Wayanad Resort with Pool

Wayanad Resort Pool

Within the rawness of serene Wayanad, lies the pristine luxury of Laternstays infinity pool offering the perfect mix of tranquility and relaxation. With mother nature’s gifts and offerings of modern amenities, Lanternstay has transformed the concept of forest resort in Wayanad by creating a space that allows you to connect with nature in complete ease and comfort.

An exotic pool is the definition of luxury and with Lanternstays infinite pool, you can bask within the fresh waters while enjoying the peaceful vibe of Wayanad’s wildlife at the same time. The Wayanad pool with resort is strategically located to give the customer a chance to witness the breathtaking views of Wayanad, including the beautiful horizon of the sun and the architecture that strikes the feeling of enthusiasm and lust for Kerala’s flora and fauna. 

The pool is versatile in appeal and the environment is best suited for both kids and adults looking for an opportunity to dive into nature’s rich waters. Also the infinite pool of Lanternstay precisely harmonizes with the tropical green forests of Wayanad. So if you are looking for Wayanad pool resort in Kerala, Lanternstay is surely worth the experience for you. 


Here are some specialities of the Laternstays Wayanad Pool Resort

Breathtaking beautiful views of Wayanad

The pool is situated to provide wonderful panoramic views of Wayanad, allowing the customer to relish the warmth of the sunrise and the coolness of the sunset in the evening. The lush green forests and the deep terrains surrounding the pool is a refreshing escape for urban guests.

Relaxation and

It’s all about ensuring a comfortable swimming experience for all. The infinite pools are generally temperature-controlled, relieving both the body and mind of stress. So let loose and allow yourself to immerse within the comfort of the Lanternstays resort pool.

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The lounging spaces, sun decks and dining areas are ideal for hostings and social gatherings. The poolside spaces creates an atmosphere where guests can not only enjoy the water but also partake in a lively experience of poolside parties or peaceful evening meals under the stars.

Unveiling the Enchantment: Lanternstay Resort's Nature-Inspired Oasis in Wayanad

The forest resorts of Wayanad can be considered a popular choice among nature lovers and travel enthusiasts, as it is considered to be the ideal zone for engaging activities and entertainment. These water based activities are good for the physical and mental health of the customers

The pool facility is quite family friendly, a similar cozy ambiance found in saunas or hot tubs. Despite the variations in seasons and climate, the resort pool’s aesthetic component attracts a lot of tourists and local travelers of Kerala. It encourages guests to unwind, relax, and absorb the tranquility of the deep rooted forests of Wayanad.

So to sum it up…

The Lanternstay resort is considerably special due to their integration of the region’s natural beauty through their unique and culturally inspired designs. Along with aesthetic appeal, the infinite pool is popularly known to be the sought-after outdoor feature that inspires the guests to dive into the enchanting and magical experience of naturistic Wayanad.

Pool Resort in Wayanad

Enjoy the eternal vibes of Wayanad