Honeymoon Resorts in Wayanad which Accompanies your Love-filled Moments

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Honeymoon Resorts in Wayanad which Accompanies your Love-filled Moments












The exotic lush sheaths of Wayanad fosters the beauty of your moments to another level. As we know Wayanad exhibits splendor and scenic beauty and creates a magical aura of natural charm. For creating a lifelong memory, the picturesque of Wayanad will engrave your moments with exciting and thrilling experiences. Are you tired of being in hectic, dusty realms of cities? Or looking for a completely new experience honeymoon Resorts in Wayanad which Accompanies your Love-filled Moments? The reliable option is the serenity of nature. 


Lanternstay is one of the best resorts in Wayanad which is situated amidst the splendor of nature. As our tagline, we always deal with nature, and we agape our gateway for all the nature preachers. For experiencing the tranquility and creating your love stories, the reposeful spirit of nature is the greatest choice. LanaternStay spotlights the hidden magnificence of Wayanad and leads a way to experience them.  Situated deep in the forest LanternStay extends both adventurous and aesthetic experience. 


If you are being bored of searching for resorts in Wayanad for a honeymoon and you want to create impressive moments, we are there for you. The treehouse will be a bower to refill your moments with love. You can enjoy starry nights, a misty climate, and a serene ambiance in the treehouse. We always cater to our benefactors with quality service and always strive to provide the finest experiences. You can weave your love stories here, in a more pious and cloudless way.

We also provide wooden cottages. And we are sure that this will give you an abode feeling and a unique experience. The aroma of cardamom plantations, the chirping of birds, nature itself ushers your moments with grace. The drizzling of mist and the mighty picturesque of Wayanad will make you connect more with nature. This will rekindle your moments with glee and happiness. We are concerned about you, and we provide the finest and luxurious experiences for turning your moments into delightful memories.


We can firmly affirm that we are the leading honeymoon resort in Kerala. With our years of virtuous experience, our dedication to quality service, and our motto forged as a leading resort. And yes, you can feel the words when you visit once. 


As Wordsworth Said, “Let the moonshine in the solitary walk; and let the misty mountains winds be free to blow against thee”, LanternStay unfurled our hatchway to relish in these misty blows.

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