Reasons for you to visit Wayanad this weekend

Jeep drive in Laternstay Resort Wayanad, Kerala

Every once in a while you yearn to take a break from your daily grind of office workloads and the stresses of the professional and personal lives that is your routine. You may want to explore the uncharted over a weekend. Kerala, the most sought after tourist destination in the south of India has many places where you can take your well-deserved break. These include the beaches of Kovalam and Mararikulam, the backwaters of Alappuzha and Kumarakom and the hill stations of Munnar and Thekkady.

THE-DRIVE at Laternstay Resort Wayanad-Jeep drive

Wayanad, a destination that charms everyone

One easily accessible place in Kerala for spending a weekend of enjoyment and exploration is Wayanad, the ghat district in northern Kerala. The place is only a four-hour drive from Bengaluru, the Indian metropolis and IT capital. The drive in itself is an experience you will never forget as you meander through the lush green forests of Bandipur, regularly spotting wildlife of the rarest kind lazily grazing by the roadside. Wayanad is a year-round destination, from very cool climes during the winter, bright and sunny with occasional showers during the summer and all wet and green during the monsoon. So you can choose Wayanad for your well earned weekend break at any time you feel like taking it.

Activities you can indulge during your stay in Wayanad

Once in Wayanad, there are a variety of activities you can do to relax and rejuvenate. The key to an enjoyable weekend outing in Wayanad is the choice of the place to stay. There are many options for this – from small homestay units and holiday homes to luxurious resorts and hotels. However, the best experiences happen when you opt to stay in a resort that is tucked away deep in the forest and which has the real jungle ambiance. These resorts are set in the midst of evergreen forests, on the steep slopes of rocky mountain peaks and close to waterfalls which render these resorts ideal for a weekend of exploration and adventure. You can enjoy the thrills and pleasures of nature walks, trekking, bird-watching, rock climbing, bathing under waterfalls and campfires, all under expert guidance and supervision of the knowledgeable staff of the resort.

The final stretch of the access to these forest resorts are not usually on paved and motorable roads and you cannot drive a car up to the resort. The resorts provide safe parking spaces at accessible locations from where you are picked and transported to the resort in four-wheel drive trucks. This bumpy and adventurous drive through jungle tracks and rocky slopes and across flowing water bodies gives you a good feel of the surprises in store for you during your weekend stay at the resort. You can enjoy more of the trucking experience by opting to go for long drives through the forest which will take you to less-explored spots deep in the jungle where you can enjoy the sighting of wild animals and breathtaking scenery. Wayanad is the preferred destination of trucking enthusiasts especially Bengaluru residents who come for a thrilling adventurous trucking drive through the forest.

LanternStay, the jungle resort with a difference

LanternStay is one such jungle resort in Wayanad that is easily accessible by road from Bengaluru and ideal for a weekend break. The resort is located in the midst of dense forest and is ideal for enjoying activities like trucking, campfires, bird-watching, trekking, rock-climbing and other adventurous pursuits. The resort has very good options for stay and dining including suite rooms, wooden cottages, and tree houses.LanternStay offers attractive and customized packages for weekend explorers as well as for other types of tourists like honeymooners. Guided tours to other tourist locations in Wayanad and nature and adventure activities in various locations in Wayanad are also arranged upon request.

Enjoy a weekend break you deserve at LanternStay and start the week with a revitalized you.

Enjoy the eternal vibes of Wayanad


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