LanternStay – A walk with nature.

Living in a busy and tedious world is extremely stressful. We, at times, wish to run away from this hectic life schedule to find inner peace. The alluring magnificence of nature has always driven everyone close to it. Being with nature has several benefits to our life. Nature has proven its magical power in healing mental and physical pain for ages. Nature lovers would always find some time to spend with nature. Irrespective of nature lovers, nowadays everyone is trying to find some time out of the polluted urban life and stay in a place of serenity.

Kerala, being God’s own country, has always been loved by tourists across the globe. Because of the lush greenery, the sparkling backwaters and many more beautifying factors it possesses, Kerala is said to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. Millions of tourists are flooded to Kerala every year for various reasons. Be it in beauty or in tradition, Kerala has a unique touch in everything it perceives.

Kerala is so filled with natural beauty that it is a must-visit place for the nature lovers. In particular, Wayanad district is best known for its mesmerizing greenery. Wayanad is known as the green paradise of Kerala. Wayanad lies in between the mountains of Western Ghats. Being a popular tourist destination, Wayanad is an amalgam of adventure and peace. Numerous attractions like Chembra peak, Edakkal caves, Lakkidi, Kuruva island, Banasura Sagar dam, Pookode lake, and many more make Wayanad the Green paradise of Kerala.
Be it summer or winter, forests always possess cool weather. Several benefits are attached to staying in a forest. Firstly, you will be surrounded by fresh air. Unpolluted air is far from reality in the urbanized cities. No word can explain the feeling of breathing fresh air unless you breathe it. Secondly, if you really want to get reconnected to your inner self, the forest is the best place where your soul will get refreshed and re-energized. You will have a peaceful mind and soul which can help you become more creative and productive. Lastly, forest stay helps you heal the physical and mental pain. The everyday stress and depressions will be washed out by the tranquility of the forest.
Lantern stay is one of the most loved resorts in Wayanad among the tourists. Lantern stay is situated a few kilometers away from Meppadi. Being a top-notch resort of Wayanad, the facilities and services provided at Lantern stay are well spoken by the guest. What makes Lantern stay different is the way the guests are treated as well as the ever cherishing moments they attain during their stay. Lantern stay resort is situated deep within a forest, which is 6km away from any mechanized honks to be heard. The warmth and serenity of nature are captivated to its fullest with the stay at Lantern stay. Lantern stay resort provides three variants of adobes such as tree house, villa, and wooden cottages. Each of these adobes has its own unique experience while staying. Staying in a treehouse provides ultimate privacy to the guests. It feels like a home away from home where you can deeply connect with every essence of nature. One the other hand staying in a villa or wooden cottage also provides privacy along with all the luxury amenities without drenching the tenderness of nature.

Situated deep within a forest, Lantern stay is a fusion of adventure and peace. Be it an adventure seeker or a peace lover, Lantern stay will have a hand full of activities to keep you activated. For the adventure seekers, it would be a breathtaking experience to trek at the Chembra peak and the stay at Elimbilery. For the serenity seekers, the smell of exotic cardamom plantations, the music of chirping birds, and the wind that blew fresh air would be a mesmerizing experience. Apart from the stay, the authentic Kerala cuisine served at the resort is utterly delicious which is sure to tickle your taste buds. No matter what, once a visitor at Lantern stay would never suggest any other resort to stay in Wayanad. The hospitality and the quality of services provided at Lantern stay to make it the best forest resort in Wayanad.

John Muir, the mountaineer’s words say that in every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. It is so true that being connected to nature can help you find inner meanings to life. Being with nature will help you overcome your fears, stress, and dilemmas and fills your mind and soul with the freshness of nature. Come, have a walk with nature and cherish your senses with the ultimate purity.

wildlife resort in Wayanad, Kerala

Lanternstay: The perfect gateway for nature lovers

The love for nature has always been a choice to escape from the frantic urban life. The hectic work schedule and the over polluted environment have drawn nature lovers to places that connect them to the purity of nature. The god’s own country, Kerala, is abundantly blessed with its natural beauty. The lush and exotic greenery, the serene backwaters, the scenic beauty of tea estates etc. adds to the beauty of Kerala. Though every district in Kerala has touristic attractions, Wayanad stands a bit different among them. The reason behind is that urbanization has barely touched the city so far.

Wayanad is prominent for Eco-tourism. Nature lovers always had Wayanad as a choice in their bucket list.  Banasura sagar dam, Chembara peak, Kuruva Island, Edakkal caves, Pookodu Lake, Neelimala view point etc. are a few tourist spots at Wayanad. Though Wayanad is filled with resorts to attract tourists, Lantern stay has been on top notch among the travelers. Because of the quality of service provided and the exposure to adventure and peace makes them different among others. Once a visitor at Lanternstay would never go for any other choice. The activities at Lanternstay are equally attracted by both adventure and peace lovers. The closeness to nature it provides enhances the beauty of Lanternstay.  A perfect blend of beauty, serenity and wilderness makes Lanternstay the best resort in Wayanad. Lantern stay is situated a few kilometers from Meppadi. Being situated at the heart of a forest, Lanternstay provides an exquisite experience of tranquility.

Activities at Lanternstay

Be an adventurer or peace lover, Lanternstay has a handful of activities to satisfy your inner self. The sublime view of the tea estate and the off road safari from Meppadi marks the beginning of activities at Lanternstay. For the seekers of adventures, trekking at Chembara peak and the stay at Elimbilery would be a breathtaking experience. At the same time if the travel intention is to get closely connected to the calmness of nature, the exotic wind from the cardamom plantation and the music of the chirping birds will soothe your soul. Staying in a dense forest may seem intimidating, but the mesmerizing feeling to lay in nature’s cradle is beyond expectations.

Services at Lanternstay

The hospitality at lantern stay is well spoken by the visitors. The quality of service provided has attracted the visitors to come over again and again. A variety of staying options are available at Lanternstay. You can choose to stay at a suite, tree house, villa or a wooden cottage which can serve you with a unique staying experience. If you are on a honeymoon, the stay at Lanternstay is sure to provide a memorable experience to cherish lifelong. The open restaurant at Lanternstay serves a wide variety of delicious authentic Kerala cuisines that tantalizes your taste buds.

Lanternstay has been chosen as the best jungle resort among the travelers over years. The mesmerizing experience amidst the forest is heart-warming for the visitors. If you are seeking to breathe the purest of air, to touch the cleanest of water and to feel nature to its wholeness, then Lanternstay would be the perfect choice. It would be a lifetime experience of indelible moments.

Jungle Resort-Adventure in Laternstay Resort Wayanad

Lanternstay: The hidden magnificence of Wayanad

We are in a race to achieve wealth. We believe that being wealthy, in terms of money, is everything in life. But  does that really make sense when all that matters are a happy and peaceful life? While living a hectic life, we always try doing something which makes us happy and stress free. Nature lovers would obviously choose to run off from the urbanized cities and spend some time in a serene and tranquil place to feel the utmost beauty of nature.

Being close to nature has a significant impact on mental and physical well being. Science has proved that nature can heal you emotionally as well as physically. It not only helps to reduce stress but also to maintain the blood pressure, heart rate etc. under control. It also helps in soothing pain to a great extent. Studies also say that nature helps to connect each other and with the whole world.

The God’s own country, Kerala is well known for its mesmerizing natural beauty. Filled with greenery and fresh air, nature’s favorite child has always been on top of the bucket list of tourists. The lush and exotic greenery, the serene backwaters and tea plantations are exceptionally appealing sights for the tourists who have a primary intention of getting close to the nature.

Hidden magnificence of wayanad for nature lovers

Though every district in Kerala has their own touristic attentions, Wayanad is always close to heart for nature lovers because of its exquisite aesthetic view. Wayanad is a total nature package for all kinds of nature loving travelers. If you are an admirer of the serenity of water then Banasura dam, Pookode lake and Kuruva island would be the best choice. On the other hand, if you are an adventurous person then a trek to Chembra peak offers a breathtaking experience. Muthanga wildlife sanctuary and Edakkal caves are the other areas of tourist attractions at Wayanad.


From the very beginning of Eco-tourism in Wayanad, Lantern stay has marked a special place among avid nature lovers. Lanternstay is a jungle resort situated a few kilometers away from Meppadi. Amidst the usual scenic beauty, what makes Lanternstay different is the hand in hand exposure to adventure and peace. Though staying in the middle of forest is quite terrifying, the wild animals have always kept a distance from the resort. If you want to explore nature to its extreme, then Lanternstay would be the best possible choice.

To do lists at Lanternstay

Lanternstay offers a wide variety of activities for their guests. Starting off from Meppadi, the travel to the resort itself would make a wonderful experience with a halfway travel through the tea plantation and then a halfway off road safari. If you are an adventure lover, then you can enjoy the breathtaking experience of trekking at Chembra peak. On the other hand, you can also spend some quiet time just listening to the chirping sounds of birds and those of waterfall waterfalls staying at tree houses and take a brisk walk through the cardamom estate. Lanternstay is a perfect place for bird watchers too.

Facilities at Lanternstay 

Lanternstay is the finest forest resort in Wayanad. The facilities provided by Lanternstay makes it a most loved resort among the travelers. First and foremost, you will be carried from Meppadi to the Resort. You can choose to stay at any of the four different stay option such as suites, tree houses, wooden cottage and villas. The restaurant with in will serves you with the ethnic tastes of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Badminton courts, indoor games and bonfire are the added features of Lanternstay. Hospitality at lantern stay is well praised by the valuable customers. In a nutshell, the stay at Lanternstay would give you a unique mental and physical experience.

As an end note, if you are boozed up with the tedious work life or feeling a down time in life or in a mood to challenge your fears, then pack your bags up, nature is calling you. Feeling the real essence of nature can help you heal all your physical and mental pains as well as to connect more to your inner selves and find a new meaning to life. Get to discover yourselves and attain inner peace along with a hand full of adventures with the Lanternstay. Spending some quality time with nature can give a lifetime cherishing experience for you and your loved ones.

The interesting activities which are attractive in Wayanad during summer

As we all know Wayanad is a popular holiday destination in Kerala as it includes breathtaking views, charismatic valleys, highest mountains, secret caves, mysterious trails, and many more. This place gives a feel like heaven with attractive greenery. And it looks best during summer because this is the time when you see the place at its fullest without fog. Usually, the summer season starts in October and ends up in May. Tourists flow to this place to enjoy the attractive activities in Wayanad during summer. During this time, you can explore the place, go boating, and picnic. You can also embark on your journey to the most beautiful lakes, hills, and wildlife. Some of the best places to visit during the summer are:

Neelimala View Point

Neelimala hills include lush green mountains with blue clouds floating all over. It gives a mystic view and thus it is the best place for photography. This is a must-visit place in Wayanad as it wonders you with the charismatic beauty of nature. You will feel like you are flowing in the air.

Pookode Lake

If you want to have some fun and happy moments, then you can head to Pookode Lake for boating. Along with boating, you can also enjoy bird watching. It’s better to hire a pedal boat as you can enjoy with your loved ones. Children’s parks, shops, and aquariums can be also found near the lake.

Camping on the hill

If you are interested in camping, then you have to book the place before someone takes it. You can add music, dance, and campfire to get a perfect feeling of camping. Tents can be used for staying during camping. When you camp in the hills you will feel like you are in the topmost region. You can relax your mind by gazing up at the sky.

Treehouse Stay

Staying in the treehouses is just like staying in the lap of nature. Instead of staying in hotels, you can choose treehouse stay which gives you a unique feeling. When you stay in a treehouse you can start your day with lovely scenery all around. You can wake up with the sound of birds chirping along with the sound of the gurgling waterfall. It just gives a heavenly view and it is sure that it will be your best morning in your entire life.

bird in Laternstay resort Wayanad

Why is LanternStay one of the best bird-watching spots in Wayanad?

Lanternstay is one of the best resorts in Wayanad. It is a unique jungle resort as it is situated in a deep forest. LanternStay provides suites, treehouses, wooden cottage, villa, and honeymoon packages. They provide high-class facilities and amenities inside each category of accommodations with the best room service.

Wayanad wildlife sanctuary extends to four ranges mainly Sulthan Bathery, Kuruchiat, Muthanga, and Tholpetty. Here you can find large varieties of wild animals like tigers, leopards, elephants, Indian bison, deer, etc. it is the second-largest wildlife sanctuary in Kerala. You can also see some unusual birds here. Thousands of varieties of birds are found in this sanctuary. Therefore it is known for the best sanctuary for bird watching. This sanctuary is bestowed with rare and endangered species of flora and fauna.LanternStay is the best place for birding and one of the best bird watching spots in Wayanad, Kerala. You can spot over 350 varieties of birds here.

As a result, you will get a mysterious and exciting feeling when you hear the chirping of the birds. Lanternstay is situated in the deep forest of Wayanad,Kerala’s green land. They allow travelers to enjoy the serene beauty of the green forest at its best view. Some of the rare birds which you can found in Lanternstay are Asian fairy bluebird, Nilgiri flycatcher, Coppersmith Barbet, oriental white-eye, Grey-fronted green pigeon, Scarlet Minivet, emerald dove, plum headed parakeets, Malabar grey hornbill, and many more.

Elimbileri, Kerala, India

Elimbilery! An aesthetic extravaganza

Wayanad have always been on the bucket list of travellers over years. With the advent of ecotourism there is a boom in the flow of international tourists to Wayanad. While the usual hiking stations are still on the list, a new one has taken the eyes of the travellers these days, Elimbilery estate. Elimbilery have already become a talk among the roamers by now. Elimbilery is a place situated a few kilometres away from Meppadi. The drive to Elimbilery is exciting enough through the meadows of tea estate for half the way and later on to an off road adventure. Elimbilery is a 900acres private estate managed by a group of nature lovers. They have put their heart and soul to preserve the serenity of the nature.

Into the wild!

Elimbilery would really be a treat from nature who would love to spend some time off from the monotonous city life. The scenic views of Chempara peak and the lakes flowing through the estate makes it an incredibly beautiful place to visit. The place is surrounded by forest making it quite adventurous too. Though within the forest, wild animals never made their way through the estate which makes it a safer place to hang out. If you wish to live a bit of how our ancestors lived then this would be the right choice.

Hand in hand with adventure and peace

Elimbilery would be an ideal spot for the adventure lovers. Hill trekking, stream hiking, forest walking, off road jeep safari and the list goes on. At the same time if you are in a mood to relax, u can enjoy the cold weather and campfire with music of nature. This makes Elimbilery one of the best destination to spent a weekend. A well spent weekend will give you a lifetime experience . You would be loved by every bit of Elimbilery, which serves the purest form of nature. If you love to touch, smell and feel the nature then pack up and move on. Elimbilery welcomes you with all its serenity to find your inner conscience.

Lanternstay resort

Lanternstay resort is one of the finest jungle resorts in Elimbilery. Be it for the adventure lovers or for the those who want to stay away from the tedious work schedule then this would be the right choice. The resort is located within the forest with all the necessary amenities .They provide adventurous activities and will guide you through the deepest of the forest. The splendid delicacies and the finest ambiance they provide will leave as the most memorable moments of your life.

Wayanad weather, Wayand monsoon

Exploring Wayanad during Monsoon

For visualizing and experiencing the natural beauty, rhythm of rain drops and feel the smell of soil in the monsoon season, choose ‘Wayanad’. Wayanad is one of the most preferred hill stations with cool highland climate in God’s own country and one of the best adventures place for all tourists. Wayanad gives indiscernible kind of happiness by its natural greener look and freshness of air. Monsoon showers will definitely catch your soul and gives a romantic feel that you will never forget. This time is the peerless vital attraction for young tourists, because they can create pleasant memories with smasher monsoon.

There are two types of monsoon season in Wayanad, one begins from June and ends in September another one is October to November. In Kerala, Wayanad records highest amount rain falls during monsoon. In last few years it is seen that self-driving tourists are becoming more popular in Kerala during monsoon. For all those self-driving tourists out there, Wayanad is the best destination for those who enjoy riding with a rainy mood. Backwaters besides the road is an amazing experience for adventures and relish the way to Wayanad. Wayanad is highlighted with the beauty of monsoon in Kerala, and the surroundings looks more greener ,it reminds the traditional nature of Kerala.

We have a special program called Splash happening Wayanad during monsoon season. It is a joint venture organized by Kerala Tourism, Government of Kerala and the Wayanad Tourism Organization, ‘splash’ is a highlight of monsoon season to showcase the numerous Tourist attractions and activities in wayanad.

Major attractions at monsoon in wayanad

If you want a soul-stirring monsoon vacation in Wayanad, then need to experiences some top attractions in Wayanad.

Pookode Lake

This is one of the best places to absorb the greenery in Wayanad during monsoon season. It is a natural freshwater lake and closer to the city centre. There are walking paths along with lake, with that you can simply enjoy the lush green foliage. Boating facilities also available here, so you can enjoy the different view point of pookode..

Banasura Sagar Dam

This is famous as the largest dam in India and the second largest earth dam in Asia and listed as the best place to visit in Wayanad. Monsoon season turns the place into a magical beauty sight.

Meenmutty Falls

This is renowned as the largest waterfall in Wayanad. There is a facility for trekking to the top of the falls. So you can cherish with amazing stunning scenery. Monsoon season is the best time to enjoying water falls because of the stronger flow.

Edakkal Caves

This cave is the most popular attraction for tourists. If you are brave enough to go up to the top of the cave, then you can explore the best panoramic view of mountains. During monsoon it becomes more attractive.

Karaapuzha Dam

It is also one of the largest earth dams in India, which is located in the greenish and natural region of Wayanad near Karapuzha river.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

After exploring the hill station, there is much more extra fun with wildlife sanctuary. It consists of a wide range of animals, birds, and can also enjoy the fresh forest breeze.

Where to stay to explore this natural monsoon beauty

When it comes to choosing a stay people often get confused, what to choose, where to choose. We can help you in deciding a perfect stay for you. According to one of the tourism surveys done among the tourists visiting Wayanad, most of them prefer staying in deep forests. According to the tourists, the most preferred resort is Lanternstay. They says Lanternstay is the best deep forest resort you can get in Wayanad.With this resort you can enjoy the magical monsoon beauty and wilderness of Wayanad with adventurous activities.Trekking all around the forest with rainy days is a way to enjoy the deep forest and a chance for climbing Chembra peak. This could be an ideal place for nature lovers, bird watchers. There is an opportunity to take pictures of all the variety of birds with the help of our forest guide.

Not just the wildlife trekking is making stay at Lanternstay memorable. It is the ideal place to escape from our busy fast paced life. How beautiful it is to have a cup of tea and a good book in hand,lying back on a planter’s chair on the veranda, overlooking plants and trees, with the rains splashing down on the roof? You can enjoy all these little things at Lanternstay that make you happy and keep you relaxed. Coming to the packages and rooms Lanternstay provide suits rooms, tree house, wooden cottages and villas. Lanternstay provides ideal honeymoon packages during this monsoon season. No doubt, Lanternstay is made for safe and its ambiance is highly romantic with a cool mood and relaxing experience for couples to enjoy their first days and can make all the days a precious one. The night journey to a dreamy world by abound all tensions and pressures, every couple needs this mood. Right? bonfire in this resort will surely make this amorous mood.

resort in Wayanad, Lanternstay

Exploring and staying in nature’s lap – Lanternstay Resort, Wayanad

Wayanad, the name its self is so fascinating. Though the name Wayanad literarily means Land of Paddy Fields, it has much more to enthrall you. That’s why Wayanad is known as the best-kept secret of Kerala tourism.  Wayanad is considered to be one of the exquisite hill stations in South India with its exotic landscapes and aesthetic locales. Unlike other hill stations in Kerala Wayanad is more of the wild in nature. Since intense and dense forests are contiguous to Mudumalai in Tamil Nadu and Bandipur in Karnataka, Wayanad has much more diverse attractions for you. If you are a gallivanter, Wayanad is the perfect destination for you as it offers adventurous trails, thrilling trekking, Bamboo rafting, wildlife sanctuaries and some of the most picturesque waterfalls.

The Call of the Wild: A weekend journey into tranquil greenery

Wayanad is considered to be the ideal weekend destination to escape from hustle and bustle of the city life.  It’s only a matter of five hour’s drive from Bangalore and you or on your way to explore your weekend in ethereal charm and aesthetic beauty of Wayanad. The deep forest resort Lanternstay, has perfect packages to full fill your weekend tour exploring wilderness of Wayanad. Lanternstay is marked itself as one of the finest jungle resorts in Wayanad and Kerala, offers Jeep trekking, guided trekking, plantation tours and bonfire to make your weekend tour a perfect one. Jeep Trekking through deep dense forest is going to be the best ever experience of your life. With the help of guides you will get to know the Wayanad forests in close. Herds of elephants and gaurs are a usual sight in the trail, but sometimes you may get the sight of big cats. At Lanternstay they have arranged everything to make your stay fun filled. You can play indoor games in the natures lap, a badminton court is arranged for you and more over there is fine restaurant serving exotic Kerala style foods. Though all the cuisines are available at the restaurant, Kerala spicy foods are mouth watering. In short Wayanad is the perfect weekend destination from Bangalore and other nearby states.

How About Honeymoon in Wilderness of Wayanad?

Honeymoon is wilderness seems little bit odd, right? Definitely it is the less taken option especially in India. Many people think honeymoon is all about romance, cozy treats and leisure moments. But honeymoons are the best time to explore a different culture and lifestyles of offbeat destinations as well. How interesting it is to get know more about your partner in the wilderness of Wayanad? Safari honeymoon is all for that couple who loves little bit adventure. With its unparalleled beauty and presence of national parks, Wayanad falls perfectly as the best destination for Safari honeymoons. Lanternstay, the best holiday resort in Wayanad is one resort provides safari honeymoon. The resort is located at Meppadi, the one of the place where high percentage rainfall recorded during monsoon. Lanternstay provides exclusive honeymoon cottages for couples. Special jungle drive for couples is truly a mesmerizing experience traveling through spectacle towering trees, listening to the chorus of chirping birds and romancing in the embrace of the woods.

Why Lanternstay?

Lanternstay is the best deep forest resort in Wayanad providing special packages for Safari Honeymoon and Weekend exploring. As per the feedbacks stay at Lanternstay has been pleasing for the guests. The facilities provided by the resort are making them the best holiday resort in Wayanad. Lanternstay has been rated top in the best holiday homes lists and jungle resort list in Wayanad by the visitors. The restaurant is close to the natures with its 3 sides are open, giving a feeling of being with nature.

Best time to visit Wayanad

Wayanad offers salubrious climate to its visitors. Weather in Wayanad consists of summer (March to May), southwest monsoon (June to September), northeast monsoon (October to November) and winter (December to February). Wayanad is the one of the districts in Kerala having highest percentage rainfall during monsoon season. During winter maximum temperature is 25°C only and minimum temperature lows up to 10°C.

As the Wayanad has become one of the must visit place among world tourism map, Lanternstay is the one of the first resort to start giving the real feel of the wilderness of Wayanad to its guests. With the improved services and new packages, Lanternstay is considered to be the best resort providing trekking in Wayanad and Kerala. Truly if you are a touristor traveling to Kerala, Wayanad is the best place to visit and Lanternstay is the Best resort to stay.

Jeep drive in Laternstay Resort Wayanad, Kerala

Reasons for you to visit Wayanad this weekend

Every once in a while you yearn to take a break from your daily grind of office workloads and the stresses of the professional and personal lives that is your routine. You may want to explore the uncharted over a weekend. Kerala, the most sought after tourist destination in the south of India has many places where you can take your well-deserved break. These include the beaches of Kovalam and Mararikulam, the backwaters of Alappuzha and Kumarakom and the hill stations of Munnar and Thekkady.

THE-DRIVE at Laternstay Resort Wayanad-Jeep drive

Wayanad, a destination that charms everyone

One easily accessible place in Kerala for spending a weekend of enjoyment and exploration is Wayanad, the ghat district in northern Kerala. The place is only a four-hour drive from Bengaluru, the Indian metropolis and IT capital. The drive in itself is an experience you will never forget as you meander through the lush green forests of Bandipur, regularly spotting wildlife of the rarest kind lazily grazing by the roadside. Wayanad is a year-round destination, from very cool climes during the winter, bright and sunny with occasional showers during the summer and all wet and green during the monsoon. So you can choose Wayanad for your well earned weekend break at any time you feel like taking it.

Activities you can indulge during your stay in Wayanad

Once in Wayanad, there are a variety of activities you can do to relax and rejuvenate. The key to an enjoyable weekend outing in Wayanad is the choice of the place to stay. There are many options for this – from small homestay units and holiday homes to luxurious resorts and hotels. However, the best experiences happen when you opt to stay in a resort that is tucked away deep in the forest and which has the real jungle ambiance. These resorts are set in the midst of evergreen forests, on the steep slopes of rocky mountain peaks and close to waterfalls which render these resorts ideal for a weekend of exploration and adventure. You can enjoy the thrills and pleasures of nature walks, trekking, bird-watching, rock climbing, bathing under waterfalls and campfires, all under expert guidance and supervision of the knowledgeable staff of the resort.

The final stretch of the access to these forest resorts are not usually on paved and motorable roads and you cannot drive a car up to the resort. The resorts provide safe parking spaces at accessible locations from where you are picked and transported to the resort in four-wheel drive trucks. This bumpy and adventurous drive through jungle tracks and rocky slopes and across flowing water bodies gives you a good feel of the surprises in store for you during your weekend stay at the resort. You can enjoy more of the trucking experience by opting to go for long drives through the forest which will take you to less-explored spots deep in the jungle where you can enjoy the sighting of wild animals and breathtaking scenery. Wayanad is the preferred destination of trucking enthusiasts especially Bengaluru residents who come for a thrilling adventurous trucking drive through the forest.

LanternStay, the jungle resort with a difference

LanternStay is one such jungle resort in Wayanad that is easily accessible by road from Bengaluru and ideal for a weekend break. The resort is located in the midst of dense forest and is ideal for enjoying activities like trucking, campfires, bird-watching, trekking, rock-climbing and other adventurous pursuits. The resort has very good options for stay and dining including suite rooms, wooden cottages, and tree houses.LanternStay offers attractive and customized packages for weekend explorers as well as for other types of tourists like honeymooners. Guided tours to other tourist locations in Wayanad and nature and adventure activities in various locations in Wayanad are also arranged upon request.

Enjoy a weekend break you deserve at LanternStay and start the week with a revitalized you.


Which is the best and affordable resort in Wayanad?

Wayanad is a mountainous region in the southern Indian state of Kerala and one of the most-sought after tourist destinations in India. Tourists from across the world come to the place to enjoy its scenery and weather which is either gently warm or cool during most times of the year.

Wooden House in Laternstay Resort Wayanad, Kerala

There are many good resorts located in and around the many tourist spots in Wayanad. The best resorts in Wayanad offer the tourists a wide range of facilities and services. These include:

  • Scenic location amidst tropical forests, plantation estates and close to natural water bodies like waterfalls and lakes
  • Vast land areas within the resort for various outdoor activities like trekking and sports and games
  • Sumptuous cuisine made from locally grown organic produce
  • Ayurvedic, aromatherapy and other types of massages and treatments
  • Off-road drives up steep mountain cliffs and deep into forests
  • Special packages for honeymooners, families, large groups, corporates, etc.

There are a whole lot of resorts that claim to be the best resort in Wayanad. The usual characteristics of these resorts are:

  • Higher star rating and tariffs
  • Secluded location away from habitats and roads
  • Luxurious and exclusive facilities offered to the guests

But there are many resorts that offer the best in services and facilities and are, at the same time, affordable to the budget solo traveler or groups. These categories of tourists look for resorts where tariffs are cheap and with decent facilities like:

  • Accessible location
  • Clean rooms
  • Good food
  • Avenues for entertainment
  • Arrangements for outdoor fun activities and games

The affordable resorts in Wayanad that offer rooms at cheap rates are of various types. Some of these types are:

  • Hotels and resorts within or close to the towns
  • Resorts in secluded locations
  • Homestays
  • Jungle lodges
  • Plantation bungalows

These affordable resorts have many in-house facilities. The resort operators also make arrangements for activities and guided tours beyond the resort like trekking, off-road drives, visits to tourist attractions, etc. The lush green and undulating landscape of Wayanad with its intermingling of tropical forests, plantations estates, paddy fields and natural water bodies like rivers, lakes and waterfalls offers the tourist an unforgettable experience. By choosing to stay in one of the best and affordable resorts in Wayanad with cheap room and service tariff, you can have the vacation of your lifetime without causing a dent to your pockets.
Lanternstay located at Meppadi, Wayanad offers a chance to reconnect with nature. Backed by a dedicated team, this jungle cum adventure resort is the place you need to go if you are looking for an affordable holiday in the lap of nature. Book a holiday with us at Lanternstay and enjoy a holiday that truly refreshes body and soul.

honeymoon cottages

Best Plantation Resort in Wayanad

Wayanad is a tract of mountainous terrain and plain vistas at the south-western tip of India that is fast turning into a tourist attraction of repute that is attracting various types of travelers from across the world. The mountainous peaks are a definite attraction and difficult challenge to the adventure seekers. The vast tropical forests give the nature lover many experiences to soak in and treasure. And, the expansive plantations and the resorts located in these give the leisure traveler – either single, small group or large entourage – ample avenues to relax and enjoy in the lap of nature.

The defining choice to make in having a memorable vacation in Wayanad is the resort where you stay. Wayanad has its share of resorts of varying facilities and features. These include jungle lodges, plantation resorts, boutique homestays, city hotels, nature resorts and plantation resorts. The best resorts in Wayanad offer a wide range of facilities to the guests including impeccable hospitality, luxurious stay, sumptuous cuisine, refreshing treks through nature trails and adventurous climbs to mountain peaks.

Staying in a plantation resort in Wayanad

The high-altitude undulating landscape of Wayanad is ideal for the growth of plantation crops like tea, coffee, pepper, cardamom, etc. A large part of the land area of the place was converted into plantation estates centuries’ back. The natural beauty and the great expanse of these estates are ideal for setting up nature and plantation resorts that cater to the leisure tourist. There are many plantation resorts in Wayanad offering varying facilities – from estate bungalows converted into homestay units to resorts with multiple cottages tucked into the remote corners of the estate.

The best plantation resorts in Wayanad have the following unique features:
  • Strategic location within the estate offering extensive and soothing views
  • Winding access road and landscaped pathways
  • Colonial bungalows as dwelling units with large rooms, elegant interiors and antique furniture
  • Pampering and personalized hospitality from highly adept staff
  • Sumptuous food with most ingredients farmed in local vegetable and animal farms
  • Guided tours through plantations and factories where you can buy best quality plantation products
  • Plantation pathways and nature trails for leisurely treks in the morning
  • Campfires
  • Performances by local artists and demonstrations by local artisans

Wayanad has become a most-sought-after destination for the leisure tourist and the best resorts in Wayanad provide marquee facilities and uncompromising service to ensure that their guests take back memories that remain with them for the rest of their lives. This is the case with the best of all types of resorts in Wayanad including the best nature and plantation resorts in Wayanad.
If you are looking to enjoy a blissful holiday away from the hustle of city life, then Lanternstay, a plantation as well as a forest resort in Meppadi, Wayanad is the one for you. Clean, comfortable and cozy cottages, beautiful surroundings, spectacular scenery, exemplary hospitality and delicious traditional food all come together to give you an opportunity to enjoy the best of nature’s offerings firsthand. From trekking to plantation visits and campfire, everything is included to make your holiday an enjoyable one.

Wildlife Resort in Wayanad

Wildlife Resort in Wayanad

Wayanad – where reserves and national parks converge

Wayanad is in many ways the best place for the adventure-seeking and nature-loving tourists to explore and enjoy. The expanse of the place itself, with its wooded mountains, verdant green valleys and overflowing rivers, abounds with flora and fauna of immense biodiversity. Add to this is its proximity to major national parks of India – Bandipur, Mudumalai and Nagarhole – and many other smaller reserve forests. The parks and reserves are home to many animals including the Asiatic elephants, tigers, leopards and egrets. There are also the cave systems in the hills that date back to the Neolithic age.

All of this has made Wayanad a most sought after destination for all types of international and domestic tourists. Many high quality resorts dot the place. These come in all types and with varying facilities – from basic home-stay units to super luxury resorts with Ayurvedic treatment and rejuvenation spa facilities. These resorts in Wayanad, in addition to the host of in-house facilities, also arrange for trekking through nature and adventure trails and vehicle safaris through the reserves and national parks.

There are many specialist categories in which resorts in Wayanad can be segregated – wildlife resorts, Ayurvedic resorts, family-friendly resorts, plantation stays, city resorts, etc. The wildlife resorts are usually located in very remote places and in the middle of wooded forests and nature reserves. Access to these resorts is usually very difficult and possible only by all-terrain vehicles. However, once the adventure-seeking tourist reaches the resort, the place will offer an other-worldly experience and time. The tourist is totally cut off from the outside world and soaks in the pleasures of the place. These would typically include trekking and adventure expeditions, sighting of wild animals at close quarters, bird-watching, wading through the pristine running water of the streams and waterfalls, spending time in solitude and quiet with only the chirping of birds and gushing of the water to be heard to name a few. All this is usually accompanied with organic local cuisine and natural therapy sessions to rejuvenate the mind and body.

The best resorts in Wayanad offer top class hospitality experiences to the tourists. This is irrespective of the size of the resort or its in-house facilities. Many of the best resorts in Wayanad have excellent in-house facilities that cater to the enjoyment and well being of its guests. On the other hand, there are many boutique resorts, home-stays and plantation bungalows in Wayanad that may lack in facilities, but more than compensate for this by providing the best possible services to the guests and ensuring that their stay is an unforgettable experience.

Many of the resorts in Wayanad of all sizes fall into the broad category of Nature Resorts. These could be close places of interest like forests and reserves, mountain peaks, waterfalls, plantation estates. These nature resorts usually have extensive in-house facilities to keep the guests engaged and entertained. These include nature trails, estates with tea and other plantations, waterfalls and streams, colonial bungalows, organic farming, etc. Tasty and sumptuous local food is always part of the menu in the restaurants of these nature resorts. These resorts also offer Ayurvedic treatment and rejuvenation spa facilities.

All put together, deciding to have your next holiday in one of the best wildlife or nature resorts in Wayanad is the most obvious move you can make for you and your loved ones to relax, enjoy, get the thrill of adventure, eat the best food and get back in shape for life’s journey ahead.

If you are looking for an adventurous holiday amidst nature, then Lanternstay, a forest and wildlife resort at Meppadi is the perfect one for you. Its close proximity to the Chembra Peak offers numerous possibilities to enjoy your holiday from trekking, bird watching, hiking to wildlife photographing to name a few. Delicious food, friendly staff and great service makes your stay at Lanternstay a holiday worth remembering.

Come and stay at the Lanternstay and discover nature at its best. For more information contact us at

Enjoy the eternal vibes of Wayanad


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