Elimbilery! An aesthetic extravaganza

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Wayanad have always been on the bucket list of travellers over years. With the advent of eco
tourism there is a boom in the flow of international tourists to Wayanad. While the usual hiking
stations are still on the list, a new one has taken the eyes of the travellers these days, Elimbilery estate. Elimbilery have already become a talk among the roamers by now. Elimbilery is a place situated a few kilometres away from Meppadi. The drive to Elimbilery is exciting enough through the meadows of tea estate for half the way and later on to an off road adventure. Elimbilery is a 900acres private estate managed by a group of nature lovers. They have put their heart and soul to preserve the serenity of the nature.


Elimbileri, Kerala, India

Into the wild!

Elimbilery would really be a treat from nature who would love to spend some time off from the
monotonous city life. The scenic views of Chempara peak and the lakes flowing through the estate
makes it an incredibly beautiful place to visit. The place is surrounded by forest making it quite
adventurous too. Though within the forest, wild animals never made their way through the estate
which makes it a safer place to hang out. If you wish to live a bit of how our ancestors lived then this
would be the right choice.

Hand in hand with adventure and peace

Elimbilery would be an ideal spot for the adventure lovers. Hill trekking, stream hiking, forest
walking, off road jeep safari and the list goes on. At the same time if you are in a mood to relax,u can
enjoy the cold weather and campfire with music of nature. This makes Elimbilery one of the best
destination to spent a weekend. A well spent weekend will give you a lifetime experience .
You would be loved by every bit of Elimbilery , which serves the purest form of nature. If you love to
touch, smell and feel the nature then pack up and move on. Elimbilery welcomes you with all its
serenity to find your inner conscience.

Lanternstay resort

Lanternstay resort is one of the finest jungle resorts in Elimbilery. Be it for the adventure lovers or
for the those who want to stay away from the tedious work schedule then this would be the right
choice. The resort is located within the forest with all the necessary amenities .They provide
adventurous activities and will guide you through the deepest of the forest. The splendid delicacies
and the finest ambiance they provide will leave as the most memorable moments of your life.

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