayanad to an exotic level. A range of Monsoon tourism outdoor activities are picking up pace considering its peculiar geography including mud tug-of-war, rafting, off-roading and so on. The ones who enjoy nature for the adventure it has in store while enjoying the beauty it has to offer, would love the way Wayanad welcomes you during the monsoon season.

Wayanad Trekking

A Memorable Trekking Trip with Forest Homestay in Kerala

Kerala is called ‘God’s own country’ for more than one reason. Known for its backwaters and serene beaches which offers a soothing experience; the other side of Kerala which expels an adventurous beauty with its lush greenery are the hill stations. Of all the hill stations in Kerala, Wayanad with its spectacular beauty has one too many unexplored mountain treks, dams and untarnished lakes to offer apart from the coffee plantations, paddy fields and tea estates. Wayanad Trekking lets you experience the beautiful landscapes while letting us into the deep forests, cross the pristine rivers, revering the waterfalls and conquer its mountain peaks.

Forest Trekking

Wayanad can undoubtedly be called trekking heaven for its hilly landscape. It has a variety of trekking options that can cater to the needs of a wider mass from less challenging to the most adventurous trekking trails. Trekking enthusiasts might be looking for options to improve fitness, as a getaway to clear one’s mind or to immerse oneself in the natural beauty. The air so pure, the ambience so pristine that it could cleanse our minds and the ravishing beauty of natural abundance all comes together to provide a rejuvenating experience.

Apart from trekking, Wayanad also is home to various natural and picturesque tourist attractions.

A few of the best trekking trails and Kerala Tourist Places Wayanad are listed below :

1. Phantom Rock / Cheengeri Mala

This tourist attraction that resembles a Phantom skull is popular for the unique natural archeological structure and beautiful landscapes which satisfies nature lovers and photography enthusiasts. As it is not an extremely adventurous trek, it can attract the ones who would like to experience trekking without being overly adventurous. What welcomes the ones atop the mountain is the scenic view of Karapuzha reservoir and surroundings.

Phantom Rock

2. Edakkal Caves

Known as one of the oldest human settlements ever found, Edakkal caves are part of a naturally formed rock shelter with one boulder wedged between two others. Its walls display prehistoric engravings of wider scale indicating animals, human figures, day to day life and so on. Apart from the drawings, the caves contain ‘Muniyaras’ – the ancient burial sites – from where pottery and earthen wares from various time periods were discovered.

Edakkal Caves

3. Banasura Sagar Dam

Considered to be India’s largest earthen dam, Banasura Sagar Dam is built entirely using huge rocks and stones and named after ‘Banasura’ the asura king’, the son of Mahabali. Boating and trekking in Banasura Sagar dam while basking in its natural beauty is the main attraction that attracts tourists to the dam.

Banasura Sagar Dam

4. Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary

A visit to this wildlife sanctuary which is home to a variety of plants, birds and animal species lets us catch a glimpse of these in its natural habitat and full glory. A wildlife jeep safari is organized twice a day for this purpose.

Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary

5. Chembra Peak Trek

Standing at an elevation of 2100m, Chembra peak is the tallest in Wayanad. The Chembra peak has Niligiri hills of Tamilnadu and Vellarimala of Kozhikode as neighbours. From its summit, an enchanting view of the whole of Wayanad, parts of Nilgiri, Malappuram and Kozhikode will be a delight like no other. Another major attraction on the way to the summit is its heart shaped lake named as ‘Hridayathadakam’.

Chembra Peak Trek

6. Pakshipathalam Hiking Trail

Pakshipathalam gets its name from the fact that it is home to a wide variety of rare bird species and bats. Lying in the Brahmagiri hill range, this trek can also be taken from Karnataka by the Irpu falls. The trekking trail leads us through the lush evergreen forest and leads to the deep caves which displays the biodiversity of the region.

Pakshipathalam Hiking Trail

7. Brahmagiri Trek

A trek leading deep inside the Brahmagiri wildlife sanctuary has multitudes to offer enroute like grasslands, rivers, and lush green forests. Bordering Wayanad and Kodagu, this is a steep climb with cool water bodies along the way. The summit has rich wildlife and is thickly forested, which is the reason why wildlife sightings are more common along the trek.

Brahmagiri Trek

8. Kalladi Forest

The trek through Kalladi is a walk amidst the lush green forest which has huge trees and shrubs at the same time in equal measures. A unique trek along the tea gardens, cardamom forests and spice towns are what makes it a memorable experience.

Kalladi Forest

9. Tusharagiri Waterfall

Tusharagiri literally translates to snow-capped mountains gets its name from the misty crown formed on the peak due to the three waterfalls. It can be reached from both Kozhikode and Wayanad.

Tusharagiri Waterfalls

While planning to embark on a trekking trail, it is always a good option to choose the best forest resort for staying some days in wayanad where nature and convenience merge together making the days spent most memorable. There is no place better to enjoy the wilderness to its fullest and purest, where you get to be away from urbanism and rejuvenate yourself with nature being the healing pill.

Bangalore to Wayanad Road

The Exciting Bangalore to Wayanad Road trip: 2022

Wayanad – The green paradise of Kerala

If you are planning to visit the most exotic hill station in South India, Wayanad is the best choice. It is situated in the Northeastern part of Kerala, it is a hill station covered with breathtaking greenery. If you’re the one who enjoys the beauty of nature then you must visit this place, it gives you a break from hectic metropolitan life. Its nature holds the capacity to attract various kinds of Tourists like adventure, Nature lovers, Rides and it is suitable for Romantic holidays too.

Wayanad is famous for Camping and Trekking mountains, it gives you the awesome experience of site view mainly at the time of sunrise and sunset, As Wayanad is located in Kerala it is very rich in its culture, diversity and history, Wayanad forest is home land of many wild animals so you have to careful, when you’re roaming around don’t ever enter in restricted area.

Wayanad, also known as the Green Paradise in the midst of the Western Ghats, is one of the most recommended tourist places in India. This is a hill station which is encircled by hills, mountains, valleys, Waterfalls, caves, paddy fields, forests and plantations. This trip is one of the best options one can have in such a short distance from Bangalore for spending their weekend and having quality time with their friends or family. With approximately 7 hours of journey, you get to enjoy it to the maximum.

The moment you arrive in Wayanad, the landscape around you fascinates you and you will be taken into a natural heaven that will mesmerize you. All around you will see marks of lush greenery among the deep forests. This District has more than 20 destinations which are famous. The best part of this place is its enriched wildlife and flora and fauna.

This place also serves a historical importance with respect to archaeology, proofs suggest that the forests were inhabited even around 3000 years ago. Even today the traces of Stone Age can be found in the various caves that are dispersed across this hill station. Traces from the Neolithic age can be seen in the Edakkal Caves.

In the local Malayali language, the name Wayanad means “a land of the paddy fields”.

From Muthanga in the East to Mananthavady in the north-west and Tholpetty in the North to Kalpetta in the South, there is so much to view and indulge yourself in. Whenever you feel that you need a break from your day-to-day activity, a trip to Wayanad would certainly be exciting and a thrilling experience that you can have, not very far from Bangalore. You will wish you could have lived there! Once you have visited this place, whenever you see a long-extended weekend coming, you will plan a trip to Wayanad again and again.

Bangalore to Wayanad:

The total distance between Bangalore and Wayanad is almost about 282 kms and it takes an overnight journey to reach this beautiful place. This place is visited mostly on the weekends and almost 60% of the visit comes from Bangalore itself.

You Can start late on Friday night; you can easily reach Wayanad by Saturday evening. Spend the weekend cheerfully with your friends and family, and you can head back to Bangalore by Sunday evening. You will become refreshed and energized and will experience something suitable for the whole upcoming week.

Suppose you are looking for a trip where you can enjoy the journey along with the destination. In that case, you must take the journey from Bangalore to Wayanad Via road, its most recommended mode of travel because it can cover other scenic destination on the way, the best way is to book a vehicle or travel through your vehicle so that you can stop at every destination on the way to Wayanad.

There are three best Routes to Reach Wayanad from Bangalore.

  • Bangalore to Wayanad Via Mysore:

    This is the most common route travellers usually take; it is almost 300km through National Highway 275. On the way, you get to visit the most beautiful places like Heritage Winery, Barachukki Falls, Gumbaz, Mysore, Narahole National Park and Banasura Sara Dam. If you’re looking for a journey that includes Historical Places and palaces, Heritage Hindu Temple, dense forest Falls, and Dams, you are on the right journey. If you want to cover all these places, it’s going to take almost two days till you reach Wayanad.

  • Bangalore to Wayanad Via Kanakapura Road:

    This is the second common route travellers usually prefer. The distance that needs to be covered via road for this route is around 300-350 km same as Mysore Road. It Going to take approximately 6-7 hours till you reach Wayanad. Try not to be in a hurry to reach the destination soon, on the way, you have an eye-catching place to look at, which are Chunchi Falls, Mudumalai National Park, Sultan Battery, Edakkal Caves.

  • Bangalore to Wayanad Via Bandipura road:

    This route is almost similar to the first route, but in a midway, it will divert towards Bandipura National Park. The main reason behind choosing this route by the people is that they wanted to visit Bandipura National Park. Because it is one of the famous national parks of Karnataka where you get a chance to see wild animals closely like a lion, other places you visit on the way are Chennakesava Temple and Gopala Swami Betta. This Route is not Recommendable if you want to go to Wayanad and are willing to travel at night, because Bandipura forest gets closed at 6 PM and after this time no one is allowed to travel till morning.

Best time to Travel to Wayanad:

October to May is the best time to visit the Wayanad because nature will be in its best shape during this period. Temperature ranges between 10-25 degree Celsius at this time, and you can enjoy the place without any climatic disturbances.

If you’re fed up being in the lockdown looking for a break, then it is one of the best places to visit. You can enjoy the vacation peacefully.

6 hr 6 min (285.8 km) via NH948 and NH766
52 min (26.5 km) via Muttil-Nedumbala Rd

Enjoy the Monsoon @ Hill Resort in Wayanad: Explore the scenic beauty

Plan this monsoon with a stay at the perfect hill resort in Wayanad to embrace the place’s scenic beauty. Wayanad receives two monsoons a year – from June to September and October to November. Greenery takes over the entire site during the monsoon times, and that view you enjoy is unique and remarkably breathtaking. Wayanad is a lovely hill station to visit in God’s own country, Kerala. This tourist destination evolved as a perfect place for family vacations, honeymoon spot for couples, nature lovers, and adventure seekers. You find a sense of peace in the heart and mind at Wayanad, leaving your busy lives away.

hill resort in wayanad

Wayanad monsoon is so special for tourists. Every cool breeze after each rain carries the unique aroma and life of nature that leaves you mesmerising. You revitalise life with new energy in this magical place. Lakkidi is a prime attraction of the area, one of the highest rainfall receiving places in Kerala. You can see the majestic streams running down the hills. The plantations in Wayanad invites you in like a mother, and you get back into real life in her arms.

Wayanad has many natural enticements which cast a spell on you with their enchanting views. We are here to make you clear about the most exciting sites among all the spots in Wayanad. So take the verbal ride of the beauty here and get on a real ride to Wayanad during this monsoon. Here are the best tourist attractions for your notice in Wayanad.

Banasura Sagar Dam: The largest earthen dam in India

hill resort in wayanad

Banasura Sagar Dam is one of the out-of-the-ordinary attractions Wayanad has in its cluster. It is not only the largest in India but also stands as the second largest in Asia. It is incredibly amazing to know that this grand dam is built with stones and stacks of boulders. You can schedule a superb boat ride at the dam. If the water inflow is high, you can see the dam’s open shutters, where the flow of water down through them adds to the beauty of the place.

Edakkal Caves – Hidden Visual in the forest

It is a must-visit place for an anthropology enthusiast. The engravings you see here dates back to pre-historic times. A millennium ago, humans abandoned this cave. Edakkal translates as ‘A Stone in Between’. We can see a visual of a heavy boulder struck in a fissure made by two huge rocks. Indeed you love to see the art of carvings on stones by our ancestors. These pictorial writings are of the Neolithic age. You can’t stop yourself from capturing the stunning visuals of the forest from those heights at Edakkal caves. On the way uphill you can’t resist buying some souvenirs for the dear ones at home.

Kuruvadweep – Secluded Shelter of Natural Scenery

hill resort in wayanad

Kuruvadweep or Kuruva Island has rich flora and fauna. It is a cluster of islands in the Kabini delta, spread across 950 acres. It is one of the best-preserved and untouched places. One of the beautiful experiences you have is a journey on a bamboo raft while reaching the island. The raft is rowed over the pristine waters of the Kabini river. As the island has thick greenery, it makes a perfect place for trekking. You click some pictures of butterflies and birds which are new to you. It is under the control of the forest department of India. So the only thing you do is just absorbing the marvellous creations of nature.

Meenmutty Falls – The Artistry of the Creator

God was partial while creating his country. You can see all the nature’s beauty was poured here at Wayanad in Kerala. Have a glance at the spectacular falls falling from the height of 300m and fill your heart with the serene peace present in your surroundings. Meenmutty translates as ‘where the fish are blocked.’ It is three-level waterfalls, the second-largest in Kerala. During the monsoon season, the falls become so fierce you love the sprinkling water carried in the air when you stand nearby. If you want to reach the place, you should trek about 2km.

Pookode Lake – A freshwater lake

hill resort in wayanad

The Panamaram stream, which is one of the main tributaries of the river Kabini, originates from Pookode lake. The Panamaram reaches Kabini travelling although the Panamaram valley. The stunning scenic beauty and peaceful ambience mesmerise every tourist visiting the site. The incredible top view of this lake has a similar shape to India’s physical map. There are many activities for the families like a boat ride in the lake. In the lush green surroundings, you can see different birds resting. You can buy some spices and handicrafts from the locality in the stores nearby lake.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary – Kerala’s second-largest wildlife reserve

hill resort in wayanad

The views of nonchalant walks of wild animals and carefree birds get you closer to nature. There are two ecotourism centres in the sanctuary. (i) Muthanga and (ii) Tholpetty. The chirping of birds would wake you up in the morning. You can enjoy bird watching in the early hours of the morning. The exciting safari into the sanctuary gives you lifetime cherishable moments. Children love watching these animals wandering in the jungle. You rarely find elephant training camps in other parts of India, and here you can watch them moving on the orders from the trainer. Meet the tribal people and speak to them to learn about them. This interaction with them leaves you with a new mindset.

Finally, we want you to visit Wayanad comfortably. Therefore, place some extra clothes in your baggage as it will be raining all the time during the monsoon. Wear proper footwear to be safe in the slippery wetland. At last, keep your camera ready always because you never knew the surprises the beautiful nature throws at you.

Book your hill resort in Wayanad and start your adventurous and fantastic trip to God’s own country. You will have a soul-filling vacation here.

workation packages

Workation Packages at Lanternstay Resort

Workation (Work+Vacation) is a new concept designed for workaholics. Lanternstay resort in Wayanad understands the importance of vacation for employees. Employees who can work remotely can choose a holiday workation packages to rejuvenates and gives some room for creativity. It can be a place where you can provide some time to the family.

Why Workation?

workation packages

Providing air-conditioned rooms with a perfect view, shuttles, grand dinners, flexible timings and many more to keep employees at ease and decrease the stress that they undergo is never enough. Sometimes employers install video gaming corners in the office, indoor gaming, and some more prominent companies provide vast playgrounds. Still, all these may seem to be less effective in releasing the pressure of the employees. These steps go useless to extract the best out of employees—daily, working individual losses two hours in commuting. Journey to the office through the polluted busy city roads will drain the energy.

Workation in Wayanad is a perfect solution for the employee to find a way out of this tedious and boring life. It is the kind of vacation that enables you to work remotely. You will be away from your regular desk but not from work. You can travel distant than traditional holidays because you are getting the salary.

The transformation of working style

The pandemic has shaken the world with its devastating and traumatic incidents. But one way it has opened new possibilities with updated technological options which enabled all the employees to carry out their official jobs from home. MS teams, Basecamp, Asana, Slack and Zoom, are the platforms to help the job holders perform their duties almost anywhere in the world. But the only requirement is to have an internet connection with a wide range of wifi connectivity. Lanternstay has excellent, superfast wifi connectivity across all the camping areas and the resort areas. Super connectivity is key to the employees to execute the targets before the deadlines allotted by the companies. Companies don’t give two hoots if the work is done.

Restore the lost vigour in Wayanad

Suppose you feel like you have stuck up at the point where there is no more growth. You cannot find the reason behind this; maybe the same old ways of finding solutions or monotonous job procedures could be the reason. Want to restore some energy which you had undergone during the initial working days in your company. Lanternstay can provide you with the exceptional scenery of mother earth in the deep interiors of the forest. This type of scenario can restore the lost vigor and install the new life patterns which can enteral you.

Be an expressive artist

If you are an upcoming writer or an artist who wants to generate some fresh thoughts, Lanternstay provides a great stay to you. Here we offer a suitable environment. In nature’s lap of God’s own country, you can find a fantastic breeze that carries the flavours of creative juices. The output you generate would be absolutely a well-carved masterpiece. When you enjoy the surroundings with the heart of emotions, the creative samples will surprise you. Experience this revitalised enthusiasm in our resort. You can overcome the mental block which is longstanding between you and your goal. The evoked inner peace can make you think out of the box.

Lifetime memories to cherish

The time you want to dedicate to the work during the stay at our resort will be undisturbed. But the remaining time will give you some lifetime and life-changing moments, which you cannot expect during the regular days you work at your home. The forest camping, jeep trekking, indoor and outdoor gaming facilities, time at bonfire are moments you treasure forever.

Embrace the nature

A regular employee always gets frustrated by jostling himself/herself for a stressful commute daily. In the process of workation, you can avoid travelling through the city’s busy roads that primarily impact productivity positively. We are dissociated with the beautiful nature during the regular days of work at home or office. Opting for a workation will keep you intertwined with nature. The fixed concrete walls can confine you to the limits killing the innovation. Watching the loops unfolding in nature can reveal the inner potential which can strengthen the company.

Break the routine

According to the study carried out by Stanford economist says that an employee who works remotely will be more productive. Breaking the routine and being away from the routine work desk will always positively impact the employee’s efficacy. Taking workation would help an individual to break the regular pattern. Sometimes even employer’s can also plan workation for the employees. In workation settings, teams would have a better option to know one other beyond the works. The strengthened bonds between employees enable them to work efficiently in a group. In the green scenery of the Wayanad, you will be surprised to know the fellow employees beyond the office.

Delicious food from the wild varieties

Lanternstay provides delicious food throughout your stay at Wayanad. We make food from the wild varieties we obtain in the jungles of Wayanad. The diet you enjoy during the visit will also act in revitalising the health and energy in you.

Workation benefits both the organisation and the employee. It gives recreation and health to the employee without losing productivity. It increases work quality and team bonding helping the organisation. The organisation that allowed workation is observed to have a higher employee retention rate.

Best resort in Wayanad for family

Resorts in Wayanad for Family

Lanternstay one of the best forest resorts in Wayanad is set in the serene location of Meppadi in Wayanad. The Resorts in Wayanad for Family and groups is surrounded by dense and exotic woods from all angles. The resort rests in the lap of tranquil nature and is an exemplary getaway from metropolitan life and provides serene views and encompass the elements of a picturesque landscape. It is an adventure resort that grants mesmerizing views of nature, wildlife, and plantation. Wayanad is a land of stories that spans centuries. Its vivid and illustriously rich heritage and history make the visit worthwhile.

This jungle resort is a distinct blend of grace and indulgence. With its fascinating flora and fauna that reinvigorates the atmosphere, the resort has luxurious rooms and facilities that include a three side open eatery with a wooden deck. Wayanad is known for its diverse natural bounties as well as man-made wonders that is enough to feed the curious nature travellers.

Family Vacation

Vacation is always the best time for the children. They share the stories and memories of the adventures throughout life. The picturesqueness of the beauty of the sceneries visited gets imprinted on the screen of the childhood timeline. We hope you try to make your family’s vacation a planned and memorable one. We help you to make an indelible impression on the hearts of your kids. Once you take a trip down memory lane, we are sure that the family holidays spent will be the best days which give a sense of togetherness and joy.

So instead of giving the costliest toy or video game to the kids, take them on a family vacation like new adventures and trips. Children experience all-round development because of family vacations. Planning a vacation is a primary step in the process. If you are ready to spend the holidays with your family, you need to choose the best resort in wayanad for family with all the necessary amenities to accommodate your lovedone safely. Your family holidays are precious, and you need to ensure that everyone would have a blast.

Why Wayanad?

resort in wayanad for families

At Lanternstay, we proudly say that resort in Wayanad in Kerala is one of the most chosen destinies for families to spend their holidays. The area is full of adventures like camping and trekking trails. Wayanad is full of natural scenic beauties filled with breathtaking waterfalls, birdwatching sites, caves, flora fauna and many more amazing magnificent sights. Here people are excited to buy exotic products like spices, tea, coffee, herbal plants, honey and bamboo products. Kanthanpara waterfalls is a special eye feast for visitors to the area. Karapuzha dam allures the tourists with its staggering beauty. Pookode and Karlad Lakes, with captivating grandeur, stood as one of the top tourist spots of Wayanad. Cheengari adventure centre is the best place for you if you are an adventure seeker. Edakkal Caves are two natural caves formed by splitting a big rock. The carvings inside the cave are remarkable artistry.

How to choose the best family resort in Wayanad?
  • Suggestion from Friends

We trust the word from our friends and relatives. Their experiences matter the most. Ask for the inclusive resort so that you no need to worry about further costs. Inclusive resorts offer a stay, unlimited food, snacks, entertainment and activities. Our friends say all the pros and cons and the general pricing of the resort they stayed in.

  • The repeat guest rate should be high

If the customer satisfaction has to be scaled, it can be evaluated by the rate of repeated guests to the resort. If the family is choosing the same resort, again and again, to stay and have fun, it is a sign that the resort is offering fantastic service to the tourists. You can ask the agent for a resort that has a high repeating guest rate.

  • Entertainment and Activities

If you plan a family holiday, then the kids can’t stay still for even 10min. Children must be entertained all day. The best way to make your children happy is by choosing an inclusive resort. The inclusive resort in Wayanad has plenty of beautiful activities like camping, jeep trekking, bird watching, bonfire etc.

The resort must design a fantastic entertainment module exclusively for the children and couple. At Lanternstay, children can have a party at a bonfire under the stary night’s sky. The stay at a resort must take the happiness of the children to the next level.

  • Learning new stuff

These family holidays are not meant only for entertainment and passing the time. Parents want their kids to learn something new, and they wanted the children to know the wonders of mother nature.

Wayanad gives a plethora of chances to explore the scenic beauty of mother nature. The thrills of bird watching can never be underestimated. The waterfalls can fill the children’s soul with new energy and ignite creativity in children. The flora and fauna kids experience in the hills of Wayanad can make them realise the fact that how wonderful nature around us is!

  • Food

For children, food is everything. They won’t even take a morsel if the taste doesn’t satisfy them. Lanternstay prepares the food with local wild varieties of the food, making it exceptionally tasty, which the kids have never experienced before. The food must be kid-friendly. The food at Lanternstay is the convergence of picky eating, healthy eating and tasty eating.

  • Is the money proportional to the amenities?

Finally, the cost must be proportional to the amenities. The family vacation must be pocket friendly to plan. You must know the rates before entering the resort. Know that how many kids can be allowed per adult freely? From young kids to teenagers, children of all ages should have all the amenities for them to enjoy and spend time freely.

  • Safety and Health

The primary concern of the parents during the holiday trips is the health and safety of the children. The water and space around must be hygienic to ensure the safety and good health of the guests. There must be a health care centre in the resort if any emergency arises for the family staying there.

The above said measures could surely help you to choose a perfect resort for the family vacation. We at Lanternstay take complete care of the guests and ensure their stay at the resort is fruitful.

What awaits you at Lanternstay?

The resort is carefully crafted, keeping in mind that it is not at the expense of disturbing the scenic beauty of the surrounding area. Staying true to the concept of an eco-friendly Forest Resort, Lanternstay is a place where the raw beauty of nature blends with the luxury of a resort while staying true to the preservation of natural beauty.

Types of rooms:
  • Suites

The Suites offer comfortable and spacious rooms with a balcony that opens up to and a breathtakingly picturesque view of the stream and lush green valley. The open bathroom is equipped with a garden and a fireplace that boasts of the traditional Kerala construction with tile roofing and red oxide flooring. The rooms are sketched for a comfortable and luxurious experience and are furnished with state-of-the-art amenities to fulfil the most satisfying experience while being in the lap of nature.

Suits in Lanternstay

  • TreeHouse

The wooden treehouse overlooking the stream above the canopy of lush greens is an excellent station for a romantic getaway. With its unique wooden panelling floor and attached bathroom with all basic amenities, you get to enjoy the panoramic view of nature at its core while staying afloat.

Treehouse in Lanternstay

  • Wooden Cottage

Exotic cottages amidst the serene, charming, and luxurious yet idyllic setting is how we can describe the wooden cottages. It is an absolute nature retreat to help us repose and unwind. The exotic wooden cottages are crafted in vintage Kerala style including a reading space in the deck to enjoy a hot cup of tea in the misty mornings and catch up with a good book post-lunch. The attached bathroom with all basic amenities lets you have a cosy stay while drifting off in a different mood.

Wooden Cottage in Lanternstay

  • Villa

Enjoy the tranquil view of the valley from the spacious balcony which is the highlight of the Villa. The room is designed to be an ideal space for a small family. It is equipped with a living area, a bedroom, a kitchenette with dining space, and an attached bathroom with all basic amenities. It provides an Ideal Forest home feeling for the small family planning to spend their vacation together. The curious ones among the crowd, the little kids of the family, who wish to explore the forest in a safe and friendly environment where they are guided by experts, the Lanternstay villa is the most suitable choice. Because the spacious villa that is placed in an ideal spot within the lush greens allows you to make the most of it while spending an ideal time together with your family.

Villas in Lanternstay


There are various guided activities provided at the resort to indulge yourself in which includes:

  • Guided Trekking

Enjoy the unique natural beauty with guided walks in the vast expanse of the surrounding forest. The trek to Chembra peak is one of a kind experience that is bound to stay in your memories as one of the highlights of the trip. The tribal village visit is yet another attraction of the whole trip where you get to experience a guided cookery class along with guided walks and bird watching.

  • Forest Camping

When it is said that to enjoy Wayanad to its best, opt for forest camping, it is never an exaggeration. The panoramic view of dense green forest and a hazy mountain on either side is a sight to live for. Laying under the starry sky, breathing the purest of air, enjoying the campfire, having mindful conversations and touch nature in its pure self.

  • Plantation Tour(cardamom, pepper, coffee)

Wayanad can undoubtedly be categorised as nature’s beautiful medley with its soothing climate, dense forests, spice, tea and coffee plantations, and enchanting waterfalls. Enjoy the unique experience of visiting the plantations to see how the spices are harvested.

  • Badminton court
  • Indoor games
  • Bonfire

Night camping can never be deemed complete without a Bonfire. With stars raining its shine down, accompanied by a group of friends and family while enjoying the tranquillity leads us on with the feeling of being close to nature.

  • Early Morning Trek to Catch a Glimpse of Deer and Even Elephants

Wayanad often dubbed as ‘green paradise’, is undoubtedly captivating poetry of nature. The liberating experience of taking in the beautiful landscape while standing over the balcony is such an instance where a camera lens would not be able to do justice to the memory that is getting etched in your mind.

At Lanternstay, our aim is to extend an upstanding experience to help you enjoy the beauty of Wayanad that is mostly left untouched. The uniquely attractive variety of nature getaways of Wayanad includes Pookkode Lake, Edakkal caves, Banasura Sagar dam and hill, Kuruva dweep – the river island, Wayanad wildlife sanctuary, Meenmutty waterfalls, Phantom rock, Chembra peak, Pakshipathalam bird sanctuary and the list goes on.

Like its picturesque appeal and vivid local culture, the proposed place of accommodation plays an essential part in getting the best of the entire tour. The Jungle resorts in Wayanad offer fabulous accommodation, marvellous views, and not to mention authentic regional cuisine. You can choose from a Treehouse to a camping site to stay as per your taste to make your vacation flawless and memorable.

budget resort in wayanad

A journey to the best budget resort in Wayanad

As we all know, health is of utmost important as compared to wealth. In these trying times of covid, when everyone is stuck in a lockdown or an isolated state, Wayanad comes to your rescue. If you have been thinking of an outing lately, visiting Wayanad can prove to be a worthy choice.

Lantern Stay would be the best and the most feasible budget resort In Wayanad. It provides you with a serene atmosphere and allows you to enjoy the scenic beauty and delve into the realms of the natural charismatic charm of the place.

Forest resort - Laternstay Resort in Wayanad, Kerala

Why does one need to move out and explore new places?

In these challenging times of pandemic, dealing with quarantine, lockdown, isolation has become arduous. Moving out and exploring Mother Nature is the only respite by maintaining all the required protocols. All you need to do is ensure social distancing, wearing masks, and sanitization. Our mental balance has shifted dramatically and needs to be taken care of. Visiting Wayanad and Lantern Stay resort can help you regain your mental balance and fill you with delight. It is the most recommended resort by most of the visitors.

This visit will be one of the most memorable times of your life. So why wait and waste a single moment? You can directly pick up your phone and make an online booking of the resort with just a single click of the button. You can either WhatsApp or call them directly. They are available in all forms.

What are the activities provided by the Lantern Stay resort?

Some of the most common facilities provided by them are:

  1. Trekking along with the guide both on-road as well as off-road drive.
  2. They provide you with forest campaigning by trained professionals who promote nature tourism in the whole of Wayanad.
  3. Indoor and outdoor games like badminton, chess, table tennis, etc., are available.
  4. Late-night Bonfire
  5. Sight-seeing of various birds, deer, and elephants in the nearest areas is offered.
  6. A small plantation tour and guide, especially for cardamom, coffee, and pepper, is available here.
What type of food is served here?

The food served here is non-pareil. They serve you typical ethnic Kerala cuisine. It comes straight from grandma’s recipes, leaving you to crave for more and more. They provide you with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines. It is cooked in an earthen vessel and lighted by firewood, which adds richness, making it enticing and delectable. They even offer you a barbeque if you ask them. The restaurant is a three-sided open place with a wooden deck that makes you feel nature more intimately. It can prove to be the most affordable budget accommodation In wayanad.

How does Lantern Stay refresh you in the hazy and misty?

Lantern Stay resort is covered with hazy and misty sprinkles all around it. It is coated with muzzles, making it a breath-taking experience for all their visitors.  The view is overwhelming and leaves you stunned. This place is entirely a refreshing site that refreshes your body, mind, and soul. They serve you with utmost kindness.

Why should one choose this resort over other resorts?

Lantern Stay resort is listed as one of the best budget accommodation In wayanad. They provide you with all the required amenities at a reasonable price. The best part of this place is the commotion-free and peaceful ambiance. It will help you connect with nature a whole lot better. You would find greenery all around the resort, which allows you to breathe in pure air. The extensive beauty of the scenic spot makes it worth visiting once in a lifetime. They ensure proper sanitization of the property beforehand to keep a check on the visitor’s health. They do not compromise the safety of their visitors and their hospitality.

A visit to budget accommodation In wayanad, which is none other than Lantern Stay resort, is a must for all people. It is located in a friendly location which makes it easy to travel. It is an excellent way to take a small break from your work and knit a memorable moment of your life. To remove stress and havoc from your life, Lantern Stay can help you do that with beautiful and harmonious sounds of chirping birds and the smooth breeze of the air.

Honeymoon resortin wayanad

Are you searching for the best honeymoon packages to wayanad?

Make Your Moments More Admirable, The Best Romantic Resort In The Heart Of Wayanad

Wayanad, the land with exotic landscape and exquisite climate is a tempting spot for all of us. What makes it more beautiful and elegant?. Genuinely it’s the calm and noise-free ambiance of the place. Wrapped with plantations and streams, LanternStay extends agape for all nature preachers to enjoy the elegancy of Wayanad. With years of experience, we are enriching our property into a paradise of serenity. And we are sure that, we can create your moments into more reposeful with the best honeymoon packages to wayanad.

As aforementioned, Wayanad is a nourishing place for everyone. The locale, landscape, misty climate, and serenity are more suitable and appropriate for a honeymoon. The topography will nourish your memory into delightful. Wayanad exposes a blend of natural or scenic beauty and a misty hushed climate. The hectic furies and sounds, the heaps of dust, the urban rush are completely devoid in LanternStay (one of the best resorts in Wayanad for honeymoon). It is situated in the midst of the forest, and that will provide you a complete pace of privacy.

honeymoon packages to wayanad

Through smelling soil, knowing trees, and merging with nature you can experience another level of peace. The aroma of cardamom plantations, the cluttering of streams, and the walk through the forest will be a relishing experience to your mind. Through affordable and premier luxury LanternStay stand with the best honeymoon packages in Wayanad. Our destination is highly blended with environmental and natural resources. We strive our maximum for creating new stories with the touch of pure tranquility and happiness.

The rustic atmosphere rejuvenates your mind and soul into a new feeling. For making your moments more special and beautiful, there is a necessity for privacy and elegance. LanternStay provides exquisite favors and we always enrich your story into another realm. Spread across the forest and wreathed by mountains, LanternStay is a visual treat and a comfort zone for all backpackers. With an altitude of more than 3000, the land remains as a piece of heaven on earth. With unparalleled luxury and exceptional peace and quietness, LanternStay is the right choice for every honeymoon packers.

We extend a romantic prominence for the newlywed people. Our experience makes us more confident to create beauty from nature. Every relationship needs proper bondage and nourishments of love. For the newlywed, it is the starting of a beautiful long-lasting journey. For making it more gratifying there is a  need for a beautiful starting. The time in the midst of the forest, starry nights, peaceful ambiance, serene moments will foster your kindling of moments. The time will be engraved in your life as a special jiff.

LanternStay is a leading honeymoon packer in Wayanad with years of virtuous experience. For weaving your life and moment, we open our hatchway for all newlyweds. You can find peace and tranquility in the midst of the forest pampered with wild streams and birds. Through the nourishing aroma of plantations, beautiful balconies pursuing stary nights, misty and moody climate enhance and enrich your moments into more admirable moments.

We invite you to try the exquisite nourishing of Wayanad. Fabricate your own love story with us.

Resorts in wayanad

Wayanad: The Extensive Scenic Spot to Explore 

Wayanad is always praised for its natural landscape and extensive scenic beauty. The misty ambiance, the aroma of spices, the cluttering sound of streams foster its beauty into another level. As a land enriched with cultural heritage, it has had concealed stories of chivalry and history. Wayanad welcomes all the nature lovers and backpackers to enjoy her blissful climate and picturesque. LanternStay is situated at the heart of Wayanad, and our area is extended in her nature’s lap

Every season possesses its own beauty and vibe. The summer season is an enjoyable time to have a ramble around the destinations of Wayanad. The fainted sunlight in the morning, the tea plantations, and even the air of Wayanad bring a new experience of refreshments.

LanaternStay is located midway to all the tourist attractions of Wayanad. Chembra peak and Pookode lake is the all-time attraction of Wayanad. The morning bliss in the Chembra peak is unparalleled.

chembra wayanad

As the exotic lush spot of Kerala, Wayanad behold all kinds of beauty. As aforementioned, the culture and heritage of Wayanad are engraved in Edakkal caves. Edakkal caves stand out as an epitome of historical reminiscence. Another major attraction is rafting through Kuruva Island. The island is surrounded by the tributaries of the Kabini river and sheathed with spectacular scenic images. The rafting in bamboo will be a fresh experience for your whole life.

edakkal cave wayanad

Banasura Sagar Dam is also a highlight which focuses on architectural perfection. Yes, it is the first dam that is completely made of sand, and the sobriquet is the earthen dam. Neelimala view point and Wayanad wildlife sanctuary are also enlisted in the list of places to cover. Enriched with this much beauty, LanternStay always enumerates its scenic and aesthetic qualities through hill stays, tent camping, and so on. Forest camping in Wayanad opens the hatchway of adventure and has a chance for enjoying starry nights.

Banasura Dam Wayanad

Other than these, Wayanad is blessed with so many waterfalls including Soochipara and Meenmutty. Bathing in these waterfalls will give a revitalizing experience in summer.

LanternStay ushers a bounty delight of forest camping and tent camping. We are always ready to embrace you, the forest is calling to feel the sunlit summer.

How to Stay Safe at All-Inclusive Resorts During the Pandemic ?

How to Stay Safe at All-Inclusive Resorts During the Pandemic ?

Traveling amidst a pandemic situation includes risks. But, while considering the mental health of people, lockdowns and isolation created a trench of trauma. The best medicine to recover from this distress is traveling. It fills your heart with glee and fosters your inner happiness. Staying safe during a contiguous disease includes the possibility of being sick or any other threats. How to Stay Safe at All-Inclusive Resorts During the Pandemic is a  genuine question and that should be resolved through proper resolutions.

Every traveler should be aware of the situation. The primary concern should be given to the cleanliness and personal hygiene. Personal hygiene is also important, and it can be assessed as the duty of every person. For keeping our surroundings neat and clean personal hygiene should be nourished. All-inclusive resorts should be well sanitized and have to properly follow Covid protocols regularised by government authorities.

Safety is the prior factor and travelers should analyze the sanitation activities of hotels and resorts, and make sure about their comfort. A safer ambiance always increases comfort and peace of mind. The pandemic scenario bears a huge discomfort for every person, particularly for travelers. The general policies of the resorts should be checked by clients (travelers) and make certain whether it contains proper following of sanitation and other disinfecting activities.

Rainforest resorts in Kerala always welcome nature preachers without any time constraints. As we know nature is a soothing companion for all kinds of mental distractions. Even so, the situation is troublesome and the host has to take more focus on safety. By maintaining a proper check-in process resorts can keep up social distancing to a greater extent. By collecting details, giving proper safety suggestions, and eliminating touch-handed materials resorts can ensure genuine safety measures.

LanternStay, a rainforest resort is a major attraction in Wayanad. As per the conditions and norms of Kerala tourism we provide spotless anchoring on safety. Through proper disinfection, Online check-in and strategic accommodating of travelers set the seal on Covid protocols. Tourism in Kerala welcomes all kinds of travelers to enjoy the aesthetic beauty.

LanternStay welcomes all travelers into a splendid sight of scenic beauty with unparalleled safety and comfort. We are here for you, Stay Safe with Us!

honeymoon cottages

Refresh Yourself in the Misty

Are you getting tired of the havocs of work from home scenes and heaps of files?. LanternStay will be a refreshing sheath for you. Amidst Wayanad, our property is covered and coated with the misty drizzling. For exploring the scenic beauty and natural flavours of Wayanad, LanternStay agape its hatches for you. With splendid foods, cost-effective charges, nature preachers can thoroughly enjoy the treehouse at Wayanad.

Kerala is entitled as God’s own country for its soothing greenery and mind blowing landscape. Wayanad is an eloquent landscape furnished with different flora and fauna and rich in valleys. The landscape of this place enhances mental happiness through nature preaching. The havoc, stress and loads of work schedule can be removed and vanished by the chirping and melodies sounds of birds.

The valleys and peaks of Wayanad are enriched with plantations and thick woods. The shades of forest will be a soothing experience for forest camping. Treehouse experience will lead people into another level of bliss that will enlighten their mental happiness. Honeymoon cottages in the misty ambience will be a pleasing and tranquilizing experience for couples. We welcome you into a misty world of happiness and peace.

For knitting an eternal memory, forest camping in kerala is a greater and preferable option. For rejuvenating physical and mental glee, nature leads a vital role. The sceneries, landscapes, ambience, chirping of birds generate happiness and it creates a soothing experience. By replacing the stress of work loads, you can fill your mind with tranquility.

We are aware of the situation. The pandemic scenes are concerning and we are equipped as a whole by taking proper precautions. The proper and accurate sanitization of our property is effectively done by our team, we are conscious about you. We didn’t take risks on our benefactors’ health and we don’t compromise on our hospitality.

LanternStay proffers exclusive memories for our travelers, take a break from heap of work, you need it.

Enjoy the eternal vibes of Wayanad


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