Enjoy the Monsoon @ Hill Resort in Wayanad: Explore the scenic beauty

Plan this monsoon with a stay at the perfect hill resort in Wayanad to embrace the place’s scenic beauty. Wayanad receives two monsoons a year – from June to September and October to November. Greenery takes over the entire site during the monsoon times, and that view you enjoy is unique and remarkably breathtaking. Wayanad is a lovely hill station to visit in God’s own country, Kerala. This tourist destination evolved as a perfect place for family vacations, honeymoon spot for couples, nature lovers, and adventure seekers. You find a sense of peace in the heart and mind at Wayanad, leaving your busy lives away.

hill resort in wayanad

Wayanad monsoon is so special for tourists. Every cool breeze after each rain carries the unique aroma and life of nature that leaves you mesmerising. You revitalise life with new energy in this magical place. Lakkidi is a prime attraction of the area, one of the highest rainfall receiving places in Kerala. You can see the majestic streams running down the hills. The plantations in Wayanad invites you in like a mother, and you get back into real life in her arms.

Wayanad has many natural enticements which cast a spell on you with their enchanting views. We are here to make you clear about the most exciting sites among all the spots in Wayanad. So take the verbal ride of the beauty here and get on a real ride to Wayanad during this monsoon. Here are the best tourist attractions for your notice in Wayanad.

Banasura Sagar Dam: The largest earthen dam in India

hill resort in wayanad

Banasura Sagar Dam is one of the out-of-the-ordinary attractions Wayanad has in its cluster. It is not only the largest in India but also stands as the second largest in Asia. It is incredibly amazing to know that this grand dam is built with stones and stacks of boulders. You can schedule a superb boat ride at the dam. If the water inflow is high, you can see the dam’s open shutters, where the flow of water down through them adds to the beauty of the place.

Edakkal Caves – Hidden Visual in the forest

It is a must-visit place for an anthropology enthusiast. The engravings you see here dates back to pre-historic times. A millennium ago, humans abandoned this cave. Edakkal translates as ‘A Stone in Between’. We can see a visual of a heavy boulder struck in a fissure made by two huge rocks. Indeed you love to see the art of carvings on stones by our ancestors. These pictorial writings are of the Neolithic age. You can’t stop yourself from capturing the stunning visuals of the forest from those heights at Edakkal caves. On the way uphill you can’t resist buying some souvenirs for the dear ones at home.

Kuruvadweep – Secluded Shelter of Natural Scenery

hill resort in wayanad

Kuruvadweep or Kuruva Island has rich flora and fauna. It is a cluster of islands in the Kabini delta, spread across 950 acres. It is one of the best-preserved and untouched places. One of the beautiful experiences you have is a journey on a bamboo raft while reaching the island. The raft is rowed over the pristine waters of the Kabini river. As the island has thick greenery, it makes a perfect place for trekking. You click some pictures of butterflies and birds which are new to you. It is under the control of the forest department of India. So the only thing you do is just absorbing the marvellous creations of nature.

Meenmutty Falls – The Artistry of the Creator

God was partial while creating his country. You can see all the nature’s beauty was poured here at Wayanad in Kerala. Have a glance at the spectacular falls falling from the height of 300m and fill your heart with the serene peace present in your surroundings. Meenmutty translates as ‘where the fish are blocked.’ It is three-level waterfalls, the second-largest in Kerala. During the monsoon season, the falls become so fierce you love the sprinkling water carried in the air when you stand nearby. If you want to reach the place, you should trek about 2km.

Pookode Lake – A freshwater lake

hill resort in wayanad

The Panamaram stream, which is one of the main tributaries of the river Kabini, originates from Pookode lake. The Panamaram reaches Kabini travelling although the Panamaram valley. The stunning scenic beauty and peaceful ambience mesmerise every tourist visiting the site. The incredible top view of this lake has a similar shape to India’s physical map. There are many activities for the families like a boat ride in the lake. In the lush green surroundings, you can see different birds resting. You can buy some spices and handicrafts from the locality in the stores nearby lake.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary – Kerala’s second-largest wildlife reserve

hill resort in wayanad

The views of nonchalant walks of wild animals and carefree birds get you closer to nature. There are two ecotourism centres in the sanctuary. (i) Muthanga and (ii) Tholpetty. The chirping of birds would wake you up in the morning. You can enjoy bird watching in the early hours of the morning. The exciting safari into the sanctuary gives you lifetime cherishable moments. Children love watching these animals wandering in the jungle. You rarely find elephant training camps in other parts of India, and here you can watch them moving on the orders from the trainer. Meet the tribal people and speak to them to learn about them. This interaction with them leaves you with a new mindset.

Finally, we want you to visit Wayanad comfortably. Therefore, place some extra clothes in your baggage as it will be raining all the time during the monsoon. Wear proper footwear to be safe in the slippery wetland. At last, keep your camera ready always because you never knew the surprises the beautiful nature throws at you.

Book your hill resort in Wayanad and start your adventurous and fantastic trip to God’s own country. You will have a soul-filling vacation here.

Enjoy the eternal vibes of Wayanad


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