Resort in Wayanad, Kerala

Firefly Season at Lanternstay

There is nothing more magical than getting to experience nature’s very own light show on a summer night and at Lanternstay, located deep in the forest of Wayanad, you can do just that. As dusk slips into darkness over the jungle resort, you will be able to watch and enjoy one of the marvels of Mother Nature, a spectacular light show created by the glittering glow of hundreds and thousands of fireflies as they hover and flit among the grass and the trees. This truly amazing spectacle happens during the firefly season which starts from April and lasts till mid May.

The firefly season is a good time to stay at the Lanternstay and get close with nature and its wonders. During the day you can indulge yourself in some nature trekking, photography, bird watching or relax with a good book by the stream that flows through the property. At night, you can have a bonfire with friends and family and watch the fireflies as they find their mates with their light-flashings. Coupled with spacious and comfortable accommodations, exemplary service and great food, your stay at Lanternstay jungle and adventure resort will be one that will be treasured in your memory for a long time to come.

wooden cottage in Laternstay resort Wayanad

Explore the best offbeat Resorts in Wayanad

Wayanad is one among the best places in Kerala, ideal for a honeymoon trip, weekend getaway or short picnic with family or friends. It is an impeccable spot for nature lovers with dense forest, stunning waterfalls, wide valleys, picturesque views of hills and widespread plantation. Explore the untouched beauty of nature away from the crowds and hustle bustle life.


It is a perfect place to experience the serenity and wilderness with loads of adventure activities at the same time. You can find a lot of trekking trails that can attract all the adventure lovers. A vacation will be perfect only if you pick the right place for the accommodation. Resorts in Wayanad, which is elegantly draped in forests will entice you and make your trip memorable. The unique and tranquil location in thick rainforest makes Lanternstay the best jungle resorts in Wayanad. The beautiful locations of the resort provide a thrilling and unforgettable experience. It is the place which offers a lot of adventures that involves nature. Since the jungle resort is huddled in the ample wilderness and picturesque surroundings, Lanternstay offers the perfect setting for adventures and explorations. As the resort is quite near to most of the sightseeing places in Wayanad, it has the magnificent view of the Chembra mountain peak from the balconies.


There are stunning villas, suites, tree houses, cottages on stilts, wooden cottages that are designed in such a manner that it will provide the best view of nature. Though the resort is located in the thick forest, the resort is well designed and maintained with all the modern amenities. It is the place where we can get lost in nature. Lanternstay is not only the best jungle resorts andadventure resorts in Wayanad, it is also the best honeymoon resorts in Wayanad for romantic getaways.For the adventure lovers, there are various exciting activities like trekking, cycling, biking and hiking trips, zip-lining, stream walks, jeep safari, boating etc. Nature lovers can indulge in activities like outdoor sightseeing, bird-watching, star gazing, nature walks, plantation tour, etc. There are also activities offered by resorts for those of you who prefer to stay at the resort and relax like campfires, barbecues, etc. Lanternstay provides much indoor as well as outdoor games to indulge in with friend’s or family’s making the moment more beautiful. You can also experience the authentic Malabari Kerala food prepared in a traditional way. Lanternstay, one of the best resorts in Wayanad offers a complete serene as well as exciting jungle experiences to the families traveling with kids, couples for their honeymoon, friends for their weekend getaway and other classes of travelers.

Couple enjoying there honeymoon on treehouse balcony

Resorts In Wayanad For Honeymoon

Are you a newlywed couple looking out for the best honeymoon destinations in Kerala? The best place to spend your honeymoon in Kerala is at any of the luxurious and best resorts in Wayanad for Honeymoon.

Wayanad is a beautiful honeymoon location in south India where newlywed couples can enjoy the Kerala Honeymoon Packages and can toast their marriage by taking romantic walks through the lush vegetation, thick forests, tea farms, and backwaters and relishing in the romantic moments while staying in one of the romantic and best honeymoon resorts in Wayanad.

Best Honeymoon Resort In Kerala: Lantern Stay Resort

Camping in Wayanad to spend your honeymoon is the best thing to do for newlywed couples to bond and spend some wonderful time together. Lantern Stay Resort is one of the best resorts for honeymoon in Kerala where couples can immerse themselves amid nature and enjoy the romance out of new wedlock.

LanternStay resort is the best honeymoon resort in Wayanad, that provides excellent hospitality and a warm welcome to the newlywed couples who are on their honeymoon amidst the cool and lucrative forests of Wayanad.

LanternStay resort has a separate and dedicated staff to cater to the needs of couples who are on their honeymoon. The staff are very cooperative and are passionate about providing couples the best romantic experience in Wayanad and educating their guests about the value of coexisting with the environment and about the jungle stay in Kerala.

TreeHouse Stay for A Wonderful Honeymoon

While you and your partner are here at Lantern Stay resort in Wayanad for your honeymoon, staying at the treehouse resort in Wayanad provides a wonderful and romantic experience to the honeymoon. A lot of new couples love staying in a treehouse and it is a dream come true moment for many.

From the top of a tree, the resort’s Treehouse offers a spectacular view of the valley. Sitting on the Treehouse’s balcony can help couples relax their mind, body, soul, and the view from the balcony is breathtaking. Couples can sit there and take in the beauty of nature, which is rich in flora and fauna and adds to the resort’s elegance.

Honeymoon Package Itinerary at Lantern Stay Resort

Lantern Stay Resort is the best forest resort in Wayanad that gives a luxurious and romantic experience for couples on their honeymoon. Like most resorts in Wayanad for honeymoons, we have the best itinerary for a 2 day and 3-day honeymoon at our resort. Mentioned below is the honeymoon itinerary.

Day 1

  • Pick up from the parking lot and an off-road drive to the resort.
  • Arrival and Check-in.
    Welcome Drink.
  • Unload luggage in your room decorated with flowers, chocolates, red wine, and a fruit basket.
  • Enjoy a delicious lunch.
  • Have a cozy siesta or explore the resort with your loved one.
  • Evening walk/bird watching.
  • Have a light evening snack or indulge in a couple of glasses of wine or champagne.
  • Romantic candlelight dinner.

Day 2

  • Guided plantation walk.
  • Traditional Kerala breakfast.
  • Have a therapeutic ayurvedic massage or visit Pookode Lake for half-day sightseeing.
  • Return for lunch after sightseeing or massage.
  • Take a walk around the property or have a comfortable siesta.
  • Enjoy an off-road safari into the jungle and spot some amazing wildlife.
  • Have a cup of freshly brewed tea along with some light snacks.
  • Romantic candlelight dinner.

Day 3

  • Breakfast.
  • Pick up a souvenir and complete check-out formalities.
  • Drop off at the resort’s parking lot.

Visit Lantern Stay Resort In Wayanad For Your Honeymoon

For all the best of reasons, Wayanad is a romantic getaway. This thick and beautiful vegetation district in Kerala retains some raw and pristine visual beauty despite being so close to nature. So what are you waiting for? We wish you a happy married life and please do visit Lantern Stay Stay resort and have a wonderful honeymoon!!!

Plan Your Romantic Days at One of the Beautiful Honeymoon Resorts in Wayanad

Honeymoon resort in the middle of forest in Wayanad

When it comes to planning a romantic getaway in Kerala, Honeymoon Packages Wayanad is the all-time choice for nature lovers. Especially if it is about honeymoon trip, selecting a serene place with lots of privacy is essential. As Honeymoon is the first trip taken together after the big day, a perfect place should be chosen to spend the quality time. Make sure partner’s preference is also considered while selecting the destination.

Villa Image of honeymoon resort Resort in Wayanad (Lanternstay)

Every couple prefers to be in an isolated place to make the holiday as a trip of a lifetime and exotic one. No other trip can get the same ecstasy and excitement as on a honeymoon trip. It is the celebration of love. To make the honeymoon memorable and beautiful, selecting a right place is very vital. An impeccable honeymoon is picking an ideal destination that gives you enough space to celebrate love, romance, relax, adventure, exciting activities and fun unlimited. To make your honeymoon more meaningful, Lanternstay is a perfect honeymoon resort in Wayanad, to spend the most beautiful romantic days with nature. It is the preferable spot to stay which includes a dreamy room with a beautiful scenic view of mist, uniquely special bathrooms partly open, delicious foods, with thrilling activities that both can take apart.

Greenary honeymoon Resort in the middle of jungle in WayanadApart from being the best honeymoon resort in Wayanad, Lanternstay is the best jungle resort and adventure resort in Wayanad as well. You can select the room depending upon your choice of Suites, Wooden cottage, villas to tree house stay. The chirping of birds, the mist surrounding the balcony, with greenery view, hill, with cool breeze makes you more romantic. You can also find more thrilling activities like trekking, plantation tour, bird watching, swimming in the stream, campfire during the chilled night. With special demand, Lanternstay is all ready to make your honeymoon days feel so special by creating a romantic atmosphere to entice couples. It also includes decorating bed with rose petals, candlelight dinner, chocolates, and cakes with many more exciting activities with assured privacy.

Honeymoon Packages in Wayanad, Kerala

Wayanad is a picturesque highland region with lush vegetation, deep valleys, steep mountains, and exquisite lakes. Pookode Lake is encircled by dense forest and trees. The quiet and pleasant ambience created by the breathtakingly beautiful lake is unrivalled. One of the top tourist attractions in Wayanad is the viewpoint. With several intriguing trails, Wayanad presents itself as an excellent location for hiking and camping. Honeymoon Packages in Wayanad, Kerala is never complete without a visit to the “Chain Tree,” a popular tourist attraction.

The caves at Edakkal are known for the exquisite rock carvings that have been revealed on the cave walls, attracting scholars and archaeologists from all over the world. Wayanad honeymoon packages are never complete without having a visit to the Soochipara Waterfalls. For visitors coming to Wayanad, Kuruva Island is a natural marvel. Pay a visit to Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary if you’re taken aback by the area’s tranquil and picturesque ambience. Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary is a nature preserve where you may feed your inner adventurer. We occasionally see red and spotted deer, peacocks, wild boars, elephants, bison, and other animals.

The beauty of Wayanad is enhanced by its numerous landscapes, which include vast stretches of mist-capped mountain peaks, lush valleys and grasslands, white water streams, blue water lagoons, and untamed forests. But besides its aesthetic appeal, the travellers may find its vast tribal population of over fifty tribes and its intriguing way of life to be the most charming aspect of this picturesque hill station. Honeymoon Packages in Wayanad, Kerala allows you to explore the untouched land of natural riches.

Kerala Honeymoon packages set in Wayanad would be like a dream romantic getaway for couples, especially newlyweds. It is, in fact, a metaphor for the blissful love life that one dreams of in the future. Escape to an enigmatic oasis hidden among the lovely hills of Wayanad. You are transported to another world by the chilling breeze, hazy mountains, meadows, and rivers.

Travellers may enjoy the fun and excitement of living in the jungle by staying in treetop cottages, Honeymoon resorts in Wayanad and makeshift shelters. Its abundant natural resources provide a variety of adventure tourism activities. The hills, cliffs, and valleys that give Wayanad its distinct identity make for excellent opportunities to meet the ever-increasing requirement for adventure tourists.

The Kanthanpara cascade rises 30 meters above ground level in two stages, giving it the appearance of two different waterfalls. This waterfall makes for a perfect outing place to enjoy some leisure time as a couple or with your family and friends. The waterfalls’ natural surroundings make it an ideal location for camping, hiking, and swimming. Honeymoon Packages in Wayanad, Kerala

Lanternstay is an ideal choice for Resorts in Wayanad for Honeymoon for spending genuinely unforgettable days in the lap of nature, making your honeymoon even more extraordinary. The accommodations provide a magnificent view of the misty woods, partially open restrooms, delectable cuisine, and exciting events that the couple may partake in.

Wayanad is a lovely honeymoon destination where newlywed couples can commemorate their relationship. Honeymoon Packages in Wayanad, Kerala can be made memorable by enjoying romantic walks through the gorgeous green grassland, tea plantations, and backwaters while relishing tender moments in the charming resort.

Resorts in Wayanad for Couples

Kerala is well-known for its exotic tourist attractions. With its picturesque terrain and unspoiled beauty, the Wayanad district is one of the most spectacular among these. Beautiful Resorts in Wayanad for Couples, magnificent waterfalls, mysterious caverns, rich spice plantations, and biodiversity make it a fantastic weekend gateway.

The location is surrounded by magnificent green hilly landscape and is on the Tamil Nadu-Kerala border. Ultimately, due to its inherent appeal, the destination draws an increasing number of visitors every year. The post-monsoon season, which runs from the middle of August until the end of September, is the best time to plan Wayanad honeymoon packages and enjoy its natural splendour.

Honeymoon resorts in Wayanad offer a unique, serene, well-maintained, and pleasant environment with exclusive villas giving state-of-the-art romantic infrastructure for unforgettable and dreamy memories to treasure.Is there anything more energising than a pleasant and warm vacation in the heart of a lush, vibrant wilderness, complete with excellent amenities and hospitality?

Relax and rejuvenate at the resort while enjoying nature’s goodness around in one of the finest Resorts in Wayanad for Couples, take a plantation tour, experience bamboo rafting and kayaking, and savour the delectable traditional local cuisine. Private hikes and trekking off the plantation and in the surrounding forests, a romantic evening around the bonfire, a candle-lit dinner, camping in the woods, bird watching etc are the activities that can be done during the stay.Take a romantic morning stroll with your partner, enjoy bird watching, or explore cycling trails.

Wayanad, Kerala Honeymoon packages that include a plethora of natural flavours may be fully appreciated by staying at a jungle resort, which allows us to unwind from the daily grind. Lanternstay is one of the finest forest resorts in Wayanad for experiencing raw mother nature’s splendour while staying in luxury. The resort has it all: an in-house restaurant, a dazzling waterfall, and guided expeditions to lakes and summits to make the honeymoon worthwhile.

With all the best of reasons, Wayanad is indeed an ideal choice to have a romantic vacation. Gifted with the beauty of nature, this dense and verdant forest area in Kerala still has some raw and pristine breathtaking scenery while brimming with exquisite Resorts in Wayanad for Couples. It’s an exceedingly wonderful spot for a romantic trip, with its topsy-turvy routes, lush woodlands, and countryside ambiance. A few of the attractions in Wayanad that need to be included in your bucket list while staying in one of the honeymoon resorts are:

o Sentinel Rock Waterfalls / Soochipara Falls is a prominent tourist destination in the region.
o Meenmutty Waterfalls is a three-tiered waterfall located upriver from the Neyyar reservoir region.
o Chembra Peak & Ghat ViewpointBanasura Sagar Dam
o Kuruva Island
o Viewpoint at Neelimala
o Bamboo Forest
o Pookodu Lake
o Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

Choosing Resorts in Wayanad for Honeymoon is a Herculean effort, since the choice of stay may make or break your entire trip. Honeymoons are weighed down by the amount of expectation, especially when they are the first journey you take as a couple. We at Lanternstay are looking forward to welcoming you with open arms and ensuring that you depart with a warm heart and a slew of wonderful memories.

Forest Resort Wayanad

A complete travel guide for your next trip to Wayanad


Wayanad is a place in Kerala, cuddled between the Western Ghats Mountains that offer complete tranquillity and attractiveness. The scenic view of Wayanad is mesmerizing with crowned hills, dense forests, green estates, stunning waterfalls, serene lakes, wildlife sanctuaries, historical monuments and native tribes. The place is the combination of wilderness, culture, and history with enthralling beauty overloaded. All these magnetism attracts more and more visitors every year.

Places to visit in Wayanad

Wayanad which is positioned on the south of Deccan Plateau is outstandingly a scenic place. It consists of Asia’s second largest earth dam, the Banasura Sagar dam. It entails with scenic lakes like Pookode Lake, Karalad Lake, striking waterfalls like Soochipara, Meenmutty, Kanthanpara and Chethalayam waterfalls. It also has historical important places like Edakkal caves, ancient Jain temples and Thirunnelli temple which is situated in a picturesque location. Kuruva island is a must see place in Wayanad with the riverine ecosystem. Wayanad is enclosed with wildlife sanctuaries like Muthanga and Tholpetty with lush green forests and rich wildlife. For adventure seekers Chembra Peak, Pakshipathalam are the must visit places.


Wayanad is an impeccable place for nature and adventure lovers. The place has spellbinding tales of the historic times and civilizations. Wildlife sanctuaries with exotic wildlife attract the wildlife. Sightseeing and plantation tour to vanilla, cardamom, coffee, tea, pepper estates are also a good choice. Wayanad offers a varied number of activities to indulge in – from trekking, camping, kayaking, fishing, bird watching, rock climbing, boating, and swimming. Trekking to Chembra peak or Pakshipathalam and camping there will also be unforgettable experiences.

Best time to visit Wayanad

The climate of Wayanad is cool and pleasant throughout the year. October to February is the best time to visit Wayanad to enjoy the extra chilliness. It is the pleasant climate and attractions that entice thousands of visitors every year to Wayanad.

jungle stay in wayanad

Places to stay at Wayanad

You can find so many resorts to suit every budget and price ranges from home stay to cottage, tree house stay of top star hotels/resorts with plentiful facilities. If you are looking for a place to stay where you can enjoy the nature and its wilderness to its fullest, Lanternstay – the jungle resort in Wayanad is a good shot. It is the place where you can relax or engage in activities provided by the resort from nature walks, explorations, guided plantation tours, bird watching to trekking and swimming in the stream running through the property. It is truly an adventure resort for those who love the great outdoors and are looking for some excitement and adventurous activities.

How to reach

By air: The nearest airport is Karipur International Airport at Kozhikode, is about 75 km from Kalpetta and 100 km from Wayanad.

By Train: The nearest railway station is Kozhikode, which is nearly 100 km away.

By Road: Wayanad is accessible from Calicut, Kannur, Mysore, Bangalore and Ooty. KSRTC run buses are available from Thiruvananthapuram, Mangalore, and Kochi to Wayanad. Private deluxe buses also ply from Bengaluru, Chennai, and Thiruvananthapuram up to Kozhikode.

Lanternstay Resort

Plan your weekend getaway with family to one of the beautiful Resort in Wayanad!

Lanternstay offers  the perfect getaway to all those who are seeking to escape into the serenity of nature. The resort has been designed to provide the surrounding natural and spectacular views in luxurious comfort. For all nature lovers and adventure seekers Lanternstay is the perfect resort in Wayanad located in a scenic location in the dense forest. Since the resort is set up amidst of different plantations the aromas of spices, let you revitalised and calms down your stressed mind.

The accommodation at the resort includes 4 categories such as Suites, Tree house, Wooden cottage, Villas enhancing the natural beauty of the forest and assure you of an environment, high on natural elements. Stay at lanternstay would perfectly match your criteria of choosing living spaces with the combination of simplicity and quality and assure you to provide all coziness in Wilderness. You will have an excellent opportunity to witness the unbound greenery with misty hills and the view of the stream which charges you from inside.

At the resort you will be engaged with various thrilling and adventure activities like guided trekking, bird watching, plantation tour, indoor games, campfire and lots more. Visit to tribal areas or guided photography tour can also be arranged on demand. Lanternstay has three sided open wooden deck restaurant serving appetising veg/non-veg dishes, authentic Kerala cuisines specially cooked in earthen vessels and barbeque on request. The resort offers the perfect ambiance, facilities and services managed by professionally trained staff along with personalized services. Whether it is a honeymoon or anniversary or weekend getaway with family or friends, Lanternstay is the ideal place to be with fun, luxury and different exciting activities that will take you to a whole new world. An impeccable place to get mingled with nature and re-join with family, friends and loved ones in the comfort and privacy retreat. This is the best jungle resort in Wayanad where you can experience a camping experience with campfire, play games, share stories and have fun and dining on a barbeque dinner with loved ones gazing at the stars.

Laternstay front view

What makes Lanternstay an ideal Honeymoon Resort in Wayanad

pic13Being placed in the dense forest, the resort is an impeccable blend of beauty, wilderness and tranquillity. If you are looking for a spot with privacy, adventurous, and exciting activities Lanternstay will be a good shot. The resort is perfect for an escape from the city and knowing nature to its closeness.  Since the resort is in a remote location you need an adventurous travel from Meppadi in the jeep that the resort provided to reach the Lanternstay resort.

Lanternstay is ideal for all the honeymoon travelers, as it provides serenity and privacy for the couples with lots of exhilarating activities. The place gives you a picturesque view of rocky terrain laced with waterfalls, streams, and greenery everywhere. Honeymooners should try the Tree House or cottage rooms. The mists surrounding the balcony make you more romantic. The chirping of Birds wakes you up during mornings. All you will hear is the sound of the nature, the chirping of birds and gush of river flowing and nice aromas of spices. More activities are waiting for you, like trekking, bird watching, swimming in the stream, plantation tour to coffee estate, playing badminton and campfire during the chilled night all make Lanternstay a perfect Honeymoon Resort in Wayanad.


All rooms in the resort are well-done similar to that of a star hotel. Bathrooms are uniquely special with best eye catchy fittings and the way it is designed. They are partly open to the air, so you can see the sky and mountains through the exposed roof. Stay at Lanternstay, one of the best resorts in Wayanad ensures a vacation real worthy with high class facilities, the authentic Kerala food and nature’s music all time along all in a dense forest.

Plan your next holidays with the best resort in Wayanad!!

Bedroom in Laternstay Resort in Wayand

Why should you visit Lantern Stay Jungle Forest in Wayanad?

Surrounded by green forest, beautiful hills, evergreen vegetation and attached with bird watching spots, Lantern Stay is popular as the best forest resort in Wayanad. To experience forest stay, no other resort in Kerala could be better choice than Lantern Stay forest resort. So, you will have a memorable time in Lantern Stay if you choose this resort for your holiday accommodation. Wayanad, is also known as the ‘green paradise’ and the no. of tourists visiting Wayanad is tremendously increasing every year.

The highlight of the resort is its location itself. An exciting drive in 4WD jeep through the forest will take you to the resort. This journey of 6 kms will definitely be an exciting experience, especially for adventure tourists. When you reach the resort you will discover the real natural environment. Nature is our prime focus. Take a walk through cardamom plantations, living admist the birds, climbing Chembra Peak, listening to rhythmic calls of the rare oriental birds – this is lantern stay in the raw. This could be an ideal place for nature lovers, bird watchers or those who are looking for jungle resorts in Wayanad. It is also the best eco-friendly honeymoon resorts in Wayanad.

trekking in wayanad forest

Accommodation Facilities:

Accommodation comes in 4 categories – Suites, Tree House, Wooden Cottage and Villas. What we offer through all categories is a real jungle experience.


Sorry, we don’t have any TV sets on resorts to spoil your peace. But what we do have are loads and loads of pure joy in this uniquely natural environment. We have three side open, wooden deck restaurant which gives a feeling of being with the nature. Guided trekking facility, Plantation tour, Badminton court and other indoor games are also available in the resort.

Best time to visit Lantern Stay

The tourism season in Kerala usually starts with the end of the rainy season, notably August. And this is the best time to visit the resort. Everything is green and lush, the skies are clear, you could see many birds of the western ghats. Then what you are waiting for? Just book you resort at Lantern Stay and experience the real forest stay. For more details log on to our website

How to Reach the Resort :

We are 6-km away from anything with an engine and that can honk. We will pick you from Kalpetta, a well-organised town in Wayanad.

  • Nearest Airport – Calicut Airport (125 km)
  • Nearest Railway Station- Calicut Railway station (100 km)
  • Nearest Bus Station- Kalpetta, Wayanad (20 km)

Distance from major destinations

  • From Bangalore – 275 km
  • From Ooty – 92 km
  • From Kochi – 325 km

Book you resort at the best Forest Resort in Wayanad, that gives you an extraordinary experience over and beyond your expectations.

Adventure resort Wayanad

Adventure resorts in Wayanad

Enchanting hills, breathtaking scenery, glorious waterfalls and host of adventure spots makes Wayanad a perfect weekend getaway destination in Kerala for those of you looking to take a break from the infinite responsibilities of daily life. Nestled among the mountains of the Western Ghats, Wayanad offers a plethora of activities to indulge in – from trekking, camping, kayaking, fishing to bird watching, rock climbing, boating and swimming. It is truly the perfect place for those who love the great outdoors and are looking for some excitement and adventure.

If you are one of those seeking adventure, a stay in one of the resorts around Wayanad would provide ideal base to get the maximum of all that Wayanad has to offer. You can choose from adventure resorts, honeymoon resorts, mountain resorts to luxury resorts depending on your preferences and the activities you wish to undertake. The resorts are located in scenic places and offers accommodations and services that are on par with the best, making your stay in Wayanad a comfortable and enjoyable one.

Places that are a must visit for the adventurous in Wayanad

Wayanad with its numerous hills, streams, waterfalls and valleys provides adventure seekers with exciting avenues that ensures a thrilling time that is unforgettable. Most of the resorts in Wayanad are located near areas offering some form of adventure activity and by staying in these resorts you can indulge in your love for adventure and at the same time be pampered with great service that leaves you feeling refreshed and recharged.

Below are some places that are highly recommended for the adventurous.

The Chembra Peak

The highest peak in Wayanad, Chembra located near Meppadi, is a perfect spot for those who love to have an adventurous trip. A three hour trek through a challenging terrain is required to reach the peak. The splendorous view and the added attraction of seeing a heart shaped lake known as ‘Hridhayathadakam’ at the top of the peak makes the trek a worthwhile effort to those undertaking it. Trekking to Chembra Peak requires the permission from the Meppady forest officials.


Pakshipathalam located in the Brahmagiri hills on the border of Kerala and Karnataka offers an exciting time for the serious adventure seekers and the trekking enthusiasts.  An arduous eight km trek through dense forests brings you to the place that is famous for its rock caves and variety of exotic and migratory birds. The fascinating view and the varieties of wildlife here provide you with an unforgettable trekking experience. Permission is required from the Divisional Forest Office (DFO) for undertaking this trek.

Sentinel Rock or Soochipara Waterfall

This waterfall is located near Chooralmala in Meppadi panchayat. It is one of the most attractive falls in Wayanad. A 2km trek brings you to the place which provides a good spot for having a picnic. You can also indulge in some swimming and bathing in the pool at the foot of the falls. The truly adventurous can try their hand at some rock climbing on the Sentinel Rock which has a height of more than 200m.

Undertaking a trip to Wayanad and staying in one of the resorts there is the perfect way for you to get close to nature and have an adventurous and enjoyable time without any worries.

About LanternStay

Located amidst the dense evergreen forest, LanternStay provides the adventure seekers and the nature enthusiasts a chance to connect with nature and enjoy its many offerings. At the LanternStay a jungle and adventure resort located in Meppadi in Wayanad, you can relax or engage in activities provided by the resort from nature walks, explorations, guided plantation tours, bird watching to trekking and swimming in the stream running through the property. The serene environment of our resort offers an opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and have an exciting time amidst nature. You can choose to stay in one of the elegant cottages or in one of the beautiful tree houses available there. The mesmerizing views, the tranquil surroundings, tasty organic food and great service all ensures a stay that is pleasurable and refreshing.

Come and connect with nature. Get in touch with us at LanternStay today and make your trip to Wayanad a one worth remembering.

Wooden cottege-laternstay resort wayanad

Best Time to Visit Wayanad

Wayanad is considered as the most outstanding holiday-maker in Kerala for its picturesque beauty, adventurous activities, and fantastic climate. Wayanad is a hill station with lush green forest, spice plantation, waterfalls, rare series of flora and fauna.  You can also find tribal groups and get to know more about their culture and lifestyle. Minimum 3 to 4 days jungle/ forest stay is needed to explore Wayanad and its magnificence to its best.


Wayanad has such an enchanting climate all through the year. March to May is considered as summer; even in the summer season also maximum temperature in Wayanad reaches to 34˚C. Type of weather will be pleasant with the cool breeze and this makes an ideal time for exploring the forest area compared to other spots.

From June to September is the real monsoon season with heavy winds and rainfalls. Being in the hills and forest terrain, Wayanad would be receiving higher rainfalls. The wildlife sanctuary won’t be spread out during monsoon months when it flexes out to be overly challenging to navigate vehicles through the slushy roads. Travelers come down to Wayanad even in June – July to experience the Monsoon in Wayanad. Exhilarating Monsoon Activities are there to draw the attention of tourist during the Monsoon season. If you are the person who enjoys rain and love nature, you will find Wayanad more beautiful and entertaining with the monsoon adventurous activities.

Soon after the monsoon, the beauty of Wayanad will be even more astounding with Blue Mountains, striking waterfalls, streams full of water, freshness and greenery everywhere. Most of the travelers love this time as the season is ideal for sightseeing, wildlife trips, video, and photography.

Winter season of Wayanad starts from November. Winters are really cool with the temperature reaching down to 10°C. Mornings and nights are very chilly and daytime it becomes little warmer.  Many vacationers like this climate. Best season for visiting Wayanad is from the mid of Sep to Mid of May. The period is ideal for exploring Wayanad and involving in other tourist activities.

Whatever season it is, LanternStay in Meppadi is the perfect resort to stay in Wayanad. Lanternstay is an ideal place to stay for all the season. For all the monsoon lovers, LanternStay is sited in the dense rainforest area of Wayanad and you will get more activities to enjoy the rain. If you are visiting after September, Lanternstay offers you treating in a lot of activities at the resort depending on your preference from bird watching, trekking, playing in the nearby stream to plantation tour. Lanternstay is the best Honeymoon resort to stay in Wayanad during the chilling winter time. Stay at Lanternstay will make a memorable experience for folks, couples, and backpackers looking to truly relax and enjoy nature at its best.

Get in touch with us at LanternStay today for knowing more special offers and discounts.

Forest resort-laternstay resort wayanad

5 Most Beautiful Must-See Places in Wayanad

Know about Wayanad

Wayanad is such an exquisite hill station attracts everyone for its inimitable serenity. It is the perfect destination for all the adventure lovers. Its outlandish jungle trails, wildlife, mysterious caves, tribal culture, make the spot as the best way to experience the nature and its wilderness. Trekking and adventure activities through the jungle traits are indeed daring.


Places to Visit for all the Nature Lovers

1. Chembra Peak
It is the highest peak in Wayanad sited near Meppadi. For all the hikers, Chembra peak is the perfect trekking destination. Trekking trails which are enclosed by lush tea plantation add the splendour and greenery to the eyes. A full day is needed to reach the peak. Go camping on the peak to experience the exhilarating wilderness.

2. Pakshipathalam
Pakshipathalam is also another challenging spot for the adventure seekers. Explore the wild jungle of about seventeen kilometres to hit the spot. A special permit and guide are required to navigate through the daring forests. But all through the trails you will find the expedition adventurous.

3. Banasura Sagar dam
Banasura Sagar dam is the largest earthen dam in India and 2 largest in Asia. With the immense amount of water, the picturesque view of the hills as backgrounds adds the beauty more. It is the best spot for hiking to the surrounding mountain, Banasura Peak.

4. Edakkal Caves
Edakkal Caves are two natural caves with a length and width of 96ft and 22ft respectively in the location of Edakkal. Trek through the sumptuous flora and fauna to get to the cave. You will be able to discover the rare pictorial writings which are believed to be of 5000BC. Exploring the cave is indeed an exciting for tourists.

5. Kuruva Island
Kuruva Island is the most popular and daring must visit destination spot. An impeccable place with dense forest bordering the island sited in the midst of the streams of Kabani River. Rafts or fibre boats can be utilised to access the river. The island is wholly unpeopled. You can catch the rare species of birds, orchids and some prized herbs. Exploring the Kuruva Island will surely hand you an exhilarating and rejuvenating experience.

So what are you all waiting for? Pack your bags and head out for an adventuresome trip to Wayanad.

While sightseeing Wayanad, a must try thing is the forest stay. It will give you a thrilling stay in the mid of forest. It is beyond the imagination to feel the calm and chilled atmosphere. You will also be able to hear the soothing sound of backwoods, the chirping of birds, monkeys gibber, and in addition to all above stimulating aromas coming from spice plantation. Lanternstay is the exclusive jungle resort providing you the forest stay.

You can also find more adventurous and thrilling activities at Lanternstay. It is the finest forest stay resort very close to the nature. It includes the thrilling activities to enthrall the attention.  Activities comprise of campfire, barbeque parties, trekking, guided plantation tours, safaris, bird watching, forest walking, swimming in fresh water streams, and so on. Lanternstay is all set to make your vacation treasured and adventurous.

Tree house in Laternstay Resort Wayanad, Kerala

Tree House at Wayanad: Enjoy the Stay Inside Forest

Planning a getaway from the hectic schedules and the busy lifestyle? Tree house at Wayanad would be the ideal place to recharge and rejuvenate yourself. A place that exudes natural beauty with incredible views enough to get oneself absorbed into an unbelievably magnificent world. Wayanad is a naturally blessed place with bubbling rivers, lush greens, an abundantly rich and varied wildlife and sounds of nature that can be nothing but therapeutic. The forests of Wayanad are also home to a wide variety of plants, animals and birds that couldn’t be found elsewhere. A stay among the natures’ best will only be an invigorating experience.

Wayanad has still preserved the beauty of nature as it is in its pristine form letting us feast on it and be rejuvenated. The unique beauty of Wayanad makes it the ideal place of getaway for a Nature Tourism lover. The Tree houses are built in such a way that allows catching a glimpse of the diverse wildlife, the echoing silence as well as the comfort of home comes together into one bringing luxury and comfort together.

Forest resorts have a unique appeal, which is waking up to the clear sky, nature sounds that seem like music with welcome sounds of gushing waters, rustling trees, chirping of birds and the purest air surrounding us. Nature’s way of distracting us is quite unique. An occasional visit from the wild friends is enough to garner our attention, let alone the waterfall that is breathtakingly beautiful.

The lush green hills with different shades of green covered in mist, and the thick tropical forest surrounding it makes the stay at a Jungle resort worth remembering. Located amidst the cardamom plantations we get to have a chance to explore and experience the spices in its raw form. It is an experience that can help us get disconnected from the outside world to recharge ourselves to delve ahead.

Along with the stay in tree house at Wayanad, there are options to set up a camp in the forest to experience the raw beauty of wilderness manned by a team of locals who know the area to ensure safety of each person. After getting back on with the daily routines, the trip into the lap of nature will stay fresh in our minds. The memories and experiences gathered there will be enough to refresh our minds for a long time. Adventure lovers can take a guided trek close to the waterfalls to experience the thrill along with the rushing waters while getting soaked. The forest trek is a rejuvenating experience while treading the green carpets, and playing a game of hide and seek with sunlight and the varied wildlife that inhabits the area. The biodiversity of the Wayanad rainforest is like an ecosystem of its own where we get to observe plentiful varieties of flora and fauna. The off-road jeep trekking through the traverse waters and the flourishing plantation will be the highlight of the entire trip.

Along with the diverse vegetation, the rainforests are also home to an indigenous population of tribals. There are more than 20 tribal categories who have made the forests their home and make a living out of there. They depend on bamboo rice, the edible grain collected from within the bamboo, for their meals which hold tremendous nutritional value. With the Nature Tourism initiative, Kerala tourism is trying to provide a breath of fresh air in retaining the local cuisine and at the same time ensure better livelihood for the tribal population. The bamboo forests also play a major role in preventing soil erosion as they grow in clusters. The leaves of bamboo are a favourite of wild elephants. The timber is used by the local tribes in building numerous usable things like furniture and even houses.

Bird watching is another mesmerising activity that can be done that can be so addictive. Over 60 of local bird species have been identified including the great Indian hornbill, Malabar Trogon, Paradise Fly Catcher and so many more and can easily be called a photography enthusiasts’ heaven. The next best thing about a stay in a jungle resort is during the firefly breeding season which gets out of hibernation right before the rains. Amidst the dark backdrop of thick forest, the feeling of walking through the stars is irreplaceable.A stay in tree house at Wayanad forest is truly a unique experience and wouldn’t fail to produce a moment which is bound to stay in our memories forever in its raw, unfiltered form, just like the beauty of Wayanad. What makes the Tree houses unique is not just the fact that they are perched atop a tree, but also for the place being a slice of heaven from where the most mesmerizing view of the entire plantation can be seen. The stay ensures a coexistence with nature that is peaceful enough to soothe the soul for any nature lover.

Reasons you should stay in a Tree House at Wayanad


The tree house is an adventurous and exhilarating way to rejuvenate yourself to get a stressed-free life. A tree top holiday could be the perfect place to spend time with nature. It will give you exciting stay in the middle of trees and foliage in a chilled romantic climate. If you are planning romantic holidays away from the hustle-bustle of life, the dreamy tree top stay very close to nature is seamless.

Tree house at Wayanad Jungle Resort is a serene and eco-friendly that assuredly give you an unbelievable experience. From the tree top, you will hear the soothing sound of backwoods, streams, the chirping of birds, monkeys gibber, and in addition to all above stimulating aromas coming from spice plantation. You will love to sit hours on the tree house’s deck enjoying the tranquil exquisiteness.For all who adore nature, this place is a haven with stunning scenic sight. You can enjoy taking part in thrilling activities too. Bird watching, camping, trekking through forest and hills, exploring jungles with aromas of spices.

Plan your visit to Lanternstay, the best tree house at Kerala to walk around the Jungle and explore the tranquil magnificence of nature.

wayanad trekking-lanternstay-resort in wayanad

Tips and Tricks for Trekking in Wayanad

Trekking through the mountainous lush forestry and the stunning stream is a must to do a thing while exploring Wayanad. More than just a way of getting the exercise it gives you a wordless experience to know the culture, beauty, scenery, wildlife, flora and fauna much better. Most visited trekking spots in Wayanad are Chembra Peak,Pakshi Padala, Brahmagiri, Thusharagiri, Banasura Peak, Kurucher Mala.


Trekking has become popular nowadays. A lot of planning and groundwork is needed in advance to trekking.

# Start exercising and walking a couple of months before trekking helps you strengthen your legs and less exhausted.

# Buy a good pair of hiking boots and socks that fit well and comfortable.

# Pick a Good backpack that ensures comforts to both your shoulder and back.

# Lightweight Trekking poles ease the load on knees and can also be used to clear the trekking trail.

# Water and light snacks should be taken to boost your energy.

# Sunglasses, sun cream, lip balm, headwear and gloves are really in need to protect from sunburns.

# Carry medicines, hand sanitizers, tissue papers as a safeguard.

Enjoy the eternal vibes of Wayanad


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