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Life itself is a journey from destination to destination. As Shakespeare said, “One touch of nature makes the whole world kin”. The unending power of nature helps to escape from frenzy schedules. Wayanad is one of the picturesque hill stations in the Southern state of Kerala in India. It upholds lush greenery, waterfall, wildlife making it a perfect getaway destination. It is known as the green paradise which extends its flora to nature lovers. With ravishing beauty and exciting diversity, rainforests imply scenic beauty to Wayanad. It also acts as a habitat for birds and is considered as the beautiful wilderness of Wayanad.


Forest camping always paves the way to enhance the delight of enjoying the rainforest. Camping brings out fun and adventure in the same coin.  LanternStay offers you a break from the howling of urban buzz. The soothing memories and enchanting experience of camping are always distinct from your routine. Tent stay in the forest improves your mood and reduces stress. Concerning Wayanad, it always evokes scenic exposure that satisfies the mind of nature lovers. Wayanad is enriched with the ingredients of forest camping. The seasoning of western ghats, tea plantations, and waterfalls, made Wayanad into a paradise.


Kerala is a land gifted with scenic landscapes and heritage. In particular, Wayanad is the heart of South India charged with charming topography. Forest tent camping creates an experience of outdoor residing amidst the forest. Tent camping evokes outdoor days and nights into a newer happening. 


Laternstay is situated at the heart of Wayanad. We provide a unique jungle experience with natural scenic flavors. By providing authentic splendor of nature, LanternStay always keeps its stance by affording high-class facilities and conveniences. Adventures of Wayanad is waiting for you, and LanternStay is already adapted to welcome you. With tempting food and thrilling moments, we are ready to fabricate your forest tent experience into a lifetime memory.

Are you ready to blow your soul with nature? Lanternstay is there for you. Just make it happen.


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