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Wayanad is one among the best places in Kerala, ideal for a honeymoon trip, weekend getaway or short picnic with family or friends. It is an impeccable spot for nature lovers with dense forest, stunning waterfalls, wide valleys, picturesque views of hills and widespread plantation. Explore the untouched beauty of nature away from the crowds and hustle bustle life.


It is a perfect place to experience the serenity and wilderness with loads of adventure activities at the same time. You can find a lot of trekking trails that can attract all the adventure lovers. A vacation will be perfect only if you pick the right place for the accommodation. Resorts in Wayanad, which is elegantly draped in forests will entice you and make your trip memorable. The unique and tranquil location in thick rainforest makes Lanternstay the best jungle resorts in Wayanad. The beautiful locations of the resort provide a thrilling and unforgettable experience. It is the place which offers a lot of adventures that involves nature. Since the jungle resort is huddled in the ample wilderness and picturesque surroundings, Lanternstay offers the perfect setting for adventures and explorations. As the resort is quite near to most of the sightseeing places in Wayanad, it has the magnificent view of the Chembra mountain peak from the balconies.


There are stunning villas, suites, tree houses, cottages on stilts, wooden cottages that are designed in such a manner that it will provide the best view of nature. Though the resort is located in the thick forest, the resort is well designed and maintained with all the modern amenities. It is the place where we can get lost in nature. Lanternstay is not only the best jungle resorts andadventure resorts in Wayanad, it is also the best honeymoon resorts in Wayanad for romantic getaways.For the adventure lovers, there are various exciting activities like trekking, cycling, biking and hiking trips, zip-lining, stream walks, jeep safari, boating etc. Nature lovers can indulge in activities like outdoor sightseeing, bird-watching, star gazing, nature walks, plantation tour, etc. There are also activities offered by resorts for those of you who prefer to stay at the resort and relax like campfires, barbecues, etc. Lanternstay provides much indoor as well as outdoor games to indulge in with friend’s or family’s making the moment more beautiful. You can also experience the authentic Malabari Kerala food prepared in a traditional way. Lanternstay, one of the best resorts in Wayanad offers a complete serene as well as exciting jungle experiences to the families traveling with kids, couples for their honeymoon, friends for their weekend getaway and other classes of travelers.

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What makes Lanternstay an ideal Honeymoon Resort in Wayanad

pic13Being placed in the dense forest, the resort is an impeccable blend of beauty, wilderness and tranquillity. If you are looking for a spot with privacy, adventurous, and exciting activities Lanternstay will be a good shot. The resort is perfect for an escape from the city and knowing nature to its closeness.  Since the resort is in a remote location you need an adventurous travel from Meppadi in the jeep that the resort provided to reach the Lanternstay resort.

Lanternstay is ideal for all the honeymoon travelers, as it provides serenity and privacy for the couples with lots of exhilarating activities. The place gives you a picturesque view of rocky terrain laced with waterfalls, streams, and greenery everywhere. Honeymooners should try the Tree House or cottage rooms. The mists surrounding the balcony make you more romantic. The chirping of Birds wakes you up during mornings. All you will hear is the sound of the nature, the chirping of birds and gush of river flowing and nice aromas of spices. More activities are waiting for you, like trekking, bird watching, swimming in the stream, plantation tour to coffee estate, playing badminton and campfire during the chilled night all make Lanternstay a perfect Honeymoon Resort in Wayanad.


All rooms in the resort are well-done similar to that of a star hotel. Bathrooms are uniquely special with best eye catchy fittings and the way it is designed. They are partly open to the air, so you can see the sky and mountains through the exposed roof. Stay at Lanternstay, one of the best resorts in Wayanad ensures a vacation real worthy with high class facilities, the authentic Kerala food and nature’s music all time along all in a dense forest.

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Best Time to Visit Wayanad

Wayanad is considered as the most outstanding holiday-maker in Kerala for its picturesque beauty, adventurous activities, and fantastic climate. Wayanad is a hill station with lush green forest, spice plantation, waterfalls, rare series of flora and fauna.  You can also find tribal groups and get to know more about their culture and lifestyle. Minimum 3 to 4 days jungle/ forest stay is needed to explore Wayanad and its magnificence to its best.


Wayanad has such an enchanting climate all through the year. March to May is considered as summer; even in the summer season also maximum temperature in Wayanad reaches to 34˚C. Type of weather will be pleasant with the cool breeze and this makes an ideal time for exploring the forest area compared to other spots.

From June to September is the real monsoon season with heavy winds and rainfalls. Being in the hills and forest terrain, Wayanad would be receiving higher rainfalls. The wildlife sanctuary won’t be spread out during monsoon months when it flexes out to be overly challenging to navigate vehicles through the slushy roads. Travelers come down to Wayanad even in June – July to experience the Monsoon in Wayanad. Exhilarating Monsoon Activities are there to draw the attention of tourist during the Monsoon season. If you are the person who enjoys rain and love nature, you will find Wayanad more beautiful and entertaining with the monsoon adventurous activities.

Soon after the monsoon, the beauty of Wayanad will be even more astounding with Blue Mountains, striking waterfalls, streams full of water, freshness and greenery everywhere. Most of the travelers love this time as the season is ideal for sightseeing, wildlife trips, video, and photography.

Winter season of Wayanad starts from November. Winters are really cool with the temperature reaching down to 10°C. Mornings and nights are very chilly and daytime it becomes little warmer.  Many vacationers like this climate. Best season for visiting Wayanad is from the mid of Sep to Mid of May. The period is ideal for exploring Wayanad and involving in other tourist activities.

Whatever season it is, LanternStay in Meppadi is the perfect resort to stay in Wayanad. Lanternstay is an ideal place to stay for all the season. For all the monsoon lovers, LanternStay is sited in the dense rainforest area of Wayanad and you will get more activities to enjoy the rain. If you are visiting after September, Lanternstay offers you treating in a lot of activities at the resort depending on your preference from bird watching, trekking, playing in the nearby stream to plantation tour. Lanternstay is the best Honeymoon resort to stay in Wayanad during the chilling winter time. Stay at Lanternstay will make a memorable experience for folks, couples, and backpackers looking to truly relax and enjoy nature at its best.

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