Stay at the best forest resorts in Wayanad and explore the natural scenic beauty of Wayanad
with the affordable kerala Tour Packages.

We are very proud to introduce Lantern camping. Lantern camping is a team of young, energetic and trained Professionals promoting nature tourism in Wayanad.

We welcome you to Lantern camping: Bring out the nature love from everyone’s minds.

Cut off from worldly filth… Just close to heavenly nature… with amazing people.

Own birds, own waterfalls, own trees, own wild beauty and own the best camping sight in Wayanad.

Perched among the clouds, where the serene stream flow, an ultimate camping site with panoramic view of lush green forest on one side and cloud filled mountain on the other. Sleep under the stars, sing around the campfire, indulge in conversations and feel nature. Be at Lantern camping and experience awesomeness!!

This could be an ideal place for nature lovers, bird watchers or those who are looking for the top forest resorts in Wayanad.

We at Lantern camping believe responsible tourism and our motto is to bring out nature loving from everyone’s mind.

We are striving to promote and generate in the people a sense of appreciation for nature’s beauty and to feel one with it.

Lantern camping can cater to different age groups and has the expertise to customize as per size, interest and requirements.

It will be a lifetime experience, to breathe the purest air and natural spring water tickling your feet. The silence echoed will bring peace within you.

A must visit for all nature and wilderness lovers. The place is a blend of beauty, serenity and wilderness in the heart of the forest. The camping sight is in a mesmerizing world of mist, mountains, waterfalls and biodiversity

You take a walk through our cardamom plantations to see how one of the world’s favorite spices is cultivated and processed during the season. Or else, you just let yourself doze off in a hammock. We even have the best natural music – a blend of the waterfall flowing right through our site and the chirping of exotic birds and simians that are aplenty.

As an introductory offer we have come out with very special rate for you.
Inclusions: Welcome drink, off road jeep drive, evening tea & snacks, dinner, campfire, trekking & breakfast.

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Enjoy the eternal vibes of Wayanad


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