Resorts at Vythiri in Wayanad

Resort at Vythiri

Resorts at Vythiri in Wayanad are sought-after for their unique archaic charm of cottages, log cabins & treehouses snuggled in the forests of Wayanad. Located at an elevation of 700 metres, Vythiri constitutes 18 villages. Vythiri is an exemplary travel destination adorned with small cottages and resorts embellishing its delightful surroundings. Lanternstay is located at Meppadi, one of the towns in the Taluk, and can be reached by covering a mere distance of hardly 10kms. Wayanad, known as the green paradise of Kerala is dubbed so for its wildlife sanctuaries and comfortable climate throughout the year. Wayanad is also home to an impeccable assortment of verdure and wildlife, making it one of the most sought-after tourist destinations.

For Nature Tourism enthusiasts, it is the location to be in that can let you take a step back and experience the past with the modest cottage living while having no compromise on the facilities provided (on-demand) to ensure a one-of-a-kind and enjoyable experience. The major attractions that drive tourists to the area are The Pookot Lake, Chembra Peak, Meenmutty & Soojipara Falls as well as the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary. The enchanting waterfalls and historical caverns signify an ideal place for nature enthusiasts to experience gorgeous flourishing plantations and diverse wildlife. Tourists are in for an amazing view of green mountainous expanses with a peaceful breeze and unimaginable scenery along with unparalleled wild species.

Apart from being blessed with natural abundance in terms of beauty and history, Vythiri Village Resorts in Wayanad does not fail to astonish one when it comes to local cuisine. The preparations are mostly based on local produce and the menu items that are passed on from generations without losing their essence. The most popular among those are Kerala Appam, Idlis, Biryani, Kerala Porotta, the delicious Payasam and the local toddy.

When is the ideal time to visit Vythiri?

With a blessed climate all through the year, the place is worth the visit any time of the year. From the perspective of seasons; the winter, which falls between October to April, is the best period to marvel at the beauty of Vythiri in all its glory. If planning an off-season visit to Vythiri, the appropriate time is between April to June. Between July and September falls the monsoons which is the least favoured season to visit the hill station. The reception of rain is on the higher side during the period and is ideal to have the weather conditions checked with the local authorities before planning the trip during monsoons.

For Summer stay at Vythiri:

The period between April to June is the best off-season period to pay a visit to Vythiri. As the summer in Kerala is hot and humid, the days are warm with temperatures going up to 35°C, but the evenings and nights are charming and pleasant with the temperatures dropping to 20°C. With its dense forest cover, Vythiri manages to subdue the humidity to an extent, which makes it a pleasant summer experience. Under the clear skies, the hill station exudes stunning beauty with its rich foliage and magnificent views of the Western Ghats. As the summertime attracts fewer guests to the area, it is an ideal time for travellers who want a private getaway to unwind and relax in solitude. A walk under the sun amidst the coffee, tea and rubber plantations in the area with a stay at Jungle Resort will be a memory that gets etched in your mind forever.

For Monsoon stay at Vythiri:

With the arrival of monsoons by the end of June, Vythiri gets a green makeover by the pouring rains. Even though it is not an ideal time to pay a visit to Vythiri, it cannot be denied that the misty skies, the cool atmosphere and the pouring rains give it a magical feel that cannot be felt during any other season. As Wayanad has unique vegetation, it is advised to seek counsel from local authorities before planning the stay in a Forest Resort in Vythiri. With intricate lumber panelling and traditional Kerala architecture with regionally sourced supplies, the resorts are built without touching the tranquillity of the encompassing areas. Resorts in Wayanad have kept the pristine untouched beauty of the region while successfully providing the best of both worlds, natural beauty along with modern amenities and the best of services.

For Winter stay at Vythiri:

There is no debate on saying that the perfect time to admire the enthralling beauty of Vythiri is in Winter, October to February, with the perfect weather where temperatures stay between 10°C and 30°C. As the humidity is low during the time, making the air dry and comfortable, it is ideal to enjoy the days and nights with a few adventurous getaways. Since the nights get colder, it is advised to carry light woollen clothes.

For an adventure traveller, winter is best enjoyed at Vythiri with a stay in Treehouse and early morning treks along the misty mountains after enjoying a walk through the pepper, rubber and tea plantations over the hills.

Spots to remember:

● Trek to the Soochipara Falls.
● If the weather is favourable, you can take a dip in the lake.
● Rock climbing is another sport that shouldn’t be missed.
● Meenmutty Falls hike.
● Cycling along the winding roads amidst the trees and pure air.
● Chembra Peak, the tallest in the area, is a perfect place to catch a glimpse of the panoramic view of Western       Ghats.
● Camping in the mountains is yet another guided activity that can be a unique experience. Watching the clear         night sky in a camp in the mountains will stay fresh in your mind for years to come.
● Jeep trek on the mountains
● There are also areas where night trekking is provided from the base camp to the camping area under the         moonlight.

As the monsoons leave the region refreshed; the woods look wonderfully green and plentiful. The cardamom plantations are abundant and are engulfed by a divine smell, while the tea plantations look blissful and pleasant. Vythiri offers a wide array of activities along its unique terrain along with a charming atmosphere that makes the visit to Vythiri a trip to remember.